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Rodriguez Talks Predators

There’s another short interview with Robert Rodriguez on IGN FilmForce. It doesn’t really contain anything new; Rodriguez said he will be involved in a producing capacity only and he doesn’t know whether or not the movie will follow his script or keep the Predators title.

“We’re hiring new writers and a director and I’m going to produce it over at Troublemaker with Fox to try and reboot the series in a really great way,” Rodriguez told IGN. “So I’m not sure if we’re going to follow the old script or keep that title. At this point, it’s still early on.” The multi-hyphenated filmmaker also revealed that the non-sequel will go back to the franchise’s origins and will have little to do with the Alien vs. Predator films of the last few years.

“This is something else,” he said. “This is more like the first movie, but in a new way. Just rebooting the series in a whole new way. Not a remake, but more like what they did with the Batman series. They just started over. You know? Let’s just start over using a different approach to it. We’ll take the character everybody loves, but let’s rethink it and make it for the time. Because the first one was made 20-plus years ago. So you want to do something more updated.”

On the plus side, the movie will be going back to its origins and have little in common with the AvP movies. Thanks to Darkoo for the news.

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  1. K
    "We'll take the character everybody loves, but let's rethink it and make it for the time. Because the first one was made 20-plus years ago. So you want to do something more updated." = This movie will suck.  Whenever movies come along that purposely contradict what was great (ahem, T3...) or tell us to "Forget what you know" about originals, all I can feel is... Why? There's a REASON they're classics... How 'bout daring to take on new ideas that ARE out there, Hollywood? *Gasp* what a concept.
  2. Nachtfalke
    It says it is intended as a sequel/reboot. I guess that means they will be different Commandos/Mercenaries and 'Dutch' will not be appearing.
  3. Mills
    A reboot is just as bad as a f**kin remake. They are still erasing history and starting over, which is depressing and unecessary. They really only made 2 Predator movies! What series needs reboot after 2? At least with Friday the 13th they got 11 movies out of it before they restarted everything. This is ridiculous...reboot a series that only started in 87. The funny thing is that nobody is going to the theater to see this because of it being a "reboot". That won't trick average movie goers into seeing it, so there's no reason to do that. An unrelated sequel like Predator 2 would be fine. Rodriguez honestly was one of my favorite film makers, but forget it now, after this news. He's sold out.
  4. Nachtfalke
    Brilliant.  I was a bit upset when I heard about a 'remake'. That would have been terrible - like trying to remake 'Blade Runner' - impossible.
  5. Hicks101
    If you sit anyone down and have them watch the original Predator, I doubt they'll say, "Oh, this movie is so old and lame!" It's a classic, it's not dated, and it doesn't need a reboot or to "fit the times" when it's timeless.
  6. Dr.PaulChurch
    What worries me the most is each article seems to be saying something different about what this film actually is. If they're not even sure what direction needs to be taken, that's a seriously bad sign...  If they do bring back Dutch or Danny Glover's character and replace them with different actors, there is no way this film can be good. If they have to use old characters, I only want to see them played by their original actors. Period.  "I've got a bad feeling about this drop."    :(  
  7. Dragonblaster
    It's funny how so many of you are reading, that it will be a remake, when he really is saying it won't...  I read the script that leaked somewhere. And it could be made into something really nice. Although it doesn't need Dutch to be in it... I think that'd go to far into a Ripley/Aliens relation.
  8. Andy
    The end of Predator 2.  Danny Glover said that they'll be back.........  Anyways, regardless if its a sequel or not.  I love the ideas so far of bringing it back and away from AVP.  Starting fresh.  Predator is a timeless creature.  Has killed in all time periods and has unknown technology.  Bring this movie back to the basics of the first and the second half of no 2 and you've got a stud!!  Love it!!!
  9. Azanode
    @Xenomorphine: I agree completely, in the context of the Predator franchise there's not much difference between a sequel and a reboot. Unless they're talking about going back and redesigning the Predator in a fundamental way (I desperately hope not) a reboot would not be dissimilar to a sequel. Predator 1 and 2 had minimal connection and I would rather that they just leave those stories alone.  More to the point, I'd rather they didn't make this movie at all considering Fox's track record. A small part of me, that last glimmer hope wants to see more but I think we all know this can't end well.
  10. dallas121
    Ok....Bob look like much worry about rebooting the franchise than building a movie... Same as first movie except characters gonna have cel phones added!? All it need is a good script!
  11. Bill
    Of course this movie will suck.  Hey FOX!!  Sell the rights to some REAL filmmakers who will actually care about the quality of the movie!!  It can't just be about making money!!!  It has to be about the movie!!  When will you figure that out!!!     >:(  
  12. Xenomorphine
    It's a sequel. It was always going to be a sequel. It's not like they can really do anything which would make you go, "Oh, that means X, Y, Z never happened," because the other two films had almost completely unrelated events, anyway. The second creatures even looked completely different and had natural vision which looked different, although the fan base has come up with a variety of possible explanations for those.  Unless they give the things four arms or something, it's doubtful they'll contradict anything in particular.
  13. Spoon
    I agree.  Leave these movies alone.  They belong to stan winston and peter hall.  ADI's predators look like villains from ninja turtles and the white actor that plays predator sucks major ballz.   It just better be a dark ass movie (not literally like avp:r where you cant see anything) like dark knight.
  14. Hicks_0998
    To reboot is to start over again, to remake is to film again so using those definitions one can easily confuse the two.  Casino Royale: a great reboot to the 007 franchise.  Texas Chainsaw Massacre: made in '74, remade in '03 and prequelized in '06.  See the differences?   The single biggest mistake is the idea: its too easy to remake and make an assured amount of cash than it is to gamble and reboot and make an unknown amount of money.  The culmination of exceptional writers, directors, producers etc has the end result of a Casino Royale or The Dark Knight.  If you can get people with a vision and strive for that vision to be on film, guaranteed to be a sure fire hit.
  15. Rudy M Alapag Jr
    i'm looking forward to this one, hoping it will take place on the Preds homeworld instead of our homeworld. it will be crawling with Predators, and can't think of any..where else. Just a suggestion or option.Just my saying. anyways, it would be a sequel taking place on the hunters planet. Don't we think its the Preds turn of having a war in their home?against their enemies like the humans. it's always Preds on our planet: "EARTH."
  16. Nukiemorph
    I have yet to really see the difference between "remake" and "reboot"....  It's the same difference to me...  I won't be mad until they try to give Alien a "reboot" or "remake" or whatever the hell they want to call it.
  17. The Wolf
    I really liked the sequel idea. I think their idea is fine just let it be a sequel though, damn. Its something simple that will make a lot of people happy.
  18. Biz
    Sounds like they are already making excuses for doing things that the fans might not approve of. I like all the Predator movies and would like to see an epic sequel. But, Fox never delivers anything epic.
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