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Aliens Colonial Marines for Early 09 Release

Now as many of you may have seen, countless gaming websites are running rampant with the news that Sega is listing Gearbox’s Colonial Marines for release in the first quarter of 2009. I recently spoke with Sega PR to get this news confirmed:

“Those dates are from the current UK retail release schedule which gets sent out weekly (as I understand it) apparently its been Q1 09 on there for quite a while so it’s a little surprising people have suddenly gone “look its still there!” but yes that is the current ”˜date’ for ACM.”

I’m just waiting back on confirmation whether it is of the fiscal year or standard calendar. So I’ll update when I get a reply.

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  1. joey sobs
    i just want to say i went and talked to gamestop and they said acm is still on schedule. im sure the only reason acm is help up is bercause gearbox laid off a bunch of people. this game is going to be too great for them to cancel it. all the die had gamer fans out nthere. keep your hopes up. this game will come out. if i have to get the edia involved an give out donations. it will come out. and sabbon stop being a deutsche. we can all make this happen. economic crisis and all. im sure we have a few dollars to spare to make sure the greatest game ever imagined gets released. lets do it!~
  2. Joey Sobs
    I'll cry if Aliens: Colonial Marines doesn't get released. For the past 6 months I've been searching the internet for neww screenshot and information. I was totally stoked for this game. Someone needs to contact Gearbox and see what their problem is.
  3. sabbon
    Bad news guys. Screwattack.coms 'Hard News' video segment just reported that Gearbox have put the game on hold. This probably means it will never see the light of day. What a shame, was really looking forward to it.
  4. youngblood24
    will im not in to it cause its only on PS3 and Xbox 360 not pSp or Playstation 2    :-[  i know its on pc but what if its for windows visa i dnot know   ???  
  5. Moviefan939
    oh. and i just wanted to say hello to you guys. ive been visiting this site for a while, but i was too nervous to say anything.    :-X  
  6. Moviefan939
    i hope the game comes out at a reasonable time, enough time so there isnt much bugs and good gameplay. but soon isnt bad either    ;)   i also agree that dead space kicked major ass. i hope the aliens rpg will be similar, or better.    ;D  
  7. X-Rex
    I heard from one of the voice actors, Brian Massey that the game may be released in March.   For the record, I met the guy because he is my best friend's uncle...and well...
  8. dave1978
    I would sadly have to agree!   this team were behind Brothers in Arms HH and if that is anything to go by then prepare to be dissapointed.   The lack of news, pics, and vids is a clear indication that things are behind schedule and they havnt got anything of quality to show.   This late on in production they should have something, werent they saying in December that there was some big news coming soon?
  9. spinner7478
    I think it's time to start lowering expectations on this one.  I'm hearing release dates ranging from January 31st to end of June...either way that's pretty soon for a game we've seen very little of.  I'm a diehard Alien fan and one way or another I'm buying this game the day it comes out...I'm just getting a bad feeling about it.  I'll probably end up going thru the campaign once and then go back to playing "Dead Space" again for the 10th time (which is the closest thing to a good Alien game/movie I think we've had in years).
  10. avpmad!
    i would rather they didnt release any trailer or teaser, because from both the AvP films they have shown all the best parts of the film and it ruined it. But i would just like to see maybe a facehugger jump on a marine and the chesterbuster come out and then wait until i get it
  11. Xhan
    Not being a dick. You should know better than anyone how this works. Secondly GBX hasn't chimed in with the report which is all that need be said. And in fact, yet another post by Ms. Berryman with the familiar tagline "if you haven't seen an official post on SoA/E's front page or something similar from us, don't believe what you read". The end. Secondly I don't see you haranguing on Ash937 or anyone chiming in with OMGCANCELLEDLIES.
  12. Corporal Hicks
    Not at all. I'm in a position where I can get statements from the officials before I post news. Which I do to ensure credibility. Simple as. Not my fault you have a penchant to be such a dick about anything. I'd much rather have an official statement on topics such as this since I can. I don't wanna be spreading falsehoods.
  13. Xhan
    I'm not negative. I;m a daily participant at a particular website forum that on a daily basis has to say :IF YOU DON"T SEE A QUOTE BY US OR SEGA OR BOTH THAT IS OFFICIAL, DON'T BELIEVE IT.
  14. bob
    is it still on windows. i'm getting tired of them canceling the pc version or getting a bad port. star trek legacy and dead space with it wrong controls.
  15. Cellien
    @Xhan:  I don't understand why you are so negative about every piece of news.  If every other site has reported on Sega's official press release, why can't AvP Galaxy?  Heck, I'm surprised a fan here didn't catch it before it trickled onto *every* gaming news outlet.  Either way, the news spread fast and it deserves a headline here.
  16. Spoon
    COD 5 is same game as COD4 but more was added so how is it lacking?  You cant compare it to COD4 then say its lacking.  COD 5 is buggy compared to COD 4, that is safe to say.   Love those WW2 haters just talk negative about COD 5.    Anyway.  FPS shooters get developed so fast now because they dont have to worry about coding as much now that everything runs on unreal 3.  Plus this game is pretty much brothers in arms.  So just like COD5 which came out a year later theres not that much they have to worry about.  Just got to make sure theres not TONS OF BUGS.   I just wanna see good smart aliens A.I.
  17. YAUJTA
    cant wait for this. COD5 was a bit of a dissapointment. it was lacing alot compare to modern warfare...just hope this game has some similarities. also i hope they stay with the off-line 4-player co-op idea aswel as on-line.
  18. dachande89
    Well I'm glad to hear that its coming... relatively soon. But I do agree with one thing, a real trailer, would be appreciated. To see actual gameplay in a trailer. But I'm remaining optimistic about this game. Can't wait for an Alien game for my 360.
  19. Corporal Hicks
    Did I say that all the websites where claiming to have their own sources? No I didn't. Didn't think so. What I said was that they're running with the news Sega is listing the game for release then. Which is exactly what is happening. It's from Sega's press release.
  20. Xhan
    Dude, it's REQUOTATIONS all stemming from ONE site. None of the other sites have any NEW or DIFFERENT quotes or information. ALL of the reports stem from, ONE site. All the other sites did not receive packets or a call or any other other separate or unique-to-them info. period. A spade is a spade.
  21. konradski
    ok here u go  gamesradar seem to have had a hands on preview ,of the game  dated jan 6th hicks bang it up as news if ya want  also if you want more as it happens .gearboxes own site is dribbling info .like treakle go to their gearboxity site as the other is mainly jobs etc but does have the link to their gearboxity link  must be one hell of an nda on this game
  22. Visceral_Mass
    A couple of weeks ago I went to Gamestop and they had a binder with a list of upcoming games for the Xbox 360. Aliens Colonial Marines was listed as May (can't remember exact day) 2009. I'll have to check and see if its still there next time I go.
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