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Predators Script Article

We’ve just uploaded an article on the Predators script that Rodriguez wrote over a decade ago:

“For years we all knew of the infamous Rodriguez script. The epic tale set aboard a Spanish Galleon with an estimated budget of $150 million! It was every Predator fan’s dream, surely. It was written by Robert Rodriguez in 1996 as a writing assignment for some fun. It’s been largely hidden from the public but is available on the internet. This article will take a look at this infamous script and whether it’s actually entertaining. Well, here goes…”

The article covers a story summary, the main characters, how the script develops the predators and my own personal opinion on it. Just a reminder that this isn’t the script for the current Predators but the original script Rodriguez wrote in the early 90s. Check the article out.

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    Damn i just read this piece of shit of a script by Robert Rodriguez i am glad that they're not making this movie it sounds really stupid. it sounds like something that both Paul Anderson and the Strause brothers did which ruined the franchises. Why cant fox find a decent writer and director and a awesome cast to do these movies. all fox cares about is the money and not the fans. enough of this rebooting bullshit i want to see sequels to the Predator movies, Alien movies, and BETTER AVP movies!
  2. camshaft
    Is this shit the best they can come up with! Sounds like to me. Robbie is like those last 2 moron brothers that made AVPR, he doesn't get it either. Lets hope the new scripts are better or Fox will bury the predater franchise like they did with AVP.
  3. rudyripley
    the story is very good, old but very good. but it can't be like 50 Preds in one whole film. what are the aliens anyways? i hope that  Rodriguez won't need this script at all.
  4. crazy j
    I think the Alien/Predator franchises were destined for failure after the early 90's. Look at this trend. They don't make 'em like they used to!
  5. Dr.PaulChurch
    I couldn't even make it to the end of the script... sweet zombie Jesus...I wouldn't even make my worst enemy read that.  I can now say I am truly terrified of what this movie will be like, and not in a good way.    :'(  
  6. Predhunter
    It should be a sequel. The first movie was the first encounter.   The second one was about humans trying to capture a predator to study the species, its inteligence and technology.  The third movie could be about humans actually capturing a Predator and getting the hands on Pred technology...(in my opinion action taking place in space would be preferencial. There´s no way to replicate Predator technology in today´s time)   The Predator Species would have to take serious actions to ensure their survival.  This could envolve more than one Predator...  Does anyone agree??
  7. Andy
    Please dont use this script.  Keep it real and original.  Multiple Predators losing, no less in hand to hand combat with humans.  Not happening!!!!  Go and watch one and 2 1000 times over and over.  Keep it as original to those as you can.  One or in this case TWO bad-ass Predators terrorizing, stalking, humans etc....And please dont expose the Predators right away in the movie.  The reason 1 and even 2 were good was becuase the Predator was kept hidden until half way through the film.  This script makes a mockery of that lore and mystery of the Predator.  Dont do this!!!!!
  8. atomicpunk
    well i will say they should sell the franchise to a independant film writer or to the man who did underworld.they would do a better job.   >:D  
  9. Newbeing
    I call B.S. This has to be a joke. Did you just go to Deviantart and copy and paste some 14 year old kid's fanfic?  Either that or Robert wrote this while smoking some low quality hash.  To quote Apu, "Oh, you have got to be kidding sir. First you think of an idea that has already been done. Then you give it a title that nobody could possibly like. Didn't you think this through...  ... one of the most popular movies of all time, sir! What were you thinking?"
  10. invisible hunter
    yep i was abit drunk, but i didnt mind avp2. Predator is a classic and i dont think they can make the film as good as that hicks. I just hope its an r rating and they make the film correctly. Its intresting whos going to be the lead character. Keep up the good work with the site.   ;D  
  11. Hicks_0998
    yeah predators just f**k up everyone dont they invisible and thats the appeal to us young uns coz we have no sense of quality or grammar or use of full stops and commas coz we just keep going on and on and on and on.  AvP2 was filled with guns, blood, gore, and mutilation but did it have what Predator had? Shit no! And that was quality, not quantity.
  12. invisible hunter
    predators f**k up everyone make it a complete blood fest guns blood action,gore mutlation,hard r rating, i love predator its my fav film. so fox stroke troublemaker better make it right my boys, old painess is waiting.
  13. Cetanu
    You know,  I think with the exceptions of the names, plot, bases, etc. the idea of training young preds and bringing other species into it could be cool. You know, it's only as bad as you make it.   Still...teethgnashers? WTF? You're joking...right.      :-X  
  14. PyroAcid
    this sciprt was shooting out there man damn lol  i like the part were he cuts down the dishonored pred should have made it were he kind does not trust the pred at 1st becouse of his past with them. but this kind discredits preds as push overs lol sounds like a Gi joe sciprt
  15. Hicks_0998
    Just to clarify something: Rodriguez is what for this film? Producer? Writer? Because it seems every time I come to this site or read any news about the Predators movie his role in it always changes.  Maybe I misread something....
  16. Deco
    I hope they arent getting that nobody they've hired to do a rewrite using this story as a template....?  There needs to be a human story at the heart of a film like this, and it is how the human story is affected by the intervention of the Predator, that makes the story both credible and interesting. Predator 1 is a prime example of this.... The military are on a rescue mission and they encounter something they arent trained to deal with.... Its what comes out of that premise that makes the story and the action work.... Its simple.
  17. RakaiThwei
    Robert Rodriguez should stick to doing Spy Kids films... because thats all he is good for.   He shouldn't be allowed to do a Predator movie.  The more I hear about Rodriguez, the more I feel the movie is going to suck.
  18. invisible hunter
    my god please dont use this script, i think predators and humans should not be pushed together like this. theres so many directions this movie can go. if this script is used or similar it game over.
  19. Hicks_0998
    So...there's a Human/Predator trading scheme?  Okay, and the different types of Preds?  Uhh this sounds like Aliens now with the runners, drones, praetorians etc.  And Robbie wrote this for fun aye, well damn he must've bored shitless because this does read like a fan fiction.  In the 15 yrs since this crap was written the Pred mythos and lore is already well established in the literature i.e. comics and novels so to just ignore that would be blasphemous now.  I bet any money that if Brian reads this he'll have an instant hard on coz the mentioning of Dutch...
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