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Predators Release Date – July 7, 2010

20th Century Fox have given the new Predators film a release date already – July 7, 2010. That news can be found on and Shocktillyoudrop. The studio promises the film to be “a bold new chapter in the Predator universe.”

Shocktillyoudrop also makes it clear that Robert Rodriguez is “shepherding” the project – i.e. producing – NOT writing and directing it. A writer and director haven’t been found as of yet. Presumably, this will be a new story and not based on one of Rodriguez’s existing scripts. The release date is really quite surprising, though. Even AvP Requiem had a longer production than this movie. Thanks to DazAvP85 and Lt. Mike Harrigan for the news.

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  1. Angelita
    Yeah...Have for once a Predator Vs Predator movie a war between Code, Freedom, Rights and POWER. The Rogue Predator getting fed up following roles and decide to take matter into his own hands and break away from society and be his army of one..haha army of me an UNBLOOD and YOUNGBLOODS predators.   I think that FOX would have something then if they went that root. Also putting more money into it to receive more money huh...    ;D     :)  
  2. PyroAcid
    i like that idea alot a bunch of kill joy predators  vs the honor code predators vs aliens vs marines but don't kill off the preds at the end this suck let them win for once lol
  3. Angelita
    I think it could be a great new feel and take on the film, IF that is they take the pred in a new direction. I would like to see the pred fight each other have a rogue pred doing whatever the hell he wants, come to Earth and kill everyone. Or have the pred fight new creatures or something else besides people unless he was unleashed. Let him be the monster that he is. If there was a rogue pred killing other species just for a laugh the predators would send something or someone bigger and uglier huh?... I would just rather have a killing movie without stupid dialogue.   :)     :)  
  4. Starkiller
    When i first heard they were making a predator film I was excited, when I heard it was going to be remake of the original and starring cena, i was dreading this   :(   but now that ive learnt its more of a 'reboot' (like batman begins) makes me think at least thats better, a sequel would be the best option & would please us fans. As long as this film has a great script, budget, acting (cast), a good budget & decent director/writer behind it, im all up for a restart for the predator franchise    :)   but please FOX dont mess this up! the avp films ruined the franchise! lets hope a breath of fresh air will be able to restore this franchise    ;D     Peace to all the Alien & Predator fans    :-*  
  5. Deathbearer
    At least Rodriguez isn't directing. Don't get me wrong, I like his movies but I don't think he's got the right mindset to film or write a Predator movie. I think the date will probably change though, I don't see how they could do a good movie in barely a year's time.
  6. Dr.PaulChurch
    Only a little over a year from now?! I hope that changes, geez, when will Fox be willing to spend the coin needed to make this film great? Let the artists create something epic with a set that isn't their best friend's house...  Predator 2 is an excellent movie and deserves just as much praise as the first. It took the same premise and told it in a new way while adding more to the Predator mythos at the end. The ending to the second movie alone was great, but I love both films equally.  Plus, if it wasn't for that sequel, chances are you wouldn't have the Aliens Versus Predator comics, or it's incredible PC games, because the Alien skull in the trophy case is what inspired the crossover in the first place at Dark Horse comics.  But yeah, Predator 1 was far from crap, can't support ya there Neon. ;) But I do agree with you that Predator 2 is also worthy of more praise than it gets.
  7. brian
    Ok Neon Knight, I understand you alittle bit. But in my opinion and many others as well, Predator was one of the greatest movie flicks of all time. Alien is also in the same class with Predator.
  8. Neon_Knight
    I suppose I'm overeacting a bit.    Maybe it's just my Schwarzenegger prejudice.  Predator's a decent film... but I would say it was a film you could only watch once.  Once you know what happens, it's boring to watch again.  Because predator 2 is of a much different style, it's easier to watch more than once.    There ya go.
  9. Neon_Knight
    What makes you say that?  I tried to view it in the best possible light, I promise you tried, hard as I could.    But watching predator 2 was just, several hundred million times more suspenseful and frightening.  No matter how I look at it, I simply can't see it any other way.   Predator 2 was great, really enjoyable, and it had a great, complex plot.  Predator 1 was, well, dull.  Every time I watch it.  Course it has good moments, it had extremely good moments here and there but in general it just seems like a really cheesy, badly made, boring film, that just sort of stumbled along to the bitter end.
  10. brian
    neon you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. Predator was the best movie of all time. The first one blows out the second one by miels.
  11. Neon_Knight
    I dislike that they're going back to the Jungle, and even considering Arnold in this film.  Seems they're basing this on Predator rather than Predator 2.   Predator 2 was a genuinly decent film.  But I personally can't stand the original. It's so, well, crap.  It's extremely slow, is awful at suspense and building tension and goddamn it Arnold Schwarzenegger is such a dull actor!  The predator idea was good, which is why they eventually made predator 2, taking an awful film with a good idea, and making it into good film.  If they're going to base this on anything, I say base it on Predator 2 more than Predador.
  12. davebhamuk
    Unless they drastically change the Predators its just another Predator film. Predator 2 is a film with a two second mention of the events of the first one with no recurring characters and a different Predator so in Predators if they mention something about humans running into them in the past its done exactly the same thing.   Unless they recast Dutch and his squad and set it in afghanistan its not a reboot or a remake.
  13. AcidPredator95
    My prediction is that the release date is going to change drastically. It's nearly the summer of 2009 and they don't event have a team together. A movie can't possibly be made that fast. I also hope that it is called "Predators" just to mirror the Alien franchise so it all comes together. Hopefully they won't rush it and give the fans what they want. I'm in high hopes that they pull this off with Rodriguez helping. javascript:insertext('  8)  ','short')
  14. A&P Fan
    Fox is so cheap. They wouldn't use Rodriguez' script because it was "too big?"  That's just like FOX to go cheap and not give people what they want.  Right now they are searching for the cheapest cheeseball director they can find so they can maximize their profit. I am not falling for it this time!!!
  15. Bill
    A bold new chapter?  Yeah right!  We've heard this all before.  Its going to be another FOX money making farce with a great trailer and some slick marketing.  Mark my words, we will walk away from this one with our heads hanging again.  YOU WATCH!!!
  16. Xenomorphine
    'Requiem' had a similar hasty schedule and the directors stated how it prevented them doing a lot of things. If this one really has yet to even have a writer or director, that doesn't bode well.
  17. movie_godzilla
    I totally agree with you! I really really dont know about this! I just got the feeling that FOX is goin to f*** this up like they did with the Alien Series, who wouldnt have wanted a 5th Cameron/Scott Alien Movie instead of a crappy AVP series.....Oh, of course FOX! I mean really? And this progress is just making too fast and sudden movements, i'm really concerned. But heres to my hope that FOX will sometimes get their brains back and start to listen what the fans want. btw: Help save Terminator S.C.C. for a third Season, goto
  18. thewoozy
    I think its cool that it mirrors the title Aliens, but I feel like they won't really use that as the title. It'll probably be called Predator: Bood Hunt or something cheese like that. Just my guess.
  19. Jared
    Please bring back Stan Winston studios...please!  I don't even care if they take one of the background suits they used for Predator 2. Any of those beats ADI.
  20. Bio Mech Hunter
    Well, I'm a bit relieved he isn't directing it (or writing, or producing, etc.), but I personally don't want him involved at all. I'm not sure what exactly they mean by "shepherding" it either. I'm still VERY concerned about this.   :-\  
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