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IGN Previews AvP

IGN 360 has just posted up a fantastic Pre-E3 preview of the new Aliens vs Predator game. It’s quite a dishy article:

“The basic concept remains the same. Aliens, a Predator and a number of Colonial Marines are mixing it up and you have the opportunity to play as each faction. This time around, there is a strict linear story which plays out Call of Duty style, switching between perspectives after each level.”

As well as that, IGN also has a small number of new screenshots as well as high-res copies of some old screenshots from the magazine articles. It’s very informative and worth the read. Thanks to Redskins for the news.

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  1. Xenomorphine
    Somebody's evidently going to have to make a mod for the cloak not draining energy, to make this more authentic...  The reappearance of 'explosive' mines makes me sigh. It doesn't really fit with the species' usual strategies. I'd prefer those laser mines, like in the last film.
  2. Hobbs
    As far as having a full game goes, we're had at least 1 for each species in the past, what they're doing here is grouping them together so it's not likely we're going to have as much playing time.  If anyone can get an interview, they better get an answer on how many levels this is gonna have compared to their prior efforts.
  3. RumorControl
    Switching perspectives in between levels is a bad idea.  So you finish one mission as a marine and suddenly the game has you playing as an Alien?  I guess this would help make telling the story easier, but I think they should stick with the tried and true method of separate campaigns for each species.
  4. Deathbearer
    oh please, not switching between perspectives..I don't like that. I want to just play through with the Alien and then move on to the next one, not have them choose it for me..{sigh} oh well..maybe it wont be so bad.
  5. Hobbs
    I like the way the marines look more realistic this time, but they're just about like the guys from Alien 3.  All bald English/British with thick accents.   As for switching perspectives, AVP 1-2 had the right concept of playing each species storyline, butchering that because another game is popular defeats the purpose of each and tears up things when it comes down to making each have a full game to themselves.  I see this as detailing vs total volume.
  6. vastato2006
    Sounds like this one could be a winner for Rebellion, although I'm not too sure about the idea of changing perspectives after each level. It worked OK for the King Kong game 4 years ago, but after playing the last AVP PC games, I would have preferred them setting it out as separate campaigns. If they can strike a decent balance with the levels (one third of them Pred, one third Alien and one third Marine at least), I won't mind it.
  7. Spoon
    They stated this game was after aliens so the pulse rifle may have changed.  I personally don't mind changes to marines or weapons for that reason.  The aliens head is another issue all together.  Im not crazy of its shape and mouth.  Its like a mix from different movies.  Im sorry but just stick to james camerons design as its the best.
  8. Hicks_0998
    Shasvre: Call of Duty was okay because the perspectives were seamless, SAS campaigns and then the USMC campaigns flowed and because they were the same species (humans) and soldiers, it was fine.  However with say Alien, then Marine, Alien, Predator, Marine.......yeah feels a little like a rush job and not much thought gone in to it at all
  9. Shasvre
    "This time around, there is a strict linear story which plays out Call of Duty style, switching between perspectives after each level."  I'm not sure I like the sound of that. I didn't mind it in Call of Duty, but here I wan't a proper campaign for each species.
  10. √úbermensch
    Purebreed - yeah, wtf?   ???    n3m0 - yes, I agree, all the best settings of the movies IMO  Evil six/Private W Hudson - yes, the marines look weird, but probably so it doesn't look like a clone of A:CM    :-\  
  11. Firestorm
    Cool article. Maybe im being a bit fussy and nitpicking at this early stage but i really think the marines look shit to be honest. Also, the pulse rifle in these shots is not very movie faithful, which is a must for die hard fans like ourselfs. And where are the helmets? These rines just look like something from quake or something. If they can sort this out in time for release then sign me up.
  12. n3m0
    the story sound like a mix of avp1 and 2... wile setings is mixed between avp1, p1 and aliens  dont like the idea of vision mode and noise jumps... meakes it bit like arcade
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