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Small AvP3 Details

Recently there’s been a spurt of game magazines making a big deal about Rebellion’s upcoming AvP3. Most of these have had little in the way of information. However, the Xbox 360 Magazine had an article with some minor details in:

“Three campaigns: one as a colonial marine, one as a Predator and the third from the perspective of an Alien Drone. Expect frantic, FPS horror, lots of gore, and the beep of the marine’s motion tracker to keep you up at night. The three different characters allow players to experience three types of gameplay, each taking advantage of their strengths and weaknesses, but AvP was always remembered for being one of the most pant-wetting, keyboard-swetting games to ever be released.”

According to forum member Lone Warrior (thanks for the news) the information in the article is said to be provided by Rebellion. Check out the forum for more details.

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  1. darkfaerytales
    we are talking about avp2, i think...   ::)    not to do a killjoy but, what's the news in that, they have pointed out details that are the same as the previous games...
  2. IKNOWWHenAVP3come sout
    i know what year AVP3 the movie will come out just go to my youtube account andygarciaheyguys.Oh yah if the game was on psp f**k yah   ;D  YAY!!!! if its not on psp then on xbox360 will not that happy   :(  
  3. scout n88
    i remember the good old days of avp2... last man living... ump2... good times good times... THEN THEY GET RID OF F**KING MULTIPLAYER! F**KING  D**KS!!
  4. Bio Mech Hunter
    I don't know. I'm taking a wait and see approach to this.   :-\   I'm sure the tech is going to be awesome, but I'm super pissed we've been waiting all these years for AVP3, it finally gets announced to be in the pipe, but it's being put back in the hands of Rebellion! Not Monolith or another competent developer.   >:(    I have absolutely no faith in Rebellion's ability to make a quality title. Let alone make a quality title based on an established franchise while staying as close to the source material as possible. The first AVP game was absolute shit for that very reason. Both Alien and Predator species were so horribly butchered.   >:(   I'm hoping I'll be pleasantly surprised with the game when it comes out. REALLY, REALLY surprised.   :P    Well, as long as they follow through with a PC version, we can always depend on the community to make some incredible mods. My mind spins with excitement to think what an AJL-AVP mod would be like with current tech.   :D     ;)   What they've done with AVP2 is IN-SANE.
  5. Hicks_0998
    Wait a tick, werent we promised Colonial Marines and the RPG ages ago? What if AvP3 is on extended holiday and doesnt see the light of day till 2050?? f**k that just occurred to me....
  6. predatorfandrc90
    hay man we still get avp 3 so be happy if it comes out for the xbox 360  the graphics will be insane man will be able to see the drool comeing of the aliens jaws will see the singe on the predators plasma caster just imagine what a chest burster will look like comeing out of some dude
    Hey if AVP3 has some sweet graphics and it's for the PC, PS3 and 360 I'll be happy. But after it comes out there better be a motha F-kin official release date for Aliens Colonial Marines and Aliens RPG. Thats all I want! And I don't think thats asking for much.
  8. PREDATOR 117
    The system that avp3 and RPG aliens and last but not least ALIENS COLONIAL MARINES will come out for the XBOX 360,Ps3,and Pc looking forward to AVP3 for the 360 yea! baby what now!   ;D     ;D     :D     :D  
  9. 55
    sounds like avp1 all over agen ): nothing new, just a remake of the original   :-\   avp2: primal hunt woz the best in the series i think    ;D    peace!
    Ummm yeah, can someone please tell me if this games is coming out for the PC, because if it isn't I think I will have a heart attack   :-\  
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