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Aliens CM Teaser Trailer

Gearbox threw a party on Friday to celebrate the upcoming release of Brothers in Arms Hell’s Highway and Samba de Amigo. Among the game trailers shown, there was a short teaser trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines. Somebody recorded it on a camera and leaked it online.

20080907 Aliens CM Teaser Trailer

It starts off with the camera moving over some Alien Eggs and some Marines talking over the radio. One of the eggs opens and then a Facehugger jumps out… Then the trailer quickly switches to the title and gunfire and shouting is heard in the background.

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  1. tom_p1980
    Looking great. I particulary like the begining where you can see the light shining through the egg and showing the facehugger move around inside, much like the scene in Alien.
  2. konradski
    lol i love it  the ship was to put it bluntly ::fcked reason  large gaping holes in it and the right fluke.what looks like the bridge is now resting on the ground as oppossed to the bannana shape in the air from the first movie whys it far too large : you seen the size of the ship compared to the 25 foot high eight wheeler their driving  o and you can get an idea of the speed their traveling at on the even surface  now add the fact there looking at a grid refrence that says look  for alien ship in such and such this could be  50 sqaure miles refrence and with their eagle night smoke vision  looking for a black blob on a black rock strewn spired planet would have been easy to see, like anyone whose driven know its a piece of piss to find locations on a map of kaulalumpa  pause it as they are coming up to the ship also check out the black cyclone to the left of the screen  well why didnt they fly there .o thats right they were salvagers and owned a buggy . sent out on the notion somthing was there at a grid,air transport  for emergncys only(' @ a guess) and goes to prove that it was a very hard surface to cross in vehicles (check out the suroundings as they get out to go inside the ship ). also the company only had an idea,remember they thought ripley was a mental case. or they would have sent them out earlier to the alien ship when colonising the planet :) . listen to burkes diologue when ripley confronts him  "i thought ud be smarter than this"    >:D     ;D  
  3. Xenomorphine
    What's that got to do with it? The colony had AIR transport, remember (how else would the Jordans have been brought back in time)? If there was some sort of massively troublesome obstacle, they could have simply been lifted around it and the lack of roads just means they could have taken the most direct route.  I apologise for the two week comment, however. Having just checked it, it's one week.  "Remember you sent a couple of wild-catters out there, last week?"  Still a heck of a lot of distance able to be covered. Plus, that's assuming there are no particularly large objsects, such as mountains (or that the derelict was not situated in a huge valley), which would have shielded that original craft's location.  Just because there was an explosion, doesn't mean to say the ship was affected, much less the silo cave - which is far too large to physically be on the surface.   :)  
  4. konradski
    the reason the jordans took so long is because there are no roads so going a mile off road takes twice as long remember the planet looked volcanic so theyd have to zig zag there  ,find route,s round chasms (they were in no hurry theyd been sent there on company orders) plus timmy has a weak bladder says so in the book never published  two whole weeks to reach the derelict.were this in the film !!! just says it take,s 2wk to get an answer from earth and the answer is always dont ask !!  qoute::/knoxjr | 09 Sep 2008 14:07 Ripley just blew up the atmo porecessing plant, not the whole plant. ::/qoute someone want to slap him before i do  the atmosphere plant was a large nuclear fusion device  40 megaton ground based nuclear device link to a 104 kiloton blast ry 5 mengyton blast :Subsidence and faulting at the site created a new lake, over a mile wide. The explosion caused a seismic shock of 7.0 on the Richter scale, causing rockfalls and turf slides of a total of 35,000 square feet.  note it was buried very deep more than the plant in aliens to stop flying shit killing people 10 miles away
  5. Sulaco
    Ahh yes... the derelict and silo cave. Now that would be good level interaction GEARBOX!!! Great finale to the game. Also add a huge explosion,  A-1 nostromo explosion A-2 atmosphere processor explosion A-3 tunnel explosion?  A-4 Earth impact explosion AvP Pyramid explosion Avpr nuke explosion YAHHH end with a huge explosion.  LMFAO
  6. Xenomorphine
    What's that got to do with the derelict? Bishop mentioned "the size of Nebraska", but you have to factor in how the Jordans apparently took two whole weeks to reach the derelict.  So long as someone comes up with a reason for why the company did not make an expedition to the derelict, in the intervening years between the third and fourth films, it could well be there. Such a reason could be that perhaps the stuff on the surface got destroyed, but the silo cave, below ground, still remained intact.
  7. Hickson
    No no no. Guys:  "i think she did ''nute the eitire planet from orbit'' like she wanted to when she say's to hicks"  She wanned to, but she din't. In the end there is a scene where atmo.procesing crap just blew. This wassent a Nuke strike. Think.
  8. Riptr2
    Maybe this is a sign that Gearbox will start publicising the game more because Brothers in Arms is going to be released very soon.  I hope they show off lots of it pretty soon.
  9. Electronik Roka
    knoxjr | 09 Sep 2008 14:0740 Ripley just blew up the atmo porecessing plant, not the whole plant. _______________  Hi! are u sure about that? coz the explosion at the end of aliens is huge! i think she did ''nute the eitire planet from orbit'' like she wanted to when she say's to hicks
  10. Starkiller
    Games Radar: ''It's not exactly a tie-in to Aliens - instead Colonial Marines takes place after Alien 3, with a squad of the aforementioned grunts on a mission to locate the Sulaco spacecraft and figure out where Ripley, Apone, Hicks, Burke, Gorman and the rest of Aliens' ill-fated cast have got to'' __________________  How can they go back to the planet LV-426? in this game? if ripley blew it up after aliens? and weyland yutani knows ripley crash landed on fury 161 in alien   ???  
  11. Alien 5
    I think GameOverMan is forgetting that Cameron didnt direct Piranha. He directed maybe 25% of it, the rest was someone else(studio interference).
  12. YAUTJA
    have you guys seen the petition on the net to sign the 'riddick movies' director as the director for the next avp? if not its on planet avp.
  13. Alien 5
    To People On The Forum (GameOverMan, etc):  If the Strauses next movie was good, wouldn't you be pissed off they didn't do a good job on AvP-R, but did a good job on that movie? Just sayin'...don't go rushing out to see their new film.
  14. Alien 5
    "snakePredator | 07 Sep 2008 16:193 I love when in this vids the people starts to shout xD"  Why? What should matter is what you think, not what others think. Big deal. They're shouting. Get over yourself.
  15. Xenomorphine
    It's impossible to judge any part of the game, absed purely on a cinematic. Stating you're going to buy it, purely from looking at that, need to realign their priorities. :)  With that said, this is the best thing I've seen of it, so far. It was quite pleasingly atmospheric.
  16. YAUTJA
    holy shit, that was gr8! i cant wait to get this, does anyone know if a queen will be in it?, judging by the eggs i would say yes but i havnt herd anything yet.
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