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Interview with Zach Howard

As you should all know by now, 2009 is the year that sees the revival of the Aliens and Predator comics, with the Aliens series coming first on the 30th anniversary of Alien. And we’ve just uploaded an interview with Zach Howard, the artist on the new Aliens series:

“In all actuality, Aliens is a perfect fit for how I draw. My work is dark and highly structured so it’d be stupid of me not to take this opportunity. But, I am an extraordinarily stupid person so it took me quite some time to commit.”

Be sure to check out the whole interview and look out for our never-seen-before piece of artwork. On a sidenote, Darkness recently wrote and uploaded a page on H.R Giger. Don’t give this fantastic article a miss. And keep checking back for more of the exciting articles with have planned.

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