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AvP3 E3 Footage Released!

The first proper gameplay footage from AvP3 has been released via Gametrailers in the way of a demo walkthrough by a member of Sega:

20090603 AvP3 E3 Footage Released!

The footage is of the Predator mission. It shows off the vision modes, the trophy kills, the leaping system. Also shows us the PredAlien (which unfortunately has some deleted tendencies of Chet). There are two clips of footage and you can find both streaming and HD download links in our forum. Thanks to Chet for the news.

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  1. pgp023
    I thought the graphics were great.  However i hope they keep this game original in terms of movement for preds. If it takes along time for a pred jump and aim a cursor it could slow his movement down around the map, especialy if he is spotted(keep super jump concept from avp2 if you need to act fast).  Also i think the pred mine thing is noobish and people will abuse it a lot, and its not really a actual pred wepeon from pred 1 and 2 movies.  I just hope they keep the characters preds, aliens and marines original from the movies that made the franchise famous and not exploit it and include corps as well.  Also the double blade thing is not original unless you play avp extinction lol(for a strategy game).  I still think there is a lot of work to be done.
  2. pwnman
      ;D   marijne is probaly going to get pwned it cant stand up to either of them i agree with bearz about the cloaking i think its because they dont want to reveal to much                                     i hope they have most of the weapons from avp2 like the whip or speargun probaly the disc and combistick
  3. BEARZ
    I kinda like the whole predaliens skull rip it will give me something to go for online   ;D    Did you see the predaliens tail its looks like a Marine's Combat Knife weird  Whats up with the predators cloaking its goes everytime you do anything other then walk or switch visors
  4. Hunter-Hunted
    Rebellion AVP 3   support directx 11    look video  here  Leading game developers discuss the benefits of DirectX 11 gaming, and their excitement around bringing new DirectX 11 games to market working with AMD.   Cant wait end of the year  comming  the new windows 7 with directX 11 support also  the  Radeon HD 5870X2 is 2 x faster then HD4870X2  Avp3 on 1920x1080 full detail 100fps
  5. xor_ew
    try to use 'better' (more nice :]) words next time but you are right! usually the most part of gamers waiting for the title are unsatisfied after watching first gameplays. About game: Aliens are tooo slow, definitely! like dogs on drugs or it looks like "i'll bite you and then i'll check something on the wall, ok?". I believe they will fix it
  6. PyroAcid
    omg you pepoel bitch at everything  ooo this dont look like this omg  they diditn do this right  f**k all of you whiney bitchs . nonething is perfect so take it as is you nic picing pricks.  it's one of its treats damn. its better then that walking face hugger idea they had in avp:R
  7. Hyshore
    hopefully seeing as the game is still in development that once they finish the aliens will move faster. plasma cannon and cloaking look friggin awsomo! oh, and the full laser sight
  8. alpha defekt
    I agree, I loved how fast they were in AVP1 plus the "crouch jump" feature was amazing. Holding crouch and jumping at the same time shot you into a straight line jump so you could bounce from the walls to the floor to the roof, anything. I didn't like the "pounce" in AVP2 it wasn't as effective as crouch jump....
  9. Rikomaru
    Like Simbaca Said the Aliens are to damm slow I hope its only like this in the Pred/Marine Campaign. I mean i liked how fast the Alien was in Avp 1 for pc that was awesome and would balance out the alien.
  10. joe gallo
    Thanks rob! The predalien looks great. Better than the movie one I think. I love how the laser shoots Across the level, like the movie. I've been waiting for a avp game like this. I'm a giant avp veteran. Sum call me obsessed Bc I am. All I want is damn release date
  11. alpha defekt
    Please, let us continue to complain about how the Predalien isn't the version you imagine it to be in your head. Everyone has an idea for a Predalien, they won't all match right? I think Rebellion is doing great on the design of all the creatures. Fingers crossed for custom characters in multiplayer!  I think everything looks fantastic!
  12. Krycek
    I dunno if this has been talked about before but what other weapons will the Predator have? I'm talking combistick, disc, netgun..... and also the Alien either needs the pounce move or to be faster because it was too slow in the vids. Still, good looking game though.
  13. Draxion
    I love the look of the alien looks awsome i just didnt like how the aliens runs in 4 lags looks funny But still can't wait to see how will be the Alien game play
  14. Spoon
    Game is looking amazing.  I love how cool predator collects trophies on humans! ahahah   Only one complain is the laser sight and how you can see the whole beam across the map.  Whats up with that?  It looks so damn cheesy!
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