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Arnie Asked Back For Predators

You may remember the rumour the other week of Arnie making an appearance in the Predators reboot. MovieHole have posted a new article that says Rodriguez has asked Arnie to be in the movie but they’re still awaiting a response. Their source reveals that they’ve written a role for Arnie in the film and Rodriguez wants to make ‘Predators’ an official sequel to the first Predator so he needs Arnie to do that. Schwarzenegger would reprise his role as Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer but he won’t be a main character.

The other bit of news is that their source says the new script by Alex Litvak is partly based on Rodriguez’s old Predator script but with mostly new stuff. They also say the script is violent like the first movie. Thanks to countless people who told us about this news.

EDIT: Harry over at Aint it Cool News recently posted up a debunk of these rumors of Arnies involvement: “But no, we’re still writing a new script, and although I know Arnold personally and he’s the coolest person on the planet, I have not contacted him about this at all at this time.”

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    a PREQUEL makes more sence,for we don't know jim hoopers story and they basicly went through what arnie and his team did,except they all died and were skinned alive,maybe 1-2 were captured by gorillas, but there still is a story there that would connect well with predator 1  perhaps 3 preds were there instead of just one ,and hoppers team manages to kill 1 of them before they all die,then hopper kills the second one thinking it's over,and thats when the 3rd pred kills him at the end of movie,and skins him and hangs him up at the tree billy finds.  thats when dutch and crew show up,the end of the movie. it should be them dropping down from they're chopper down the ropes and they can use iriginal predator stock photage for that!  so basicly arnie and team face the last pred who beat hoppers team ,we all know what happens next... connected! makes sence and i think they should do it.  think!  a good reason to be back in that same jungle too!
    they should do a prequel called predators before arnie shows up and show us what happened to jim hopper and his soldiers and connect both films that way. once again your in the same situation,same jungle,but with 3 preds.. hopper and crew take care of the 2 other preds,and hopper is the last man standing,thinking he won,thats when the last pred kills him by surprize,and thats when arnie and his bunch drop down from the chopper to start they're story with the last pred..  that would make for a great movie and put us back in the jungle. u wouldn't even need arnie,u could simply slice old film from predator into the prequel with hopper.
  3. PyroAcid
    are you guys idiots? hes not saying predator 2 whould be non cannon, but hes saying the predators  whould be going off of predator 1 while predator 2 still happened get it?.   pred 1 and 3 whould be conneted thats all hes saying while pred 2if you watched onley mentions events that happen in pred1. so chill the hell out jesus. how about you pepole be fans insted of  dumbass clueless crictics.
  4. K
    I'd love to see Arnold back in movies. I love the guy, but he's not been able to do JACK SQUAT of good as governor. Sold out to the libs. Come back to movies, Arnie!
  5. AnxiousMC
    You know i dont know why they tell you this far ahead it just teases you. Not saying its gonna be the best, but at least there making another predator movie schitt im glad it it sux ill just exclude it. When are they gonna start releasing info on it
  6. PyroAcid
    are you kidding. me Preds are way faster look at how there built and what they  can do. jump 20feet into the air? look how long there legs are  long strides make up for energy  spent of a human moveing twice as fast to make up for the distence so they could easly out run a human in speed and endurence.  lol   a pred could easly jump 70ft if he was doing the long jump.
  7. alpha defekt
    The only good thing about AVPr was the maybe, just maybe they will make great Predators and special effects for the new movie. They will just fail at casting and plot and every other important thing about film making. So only us fanboys will drool at the Preds beauty on the
  8. Dragonblaster
    I think it's funny how so many people say it's going to suck. Sure there's a bad script, but it won't be used. They're working on a new one.  And I highly doubt they'll screw the Predators. Predator 1 was great, P2 was pretty good aswell.  And as bad as AVP-R was - it had a great Predator. So why are some people so sure this Predator only movie iss going to suck ?  Wait until we actually get something to see. All that bashing won't help.
  9. dallas121
    I wouldn't say a crap idea, but a complicate idea. In Pred 2, Harrigan receive a gun from 1715. If they do further movie, it will be a damn good to unlarge Pred territory, see remote worlds, space... Instead of that they looks to serve us the same repeated scheme. Looks without imagination.
  10. dallas121
    Locating the movie in far future doesn't involve much advance technologie for Pred civilizations, Time & Space have their own rules. And the same predator can visit earth in different time, or cross human in other planet...  But, I understand that to much expectations for a large public movie. But honeslty I would appreciate so much a good sci-fi movie!
