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Small AvP3 Details

Recently there’s been a spurt of game magazines making a big deal about Rebellion’s upcoming AvP3. Most of these have had little in the way of information. However, the Xbox 360 Magazine had an article with some minor details in:

“Three campaigns: one as a colonial marine, one as a Predator and the third from the perspective of an Alien Drone. Expect frantic, FPS horror, lots of gore, and the beep of the marine’s motion tracker to keep you up at night. The three different characters allow players to experience three types of gameplay, each taking advantage of their strengths and weaknesses, but AvP was always remembered for being one of the most pant-wetting, keyboard-swetting games to ever be released.”

According to forum member Lone Warrior (thanks for the news) the information in the article is said to be provided by Rebellion. Check out the forum for more details.

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