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NECA’s 7″ Aliens Warrior

Things have been a little quiet on the NECA front recently. We’ve had a lot of Wolf variants out under the AvP Requiem line (with series 4 due out this month) and the love it, hate it Alien model. Now the silence is broken. Take a look at this badass:

20081018 NECA's 7" Aliens Warrior

“Standing 7″ tall and with multiple points of articulation – included a ball-jointed neck, shoulders, torso, and bendable tail – the xenomorphic killing machine is ready to invade your collection!”

It’s due out in January 2009. I expect we’ll be seeing an 18″ version like we did with Giger’s Alien. Keep your eyes on this spot for some high-resolution images as well. You can pre-order the figure at Big Bad Toy Store. Thanks for Sabres21768 for the news.

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Comments: 35
  1. Deckard
    I hope they make this version in 18".   Bring on some Marines, Hicks, Hudson, and Vasquez at very least.  And I would love to see a Neca Dutch from Predator. There Conan Arnold looks incredible.
  2. aliensun
    Hahaha. Didnt the queens body have 2 men in it, to make it move, on aliens. And i think the head, wasnt 3 times or 2 times or bigger than its body. I could be wrong. Hahaha.
  3. aliensun
    Nice. But i would like to see a predator, with a alien queens head, chainned to its back. Like a human hunter, with a wild pig, on his back. Taking his prize home.
  4. xor_ew
    really cool idea to make alien from 'aliens' movie. it'll be good alternative for collectors who collect all alien varieties in the same scale and don't have mcfarlane version but i know there isn't problem to buy this (mcfarlane) figure from "second hand" or in mint condition on ebay. i've got mcfarlane version but there's no way - i must have neca warrior!    ;D  
  5. MrFacehug
    Looks really cool. It's about time NECA ditched the Wolf figures and made some aliens!    ;D   But I also think it would be kinda nice if they made AvPR playkit dioramas like Macfarlane did for the first AvP.
    F*CKING AWESOME!! i cant wait to get this version of the alien warrior from ALIENS to my giantic alien/predator collection. i think neca does better job at doing the alien and predator figures instead of mcfarlene toys.     8)     ;D     :)     :)     8)     ;D  
  7. vehtam
    Looks f**k*ng awesome. Looks like NECA isn't good at making domes and proper heads, their warrior have perfect head and looks absolutely breathtaking. Buying right away (instead of original alien with f**ked up forehead)
  8. Dragonblaster
    I totally love it.   :o   It's the figure of my favbourite Alien design, I always wanted. I'm definately going to get me a dozen of these. They'll be the army for my new Alien hive diorama.    :)  
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