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Aliens Omnibus Volume 6

So with the last AvP omnibus done and the last Predator one out this month, it appears the Aliens series is still going strong. Comics Continuum just released the cover and details on the 6th Aliens omnibus:

20080911 Aliens Omnibus Volume 6

“Mankind has always struggled to balance exploration and exploitation when stepping into new lands. In the era of the colonization of space, the discovery of new wonders is countered by the awful realities when species once separated by light years of airless void are suddenly thrown together, and the heady intoxication of discovery becomes the feral nightmare of a battle for supremacy. Humanity¹s arrogance and greed have helped the Alien plague spread, and now men and women must step forward to ensure that the future of the galaxy does not become the age of the Alien!”Unfortunately I have no idea what comics are in this so I have no way of telling if this is the last comic or not. You can read the Dark Horse’s new releases over at Comic Continuum. Thanks to vikingspawn for the heads up.

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  1. nchurch81
    I'm going to bet that volume six has the Xenogenesis collection in it... unless that was already published.  I haven't really been keeping up on the Omnibus since I own all the comics.
  2. Rudy M Alapag Jr
      :)   i think it's alot of work that the artist did great.staying on it for days, weeks. very cool to find out if this one is the last. i haven't read the aliens omnibus volumes 2-5. So, i better get to the aliens omnibus very soon.
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