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New Predator Mobile Games

So we’ve had Colonial Marines in the headlines lately but a few small mobile phone games have snuck their way onto your mobiles:

20080911_02 New Predator Mobile Games

“Play as the Predator and create havoc in the high security prison camp of Terminal City. Avenge the slain forefather by vanquishing Major Duke. Destroy, bypass or manipulate the high security systems with ingenuity or sheer brute force. Then play as Major Duke, who must beat the odds by taking on marine soldiers and in a final showdown must take down his otherworldly nemesis, who has traveled light years only for this trophy. Decide who wins in this legendary battle; the man or the brute.”

You can either have a 2D or a 3D version depending on your phones. The games have been developed by IgFun who also have a BioShock mobile game under their belt. Check out their website for more screenshots and info. Thanks to HybridNewborn for the news.

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    hey guys, over at shock till you drop, theres talks of no more avp movies but a possible future for predator. anyone know more bout this?
  2. davebhamuk
    Predator Concrete Jungle was good considering how it was a very low budgeted game. The Predator model was brilliant in it.   I think that if Aliens Colonial Marines does well which it probably will we might get another Aliens Vs Predator game but on consoles considering the ground works already done with Aliens CM, but the problem with a good Predator standalone game on current gen consoles is that playing as a human such as Dutch wouldnt be a good game as we'd want to play as the Predator, which means to accurately portray the action it means alot of near photo realistic gore and that will get the financiers nervous.
  3. HybridNewborn
    I downloaded both versions.  The 2D version uses a tweaked version of the engine used by the mobile Predator game that came out awhile ago, the one set in South America, circa 2000AD. It plays fairly well and has some interesting stuff to it.  The 3D one helps prove what kind of graphics you can do on a mobile, but unfortunately falls a bit flat. Some actions have sound affects while others don't, and combined with the sporadic background music, or lack there of, it makes the game sound disjointed and clunky, much like the game plays. The hit boxes a distances on melee attacks is atrocious, and the auto-targeting for ranged weapons sometimes finds things to target that aren't feasibly possible, let alone what I was trying to shoot. Also, movement is jerky and abrupt, and trying to pivot brings you to a complete stop, is rather sensitive, and doesn't let you move forward or back again for a bit.  All in all, I like the 2D version better. It's probably because they were working with a constructed engine already, instead of building from the ground up with the 3D one. As a developer myself, I know this can be a chore, but seriously, don't release an incomplete game. Dirge of Cerberus does everything this engine is trying to do, and does it better, so I expected this game to be a least up to those standards.
    totaly agree gameoverman. im not a fan of the mobile games myself. im realy looking foreward to the aliens game but i still wish someone would make a next gen predator game with gameplay and graphics like call of duty 4, possibly where you get a chance to be a human and a predator.
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