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    I would have to say Predator 1 on blu ray has to be one of my favorites.  Play it back to back with an up scaled DVD and you WILL see the quality shine.  My tv looked like a window into the jungle.  And i have an older 1080P television.  It's far from top of the line, so just imagine it will only get better.  I hope Pred 2 on Blu ray will be just as impressive.  I know its expensive to have blu rays, but if your passion for these films is like mine, you won't complain about eating noodles for a couple months.
  2. Grond29
    Nice to see Fox has actually put the correct predator on the front! been getting sick of all the recent artwork which features the avp designs on the original film DVDs!!!!!
    what i'm excited about is the box set of ALIEN-PREDATOR Collection, which has the 4 Alien movies, the 2 Predator films, and ALIEN VS. PREDATOR 1 AND ALIENS VS. PREDATOR 2:REQUIEM. and it costs around "$62. and something cents" and with my barnes member card it goes down to $50 dollars and something cents. That's better than getting Predator 2, cause its a waste of time and my alien q. is already messed up. YOUR CALL
    i could only have Predator 1 and could get Predator 2 on DVD instead of Blu-Ray..,because my folks and/or my older bro' don't have Blu-Ray player, WAY too much money. I like only DVDs.
  5. redalert51
    I hope it is worth it ,I already have the the standard 2xdisc  which quite full extras.I getting into blu ray I have brrn really impressed.But you have be careful.I purchased AVP2 RB and it was s@##it cut e.g very dark and it was the standard cut,I know the US version has the uncut version,I just think if we are going to double up lets hope it is worth it.......
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