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Alien Wars To Open December!

I just received word from Gary of Alien War that a massive piece of news has been posted regarding the upcoming Alien War attraction. And that is that it will be opening this month:

“The London show will now not happen until mid 2009 so to keep things ticking over we are delighted to say that Alien Wars will return back to its original home in the creepy basement at The Arches in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. It will open on November 28th 2008 and the special premier VIP of this new show will be on the 27th Nov. We are looking for staff/actors and auditions are being held this Monday 3rd at 7:00pm at The Arches, please come along and bring CV etc.”

The Arches has also release the prices for the event on their Myspace. £10 adults, £8 for students and unwaged and £5 for children (14 and under).

As far as I’m aware the plan for the Glasgow release first has been there for a while. Look out for more news soon and I hope to see some of you guys down there! For more information on the venue check out The Arches website. Also be sure to visit the Alien Wars Myspace to see their new picture. Once again, thanks to Gary for news. I look forward to heading down there.

EDIT: Okay guys, looks like there has has been a change of plan. Garry just posted this up on his MySpace:

“The New Alien Wars will now open on Saturday the 6th December to the public. A speical Premier Party for special invited guests will be held on the Thursday night the 4th December. This Myspace web site will now be only for the old Alien War Show and a new Myspace site and official web site will be up and runing in the next few days, details will be posted soon.”

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  1. wmmvrrvrrmm
    I wont be going to Scotland for this, I don't know about the London one. Maybe I'll walk past the entrance seven or eight times before I decide. I've been to Alien Wars the first time it was in London and if it's an exact repetition of that, it's old hat. The only thing that would drag me in would be if the Alien Wars show becomes haunted by ghosts again and I'll have to get there before Dan Akroydd has to give advice about how to get rid of the ghosts
  2. Chris P
    COOL!  I never had even heard of that!  I live in CANADA.  So, if I was to go to it, it would be this summer.  We are hoping to travel over to London, and Wales, to visit my family, and relatives.  I hope it's still running for then.   ::)  
  3. xor_ew
    I'm worry about "aliens". I hope they won't show their own creatures looked like mix of gremlins, critters and other fantasies... I understand "no licence" means that Alien Wars show has nothing to do with AvP movies not other "aliens" parts...    ???  
  4. Corporal Hicks
    "The new show has nothing to do with the FOX movies, which has been destroyed by the last AVP movie, its the same show we did back at the SECC in 1999 and 2000 which was a massive success, so yes put the word out anyone that wants to see images from the movies please dont come as you will not see that, anyone wants to go through the most unique terrifying experience ever.....come along!"  From Gary of Alien War.
  5. xor_ew
    hmm... i'll wait for london open. i belive they'll live it opened for a long time. i wonder if is it still planned as a europe tour. i've heard abut berlin but i can't imagine "deutch-speaking" marines.. i bet they will...    ::)  
  6. Vakarian
    When does it close down again because im in South Africa At the moment and i wont be back till 1-15th december and i really want to see this because i havent been to it before.
  7. Graham's back.  I went to this when it was in the arches in 1992 and by god was it a scary experience then.  I can remember standing in the elevator with a marine then the doors opened with a huge alien standing there with strobes  flashing and the marine shouting at us to move.......scary.  I WILL definatly be going again
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