  11. MrFacehug
    A sequel? What happens to Predator 2 then? Should we consider Predators a 3rd movie? This is pretty damn confusing. I mean, they can't just make a sequel to the first movie when there already IS a Predator 2 movie out there... :S
  12. SHREK
    loosing the very little hope i had 4 this film in the 1st said mainly based on rodriguez's old script...surely they dont mean the pirate ships n all that...ryt?
  13. SHREK
    loosing the very little hope i had 4 this film in the 1st said mainly based on rodriguez's old script...surely they dont mean the pirate ships n all that...ryt?
  14. Sam
    Talk about getting excited over nothing - he probably just means a true sequel in the sense that it follows Arnie's character, whereas all the other films were fairly stand alone.  I echo the love for P2 though, can't go wrong with Paxton!
  15. alpha defekt
    This movie is going to suck on a level we can't even imagine... If they do it from the script we have all read, then what is even the point? From what I read it just made me want to vomit. I could make a better script about Predators fighting an alien colony of birthday party clowns....  Sorry if it hurts any Predator fans, but they really need to get their heads together and decide to dump this onto someone who would do it justice. Somebody who "knows" Predator....
  16. Xenomorphine
    All Predators have been seen in the present day and age. Why would you want to see them in space? If you put them in the future, they would also have to be far more technologically evolved than they are now, to an almost unrecognised extent.
  17. Soul
    Based off of the what we know of the script so far, Arnie cameo or not, this sounds like Fox wants their to be a Predator version of Alien:Resurrection.  Something so awful it's unbelievable it ever got the green light.
  18. jonc2006
    maybe it will treat P2 as a side story sort of thing, P2 is still canon but the events of it are unrelated to how this movie's plot unfolds,   i mean P2 had nothing to with the first film aside from that small part where keyes is explaining to harrigan what is really going on, right?,   maybe this film is doing something similar, it is a sequel but it is a sequel to the plot of only one of the two movies, not both.
  19. dallas121
    Well...I hoped for a Pred movie far in the future from P1...Maybe in space. It won't! Do we gonna see preds out of earth, in our live ??? More I hear about the script, more it sound bullshit to me!
  20. David's Creation
    This sounds good.  If they ignore Predator 2, that doesn't mean it'll make Predator 2 non-canon.  They'll probably just not acknowledge it.  They've started by not calling the film Predator 3.  And I don't think the film "NEEDS ARNIE AS THE MAIN CHARACTER TO BE GOOD".  That's total bullshit.  But a cameo would be nice for the fans.  They're also saying they're taking some ideas from Rodriquez's script.  That doesn't mean the whole plot.  So don't freak out until we actually know what's being used.  Honestly, I see nothing but good news in this post.
  21. shinigami
    Violents wouldn't surprise me in this movie. It's the atmosphere that counts. It has to be thrilling and scary. A feeling that you never saw something like that. I don't belive that films success is only based on special effects.   :-\    Hopefully this movie is gonna turn out all right.    ;D       :-\  
  22. RakaiThwei
    Another thing:   Predators trading their own technology for humans? WHAT?! As far as my knowledge in the Predator franchise goes, they would NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, DO THAT at all. And even if that does happen, it's usually by accident where a lone hunter dies and leaves behind a ship or a weapon-- like the ending in AvP-R.   Predators would never trade their technology. EVER. Otherwise it would make Peter Keyes' and Garber's group plan their efforts out for nothing.
  23. RakaiThwei
    Ovechkinfan84,   I agree with you. Why would ANYONE base a movie like that off such a crappy script?   And why would ANYONE want to consider that canon with the previously established films?
  24. Starkiller
    rycher | 05 Jun 2009 20:267 i thought Predator 2 was awesome!! i hope they dont just make this into an Official sequel to P1,, cause that would discard P2 _________________  I agree, I don't mind them setting it in between P1 & P2 kinda like what bryan singer did with Superman Returns (great film btw) as that was set inbetween Superman & Superman 2.  But this film better not discard P2, because that would screw up the alien/predator timeline    >:(  
  25. Starkiller
    Arnie will not reprise his role, however this movie doesn't need him anyway, he's not going to make this film a sucess, i mean terminator 3 was awful. The guy was good back in the day, but lets face it, he's too damn old. Plus I for one, im fine with all new chrachters.   Im glad that 'Predators' is still going to be a sequel tho & not a reboot. Fingers crossed the script is good, because the original Rodriguez one, was just plain rubbish!
  26. Mr. Domino
    Well...this is sounding better...but I liked both P2 and unless Rodriguez's film is just amazing, they still count in my book.  lol@ 'script is violent like the first movie' - because the second one totally wasn't the least bit violent...
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