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  1. Cool.
    Cool. This will probably be the last great thing out of the Alien series.  If you guys seriously think AvP3/A5/P3 will be any good, you're totally wrong. Fox is run by whiny brats and they just don't give a shit. Tom Rothman is not gonna step down for a longggggggggggggg time, and look at every recent film they had. They cut each and every one of them down. That trend will continue, and people will flock to the theater once more, keeping the cycle going.   :)  
    I hope the AI for the alien is smart. Also they should make you have a very limited ammo supply. Give it more of a survival horror feel, not just an Alien VS Rambo style shooter.  But so far this video is looking great.  Please Gearbox, don't fail us.
  3. xor_ew
    I don't think they'll make PSP version. They'd have to build new engine for it.   The movie looks great, but it's early version I guess... This's Gearbox engine (Unreal) so it couldn't be bad I hope... I can't wait for final game!    ::)  
  4. War Wager
    It doesn't look gritty at all.   :-\   Too steril and robotic looking. But, they've got a while to improve on it I guess, so I'm keeping my hopes up. If thats they're final look for the game then we should be concerned.
  5. Cetanu
    *Shakes head* Bad video quality. They wanted to get us all hyped up by putting this thing on YouTube without sound or good quality. I hope we get a got video soon and I can't wait to buy this game!
  6. YutaniDitch
    I agree with Xenomorphine... And didn't like the sidearm... BUt it's a work in progress, so I gve them the benefit of the doubt... Still prefered an AVP game though... Can you imagine a Predator cloak with the Crysis cloak effects...? Pure awesomeness!...
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