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AvP3 E3 Video Interview

There’s a new E3 video interview with Tim Jones from Rebellion on GameTrailers. He talks about the various creatures and what to expect. He also confirms that there are three separate singleplayer campaigns and you can play either from the outset like in previous games.

20090604 AvP3 E3 Video Interview

There’s also a new preview over on Gamespot who talk about the Predator footage we saw yesterday as well as some Marine footage they saw. Thanks to Chet and Doomsday for the news.

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  1. Hunter-Hunted
    Hunter-Hunted | 08 Jun 2009 01:386 Upcomming games Q1 2010   aliens vs predator 3  alien colonial marines  Gran turismo 5   Modern warface 2 Q4 09
  2. Hunter-Hunted
    Rebellion AVP 3   support directx 11    look video  here      Leading game developers discuss the benefits of DirectX 11 gaming, and their excitement around bringing new DirectX 11 games to market working with AMD.   Cant wait end of the year  comming  the new windows 7 with directX 11 support also  the  Radeon HD 5870X2 is 2 x faster then HD4870X2  Avp3 on 1920x1080 full detail 100fps
  3. Randy4321
    Ya I am a little worried that the predator is the only faction they might have really put effort into and still needs ALOT of revising in these next many months, im surprised they didnt show any other faction gameplay, would have been impressing though to see what they have soo far. soo lets hope they cook up some more creative execution trophy kills and features. Oh and fix that darned alien A.I. that seems pointless like in AVP2
  4. Shade
    Clearly they are deliberately introducing the species one at time, to get people more and more hyped! And it seems to be working a charm.  Iv got my money on the Alien trailer coming next.  I think no matter what happens its a given that this WILL be the best AVP game out there. So im sold already.  2010 CANNOT come quick enough.
  5. Lucian
    Well he did say he could snipe... soo I'm assuming he'll definitely have his spear gun. =) And you can bet the staff will be in, it's a good weapon and was one of the coolest weapons in Predator 2.
  6. Gort Pred
    Ahahhahahaha I love it. I can't wait to see the other footage aswell. But man Predator is awsome in this!  I do want to know if he has more weapons then the duel wrist blades, shoulder cannon, and mines
  7. Brian
    Posted July, 5 2009 Arnold to star in Predators as Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer, "the canon-armed Special Forces leader". Rodriguiez is writing a script for Arnold. They are currently awating a approval by Arnolds camp becuase he is busy.  '
  8. Lucian
    They just stated that they're saving the Alien footage for last, so the marine footage is coming up next. They're just focusing on introducing one species at a time.
  9. Wikman
    rycher your right on that, i would really wanna see som marine gameplay. I think personally it is the most fun species to play as. Well anyway iam really excited about this game.
  10. rycher
    sigh...... ok looks great but are we ever gunna see some marine, or alien footage?? Thats all we've seen is pred footage....they should really put out A:CM after AVP3.... to give the Alien fans something to enjoy.   ;D  
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