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Hot Toy’s Dog Alien Reviewed

The hype leading up to this beastie’s release was quite contagious. I almost splashed out for one myself until I realized I’m not that well off. However, as usual has released a review of Hot Toy’s latest Aliens model:

“Translucent plastics also come into play with select tubing on the Dog Alien’s shoulders and arms. Cast in amber, the pieces add some nice visual pop and depth to the figure, all the while blending in nicely with the creature’s wicked brown paint scheme. Other expertly sculpted details can be found on the Dog Alien’s skeletal frame; its intricately carved rib cage and back being true knockouts.”

Over all it’s a very positive review with plenty of pictures for those still deciding whether or not to buy this baby yet. Be sure to check out the whole thing. And for those who already have this, don’t forget to let us know what you thought.

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  1. xor_ew
    imo this is not a perfect figure. head is too big and the mounth: it is not dog alien lips and teeth! whole body sculpture maybe is not far from the orginal alien but i have seen better work... and last thing: figure position. does alien want to make a poo-poo? i don't like it... good message: alien warrior from aliens was more shity :)
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