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AvP Redemption Interview

The hot topic of the community is the upcoming fanfilm by Alex Popov, Redemption. We’ve been covering it for a good few months and I recently got chance to have a chat with Alex about Redemption:

“It all began when I saw “Batman Dead End”. I decided I wanted to make my own Predator fan film. The next step was making the costume. I did some research on the web about how to make cheap armor and decided to go with cardboard and duck tape. It took me about 2 month to make it and about $200. Lucky for me I finished right in time for Halloween. In 2 days I won about $800 in cash prizes. Eventually I started to think about some storylines and did some test shots. My first test called “Alex Versus Predator”, you can find it on YouTube.”

It’s quite a meaty interview but it’s a fantastic read. If you’re looking forward to this film as much as I am then make sure you read our interview with Alex. For more information on Redemption, Alex frequents our forum.

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