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Derek Mears for Predators?

According to movie site Arrow in the Head Derek Mears of Friday the 13th fame maybe in the running for Predators:

“While our boy JIMMYO was attending the DRAG ME TO HELL red carpet, a “reliable somebody” slyly hinted our way that DEREK “JASON VOORHEES” MEARS could be playing a PREDATOR in the Robert Rodriguez produced reboot/sequel PREDATORS.”

For those who don’t know, Derek played the latest incarnation of Jason. Coming in at just under 2 meters in height, he’s slightly shorter than Ian Whyte who has played the Predators in the last two AvPs. You can read the original article here. Thanks to Pvt. Hicks for the news.

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  1. DaveJuk
    It sounds like he will just be playing one of the Predators I cant see them not using Ian Whyte.  As for the Fox/Cena connection technically they didnt use him in a film of theirs they just realeased it as WWE stumped up the funds for it to be made as Cena is their current posterboy.  If they do make this then they shouldnt touch Cena with a bargepole and get some actors not a wrestler who appeals to only under 12's. Jesse Ventura was a wreslter back in the day but he had some charisma.
  2. Predboy
    Gort Pred,  Yeah, but he didn't exagerate it like Ian keeps on doing. It was just the right movement to make it seem different, but not like what a faggot here on earth would do.
  3. siphunclekaiju
    I'd love to see Doug Jones as a predator. He's got a very similar physicality to KPH, and his performances in Pan's Labyrinth and HB2 had a lot of similar mannerisms.
  4. Spoon
    Ian wasnt perfect.  You got to remember they put gear and makeup on him so hes gonna look chubbier. Peter hall was the PERFECT predator because he was very tall and skinny.  The suit does all the other work.  With Ians build it makes him look shorter with all the gear on.  We dont need someone even shorter and more built..  The first AVP already made the predators look like crap.     Love you Peter hall and Stan winston.  True predator gods.
  5. invisible hunter
    Remember an article about john cerna doing an unnamed project that starts in july. I think he was talking about predators, and 20th century fox have used cerna in there 2 films[ the marine and 12 rounds] dont be surprised if cerna is the main man in this reboot. What do u think?
  6. Predboy
    Yeah, Im starting to think this movie is going to f**k up now. All the news Im hearing is pretty depressing. And, honestly, Im not happy about this, 'Jason' guy playing the predator, but Im glad Ian isn't playing the pred anymore. He f**king sucked. It annoyed the crap outta me how he kept on moving his fingers like he was getting ready to play with himself. Since when the f**k did Kevin ever do that?
  7. Starkiller
    The Wolf | 14 May 2009 20:54  I really hope Ian will be there too because he's gained my trust as a Predator in AVP-R _____________________________  Agreed! Ian did a fantastic job in AVP-R that was about the best thing about the film.
  8. Starkiller
    Ian Whyte played the predator very well in AVP-R, he's movements and manarisms, as well as his height and build. As long as he is still playing the main predator, that will definatelly be a good thing for this movie.
  9. Rudy M Alapag Jr
    won't they choose 1 director for the Preds reboot? i mean, we have Rodriguez, and then Dean? can they make up their minds? how many directors?
  10. The Wolf
    If he really studies Kevin Peter Hall's moves like Ian White did I have no problem. I really hope Ian will be there too because he's gained my trust as a Predator in AvPr.
  11. ShadowPred
    Great, now I have to go watch the shitty bootleg copy that I have on my computer to see if this guy has got the moves to pull off being in a suit that requires him to be somewhat athletic.
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