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  1. MI Trooper
    It really looks like a Predator with a very short alien head, a tail and tubes.    :-\   I start to like the design of Chet and Newborn Alien.
  2. xor_ew
    Thanks God they didn't use this concept in the movie... PredNewborn the best name for "it". Predalien (I prefer Predator Alien like Dog Alien etc.) is just an Alien like other Aliens born from humans, animals and other infected life forms. This creature has nothing to do with the Alien look... But as a concept figure it's ok!    ;)  
    im not a fan of this at all, it looks daft in the pic where its the size of a normal queen, im pleased it turned out the way it did in the movie but my favourte design is the last one in the bottom corner on the last picture, i love the outward pointing mandables...much more of an arachnid theme to it.
  4. Sabres21768
    Nope, it won't be the same price as the original.  I don't think it's going to be a 1:4 maquette.  More of a 1:6 maquette, making it significantly cheaper.  And I love it!!  I hope they do more "concept" pieces.
  5. Blackhawk
    Not bad....but i wouldn't spend almost $200 on it. I just picked up the Predator Sideshow's freakin awesome!! lot's of detail!!
  6. SiL
    ...Guys, it's a friggin' Predator with an Alien head.  It's not even a good Alien head. It's half an Alien head.  It's the second worst PredAlien design I've ever seen, and the worst only beats it out because the thing was wearing armour.
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