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Predator #1 Comic Info Released

Thanks to vikingspawn for finding this. Comics Continuum has posted up some of Dark Horse’s upcoming releases, including Predator #1:

20090311 Predator #1 Comic Info Released

“Two warring tribes from the stars have chosen Earth’s killing fields as their arena, with each clan sworn to eradicate the other . . . and all who stand between them. Each is the other’s prey, each the other’s Predator. “The series is set to debut June the 24th, meaning that the Aliens and Predator comics will be taking alternating turns in releasing. And as well as this, I have also found these previews from Predator on artist Javier Saltares’ DeviantArt. For the full synopsis make sure to visit our forums.

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  1. predatorfandrc90
    I THink its pretty awesome humans fight wars all the time weve had alien wars in the comics so its time to get a good look at the predators although the masks could get some adjusting still awesome though   8)  
  2. adrian snipes
      :-\   they kinda look like halo grunts and elites... if this is a pred war the lewaders should have pred bone armour it would seem more like a pred story... more like bad blood or something
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