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Joss Whedon for Alien 5?

MTV Movies Blog spoke to Sigourney Weaver recently about a potential Alien 5 movie. Interestingly this time, she mentioned that Fox had a script written by Joss Whedon (Alien Resurrection, Buffy) and that it took place on Earth.

“”You know, Fox was going to do another one,” Sigourney Weaver said to us recently while accepting Ripley’s honor. “They had it written. Joss Whedon wrote it.” As Weaver remembered it, however, the script from the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” mastermind just didn’t rock her world. “It took place on earth,” she explained. “Which, I have to say, just really didn’t interest me. And I just felt that every time we went out there, we needed to have a really original piece.”

Which is a shame, because Weaver said that at the time she was perfectly willing to take on the Aliens once again. “I was all for going back to the original planet; I thought that would be interesting,” she explained. “But I was alone in that; we couldn’t really agree on what would be interesting.””

She goes on to say that she feels the Alien series isn’t finished and that she’d do another one if they had the right script. If Joss Whedon wrote a script, it must have been a long time ago, before James Cameron started writing his script. Thanks to JK for the news.

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  1. bios
    lets hope they do the alien5 starting from the moment ALIENS left off and continue on to the alien planet homeworld. what was started with alien,then camerons aliens,cameron should write the sequel and we can gladly forget all about alien3 and rez can be part of a dream.oh and we definately need to ditch ripley,
  2. Vakarian
    Well if i remember correctly when Sigourney worked on the last movie that was Alien ressurection with the whole "Make Love to the Aliens" bullshit she was one of the main reasons why Ressurection was a flop..and to be honest if its not James Cameron or Ridley Scott working on this film then the alien saga is screwed.. .
  3. jgbess
    Lets have William Gibson do the script this time in space like the one he did for Alien 3 that was rejected. I thought that rejecting Gibson's script was stupid. Lets have the king  of Cyberpunk do a high tech Alien. I read his script for Alien 3 and it was good.   ;D  
  4. Rudy M Alapag Jr
    Sigourney Weaver wants her character "Ripley" to be more on her dark side as she did in AR. That's why she wants a Alien 5 to be about chronicle on Rip  but not on the Aliens. This is still about Rip, she will find out what her loyalties lie. Just like the 1st film, Ash was the evil android and that was the way Rip sees her character, her half/alien side. She wants it to be spooky and scary. Even though she wants to be more scary.
  5. Crownless
    Alien 5 on earth could be pretty sweet.  I mean, what if it was just a film version of Earth Hive?  You could probably to Earth Hive and Nightmare Asylum in the same film.  Horrifying, shocking, new, and as dark as they come.  It'd be pretty epic, and the movie would end with a quick cameo of Ripley.  Her age fits perfectly into the storyline.  Might even be able to do Female War as well.
  7. Xenomorphine
    Ripley never "needed" to know about any of those things. Her story was finished in the third film and it could even be argued that it was finished in the second, because she achieved resolution.  She is not her clone.
  8. Rudy
    i really agree but i don't davebhamuk, because if Ridley and Sig, or Sig and Joss were going to make A5, they need Siggy ALL THE WAY. She needs to know about the space jockeys and the creatures being made and why they were sent out, and the company wanted them as their weapons.Who drove that Alien ship in the 1st place, the eggs by themselves....A5 would be like a prequel within a sequel to have "once again" Siggy in space, we need her. she's OUR only hope.
  9. Rudy
    Alien 3 was that she had to die in the 3rd. Alien Resurrection Ripley had to find out what her allegiance lies and who she is which. and going back to Earth was that she had to...well, she is still a stranger and how will in A5 she has to be half-human/alien/clone 8 all over again, and/or she might not be Clone No. 8,she has to figure out gettting out alive in one more round with the creatures.
  10. Me
    wow, everyones all "alien ressurection sucked" WHAT!! no it didint it was 1000x better than that failure of a film alien 3.  the purpose was to bring back ripley for ppl who ask what the purpose of the film was, they wanna continue the story and milk it for what its worth....  as ppl can see from avp and avpr they dont give a shit what we want.
  11. rexemmen
