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  1. Xenomorphine
    Not really. The one we see in the latest edition looks virtually the same as any other one (the 'membranes' easily just look like mucous), because it's at such a distance.   :)    And a normal one is what we see in the 3D computer image of it on Ripley's face.
  2. gee man
    i'm confused, so is this the face hugger that was on ripley?  i didn't see the extended version  so i'm out-of-the-know.  there should've been two eggs on the sulacco before they were ejected then right?
  3. Byohzrd
    we could go back and forth all day saying how there may have been one egg or not, but why? We have a perfectly good explanation, it may not be canon in the sense it wasnt in the released cut, but it was in the special edition, so thats more than enough for me to call it canon.
  4. Commander Griker
    The queen facehugger should have bin canon how else did one face hugger manage to lay to embryos in two separate host Ripley and the dog? they only lay one before dying so why not use this Queen chest burster in the final cut? it would  have made more ense and it would have been introducing the Queen face hugger that can lay a queen and warrior befor dieing i love this idea
  5. Xenomorphine
    Excellent - always liked that design, with the exception of the weird leg membrane stuff. The last truly biomechanical, original design done for that series of films; more so than even the adult creature in that contribution. Was a shame it was was not used.
  6. Dallas001
      :)  Well its a design that didn't get used to its full potential. You only see it briefly in the extended edition of ALIEN 3, and on the trade card for the film.  As for ALIEN 5, its ALL TALK, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.
  7. War Wager
    Nice to see that they're merchandising the older movies rather than AvP. I really, really like this, it's a shame we never seen her in action in Alien3. (Eg defending herself against a threat, I'm sure she has a blade on her tail for a reason)
  8. Starkiller
    any news on future projects? avp3? alien 5? predator 3? paramount or warner bros buying the rights to alien n pred? so we can finally get a decent movie instead of the garbage fox has given us
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