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Aliens Colonial Marines Release Put Back

Now before this article from Screw Attack goes around causing any panic from the fanbase, I just wanna get the proper news out there. Sega PR has changed the release date from the 1st quarter to “to be announced”. It’s nothing to worry about and to be frank it should have been expected.

I think it’s for the best as this allows Gearbox more time to polish the game up and ensure we aren’t delivered an incomplete game. It also allows Sega more time to prepare for publicity. I am currently awaiting a comment from Sega regarding the move and we’ll see how it all plays out.

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  1. Rigdenball-G
    More time is good, a little patience needed, More time= Better Game. The guys at gearbox looks like they are taking into account what fans are saying about what we want so keep the suggestions up too on the gearbox forums.
  2. Bio Mech Hunter
    Okay, who else saw this coming? lol To be honest, I'm quite relieved. I'd much rather wait to get a great game than get a mediocre (or worse) one now. And with the title "Aliens", it NEEDS to kick serious ass.   ;)   Just as long as it doesn't get canceled.  ...again.   :P  
  3. James
    I dont mind waiting at all, theres no Rush. i would like them to make the game Great instead of releasing it soon and it wont be as good! Theres that xbox360/PS3 game which has taken about 5 years to be released after the first trailer was shown and there still waiting!
  4. konradski
    bootleg footage zilla and only a cinematic to boot ,not ingame footage see older posts on the leak  "it took 3 - 2 years to come out"  that how long development takes its not just making a game to consider but pr / demo content/they also have to test they updated the engine /released it on 3 platforms blah blah blah it bears no resemblence to l4d as A:cm dosent use the ai director software  its a clone of their ww2 shooter in style/sqaud tactics but only time and a press release will shed more light  ps play l4d how its supposed to be played with 4 friends on expert,and see the ai director crank up the carnage.and if like me u have the pc version. already the modding community has developed maps .especialy look for the dawn of the dead shopping mall one :) the guty who did it pulled out all the stops
  5. Private W Hudson
    Hope this gmae don't end up like Left 4 dead cause its got alot of things in common and its boring l4d does same levels all the time and it tuck like 3 - 2 years to come out also soo heh. Lets hope we dont have to wait another year, But tbh the screenshots of the game look quite amazing especially the footage of it they really catured the hole of the aliens. Lets hope that it does come early and even it is not good as people think it will be i will still buy it no matter what. and i hope they put some easter eggs in like hudsons body hanging in the hive and things like that it would be awsome lol amen
  6. Moviefan939
    ah geez! lol. nah, as long as they tweak it, add more material, make it intense and frightening as the movies, then ill be drooling just like the queen.    ;D  
  7. WarriorAlien
    Well that's good news to know that they're still making this game, and that it's still coming out. All the rumors of the game being cancelled over the net got alot of Alien fans nervous, but this news is very reassuring. Thank you Corporal Hicks.    8)  
  8. Spoon
    The release of no content only shows theres something they are hiding and the game is probably a disappointment.  Just the same as AVP.  They didnt even want a review to be made on the movie because it was a disappointment.
  9. megachu17
      :'(   Ugh, I can't wait till this game comes out, I understand them maybe needing more time but still...    :-\   I wish they'd relese a demo or something to hold me over till they actually relese the game.    :(  
  10. Sulaco
    I hope gearbox is just taking the time to develope the flying alien, introduce the hip hop kid predator to help the squad, & the king alien that wears a red cape.
  11. perfect organism
    I was hoping the release date would be "27/2/2009" (thats what some websites say when you pre-order the game)  But i guess it wont come out until summer - mhhhh that will be some hot nights with my pulse rifle    8)  
  12. HYPERDAN-101
    Keeping finger`s crossed for this Game, already got the orignal movie soundtrack ALIENS to play with this game when it comes out of course, that will add to the Playing of the game very much. please dont let us down SEGA,
  13. Joefish
    Look at much is this game getting everyone talking and hyped up, they don't need to spend money yet on PR!  By staying silent they are effectively stoking the fires.  They said they are holding off their PR "untill the time is right",  This game will come out guys, don't worry.  Oh and man I'm excited!  I'm more excited about this game than any other game ever.  Which says a lot for me.
  14. SFM Hobbes
    This game had me excited since it was announced, but in the light of the recent news announcements, it looks more and more like it's not going to happen.  A dead silent PR division isn't helping Gearbox/Sega at all, but maybe they just want to keep their shareholders in the dark so they don't all jump ship.
  15. Spoon
    Doesn't take anything to make these games anymore.  Aliens:cm  is basically an updated brothers in arms coding which is unreal 3 engine.  All the time went into design, mapping, models and skins.  These games are becoming mods basically.  I just hope this game is a slow paced more realistic gameplay to add more suspense and fear into the game.  I dont want a run and spray game like so many these days.   Also a flame thrower as good as call of duty 5 would be amazing! Multiplayer also better have aliens vs humans.  Protect the QUEEN!
  16. Vemados
    With the limited info we've been given about the game so far with almost no gameplay shots or a trailer,  it makes me nervous that maybe the game won't be released just like Duke Nukem Forever.  Let's hope that's not the case
  17. AVP
    The wait is goooood. They can take as LONG as they need for this we dont want them to rush and get a pretty dissapointing game like spore and lotr conquest. and as long as it dont get cancelled    ;)  
  18. Hicks_0998
    Well at least Sega have more time to complete it but it is starting to sound alot like Doom 3 with the "it'll be done when it's done" cliche and alot of people are pissed off at that fact.  If only Sega stuck to an original release date and not wandered off that path.
  19. konradski
    one reason it may be withheld/date reset is due to vieing for a spot against all the other titles due for release. and if one gets released thats expected to be a large seller, for example gears of war 2 .companys will hold back as they know they will have a slow sell and be drowned out by all the whooo ha lots of seqauls out this year for big selling games of yore   what dosent help with this title is the no show of PROMOTIONAL material  mainly company compiled material
  20. Cellien
    This is discouraging.  Even though I've read all this news, for some reason it really dialed in this time and I worry about the game's future.  Sega recently announced layoffs as well. :\  I still have a little hope.  TBH, this is a good freaking time for Sega to release some new info/media.  Renew the faith in the already very eager fanbase.
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