    If Joss Whedon gets it's change to write an alien film again. I think it would be nothing sorter than a slapstik adventure, and nothing more. FOX is destroying the franchise, and as far as i'm concearned Alien ressurection was a farce. The story for ripley ended with Alien3.  I would like to see Jim or Ridley or maybe chris nolan do an Alien 5 with the ambience of Alien but that is another story. Fox should get there heads out of there arses and save the franshise by contracting one of the old directors because they have the experience.
  12. Undeadite
    Well had the Earth setting been something rural or desolate like the AvP movies, I would be against it. However, if it was set in a futuristic metropolis or on Gateway Station or somewhere else where the science fiction element can thrive I would be for it. Especially if it depicted a global infestation as opposed to a minor outbreak.
  13. Cellien
    Glad his script didn't get used.  Whedon isn't terrible, and can write some cool stuff (Firefly), but you really have to be in the mood for his stuff, at least I do.  Aliens and Whedon's writing style don't mix, imo.  A4 seems to be such an oddball in the series.
  14. RakaiThwei
    Alien Resurrection NEVER happened as far as I am concerned. The Alien Saga ended after Alien 3. The book is closed. The saga is written and over with.   Joss Whedon is to film making as is Stephanie Meyer is to writing.
  15. oranjeman
    No way Fox should use Joss Whedon for ALIEN 5.  ALIEN RESURRECTION totally sucked and everybody couldn't figure out what that movie is all about.  Whedon is a TV guy with unsuitable humour and storytelling for the ALIEN franchise.  And SERENITY sucks and a bit self-important and damn boring.   Bring and pay whatever James Cameron and Ridley want.  Save ALIEN 5 to be the ultimate version of them all!  Go to the ALIEN home planet, and make ALIEN 5 a cross between the ALIEN and ALIENS.
  16. Rudy M Alapag Jr
    do u guys ever think that Sigourney Weaver is making a Alien spin-off focusing on only her, "RIPLEY" the chronicles of her. and absolutely "NO ALIENS". which i thought that she's a stranger to earth and she's now but still half-human/alien, and Sigourney isn't ready to go back to earth @ all. now i read that  it's taking place on our home planet? didn't Joss say he wants to go back to Alien and find out about the creatures, and the space jockey landing and stranded on LV426 and why it was there in the 1st place,to the homeworld of the Aliens then to Alien 1 the 1st movie, so it goes in a circle, somehow. but for me, i already knew what happened. So, i'm not saying anything about the story.just my comments.
  17. Sulaco
    I just cant believe the alien homeworld could ever live up to the hype on screen. Joss Whedons a bad idea, an the Earth setting sucks. A5 production hell.   >:D  
  18. Alien Genesis
    I'm glad to see that Sigourney Weaver wants to go back to the Alien homeworld.  I'm surprised that no one shared her interest in that, though; are the people who disagreed with her on something?  Going back to where it all started, injecting the Space Jockey into the storyline, doing a genesis story of sorts.  Come on, people!  Why has no one ever done this story?  It just boggles my mind.
  19. JD
    We have AVP3 in space and A5 on earth! What has the world come to?! (Oh and it should be right script not write script in the article. Thanks for the news though. Id rather wait for one of the games!)
  20. Gnome Smasher
    It would be nice to put a "final" closing on the series but I think it shouldn't be made.   One way it would work on the original planet is for her to have a memory and want to see what happened to her crew.
  21. predalien-hybrid
    At first I thought that returning to the alien homeworld would ruin the mystery of it...but the predators did that a long time ago.    :-\    I like Whedon's writing a lot but I will rather see a script done by Cameron that will gurantee success!    :)  
  22. Splinter Cell
    Come on man the Aliens series is NOT finished . One more film to tie up the loose ends . We can all agree that the second film was just pure f**king magic .   Weyland Yutani keep getting their ass kicked so lets say they get a tad pissed off and send some COLONIAL MARINES to f**k up these aliens where they live . Im no director but come on this has to be the base of the story line , directors can add in the shizzle and make it span out to a great film.
  23. EEV2650
    I just want too see the home planet of the aliens and how the space jockey works into the whole thing. I wonder if they could still make it to where the space jockey created the xenomorph what with AVP out there now and all.
  24. War Wager
    I'm not. ^ Sure there'd be some mystery in space, but having them on Earth isn't instintly going to make it a bad movie.  As for Whedon on the A5 script, I'm not sure what to make of it. Theres a good bet it would have been similar to A:R with it's black humour, over-the-top violence etc. As much as I love that movie, I would prefer that they returned to the gritty horror of the first movie.
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