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New Aliens Colonial Marines Details

PlayStation magazine PSW (PlayStation World) recently did a massive article on the upcoming Colonial Marines game. While they released no new screenshots, they did reveal quite a bit about the game!

  • One aspect of the story ties neatly into the Aliens universe is the use of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation as an over-arching evil, a puppet-master pulling the strings behind the action. Though your immediate survival against the Sulaco’s alien infestation is your primary concern, the game will build in a conspiracy story behind the gameplay.
  • There will be more than six episodes to wade through, including some revelations that could affect the Aliens cannon.
  • All team members are essential. One marine will be able to hack security doors another will be able to set portable gun turrets. Each carries their own signature weapon. The officer carries a standard pistol, while the other squad members carry flame throwers, pulse rifles, grenades, one even carries an RPG
  • Gearbox has said new aliens will be introduced to ensure that there’s plenty to shoot.

Forum members WarWager and Sh0dan have been kind enough to scan up the pages and post the new information, the rest of which you can read in the CM board. The game is sounding better and better. Keep your eyes on this space for more news.

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Comments: 41
  1. konradski
    2. Blowing off Face-huggers Sega's new Aliens game will be bringing back many of the standard weapons from earlier installments in the series as well as adding new guns, too. Players will have flamethrowers, mounted guns, pulse rifles, grenade launchers, and more at their disposal. 1. Allies in Alien-killing The online version of Colonial Marines will allow people to play through the campaign with their friends in teams of four. What's cool about this is that players can enter the game or leave it without disrupting anything or forcing the team to go back into some type of lobby. dont hold me to anything i post from web sites. as most are conflicting with others ive read .mainly due to the reviewers interpretaion or what theyve got hold of / heard from their uncles aunts niece and nephew from peru .concrete previews/interviews still havent shown up .looks like there still flogging borderlands first, before they PR and leak definitive details of the game and its play style
  2. konradski
    Aliens Colonial MarinesXbox 360 2009 Games The Aliens gaming franchise has gone down the tube much like Sigourney Weaver's acting career. There is hope, however, as the upcoming first-person shooter release Aliens: Colonial Marines should give the series the jolt it needs to once again rise to prominence. Here's why. 4. Marine Tough The marines that you'll be using throughout the game aren't just random, cookie cutter soldiers. They all have their own unique skills and personalities and react to different situations just like a real soldier would. Out of the 12 you can comprise your team of four; some are more likely to panic than others but may wield more powerful guns. 3. Not Your Average FPS Aliens: Colonial Marines takes a different approach than other first-person shooters in how it plays out. Instead of being one long, continuous story, Aliens is broken down into three different acts with each one containing a certain amount of levels.
  3. bobcunk
    some things dont work for a movie but in a game i dont care as long as its enertaining and doesn't get boring. alot of shooters start off great but end up in a warhouse full of wooden crates for the rest of the game.
  4. konradski
    i heard thru the grapevine from a friend of a friend the new aliens will be sausage dog alien, canary alien (flying yellow peril)and the pist de reistance goldfish alien (dont worry it just flopps about on the floor alot)   >:D  
  5. ZillaBoy2008
      ::)   "New Aliens", probably means that they came up with a new design or possably, a hybrid or Bio Alien(a alien that scientists created).We could see robot Aliens or something, they made a mechagodzilla, so why not make a Mecha Alien??? know.    :o     8)  
  6. yaujta
    about the 'where would the dogs come from' questions...its possible the 'company' has had more than one atempt at searching the ship, previous marines could have taken attack dogs on board with them? just a theory?
  7. Mee
    i think they either mean just dog aliens, or that sort of alien, a facehugger that got on something else. or they mean just something simple like indiginous life on the planets, some minor imps to get thru on the first level or something. i hope!
  8. Sulaco
    I'm glad for now the games still on! As far as canon goes, who cares? Who considers a video game canon? I believe lv426 @ colonists had dogs, cats & small mice, hybrid those. We better see eggs, chestbursters, adults, queen, runners and hell yes the jockey! Thats enough creature for me.
  9. Bio Mech Hunter
    I'm always wary (even a little nervous) when canon is addressed for an upcoming Alien, Predator, or AVP film. Even more so when it's for a game. Statements like "...including some revelations that could affect the Aliens cannon." scare me. lol I think "Oh god no. What are they going to do now?" because recent "revelations" have done nothing to uplift the franchise or the creature itself. To the contrary... *sigh*  This news sounds awesome as a whole, but I pray Gearbox doesn't piss on canon and diminish (or ruin) the mystery, appeal or the abilities of the Aliens like how AVP:R did. Many would say the mystery has already been completely ruined, but there's still so much that could be done.  The whole Alien universe is on the brink of falling apart as it is, what with all the comic books, novels, games, and recent films that are skewering the franchise. I just hope Gearbox knows what they're doing and does this once epic franchise (and creature) the justice it so greatly deserves. The fans are watching. lol   ;)  
  10. konradski
    so its a mix of the original avp 2 series/alien trilogy(conspiricy within )with a dash of resident evil 4/tombraider 6,, hit a x l trigger r2 crap for the movie sequences and brothers in arms/starwars commando. nothing new then i see, exept its based around aliens and will be cashing in on the franchise name hope we get the sdk for pc so it can be modified
  11. Sh0dan
    Some of those details are a little inaccurate.  The mag says the game will have MORE than six episodes.  And that the W-Y conspiracy will be a behind the scenes sub-plot to the main narrative, like in the movies.  It says new aliens will be introduced, but it doesn’t mention non-xenomorph aliens.  It also says that if a marine dies you will no longer be able to use his skills like explosives etc. A little contradictory I know, but that’s what its says.    :)  
  12. Corporal Hicks
    I'd think there would be more species though. Predator 2 showed us there are. Whether they're sentient or not, that's up for debate. But the EU has always been eager to expand and I personally love the ancient race kinda stuff.
  13. Mr. Weyland
    @ Corporal Hicks  The concept of there being other aliens with the alien and predator universe, mainly the movies, has always been an interesting idea, I think. I have always wanted to see new aliens, not necessarily linked with aliens or predators, but will expand the universe and ideas, but only if done correctly, its obvious Weyland-Yutani know of other alien things out the, why should they focus on one, or two if you count predator tech.
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