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  1. Spoon
    True it isnt as bad thankfully. But I dont find the larger jaws to be more scary or suit the alien design.  Just like you said it just defeats the purpose of the inner jaw.  Thinking of a smaller stronger mouth with razor teeth seems alot more scary and painfull then these dinosaur jaws ADI gave them.  Plus they have to resemble more like a human not a dinosaur.
  2. MrFacehug
    This game will be amazing! I really hope we'll find something about the PC version soon. I want that version, so it can feel like AvP2 again! :D  Xenomorphine: the predator record-and-playback function appeared in Concrete Jungle, so it has been done before.
    I can understand the dislike of the huge jaws, and I have to agree with the fact that I generally dislike them, but they don't seem TOO bad in this version compared to the ones in, say AvP: Requiem.  AvP 3
  4. Spoon
    Game looks like its going to be amazing! So glad its coming to xbox360 as Im getting older and got away from the pc gaming.   Got to say everything is looking really promising but im still picky on the aliens head shape and big jaw mouth which ADI does and I hate so much.   I remember the first AVP game had amazing lighting effects which pretty much made the game it is.  So glad to see They are concentrating on lighting again as it is a key feature of atmosphere especially for a game like this.
  5. Manoel Metodiev
    GrimyGhost | 14 May 2009 11:55  (Bulgaria? dimitar burbatov!)  on topic: this looks so good, cant wait!  -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------                                   Bulgarian Правил&# 1077;н одгово&# 1088;,сега само остава да дойдеш да видиш красив&# 1072;та Българ&# 1089;ка държав&# 1072; :P                                                                   English Right,now only remains to come to see beautiful Bulgarian country: P
  6. Manoel Metodiev
    I am from Bulgaria   :)   if you are wondering where that is ask GOOGLE   ;D    I cant wait this game    >:D    I believe it will do very well    :)  
  7. randy4321
    that would be cool for a feature to record enviromental sounds and play them back In-Game it would be really creepy and awesome just to hear a random phrase of laugh in the darkness beyond an empty corridor.
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