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New Comics Coming 2009

You may have seen the picture below circulating around the net the past week. These posters were taken at the San Diego Comic Convention last week which led many people to believe there was a new game or movie coming out in 2009. In fact, these posters are from Dark Horse.

20080730 New Comics Coming 2009

They will be re-launching all three comic franchises in 2009, starting with a new Aliens series in May 2009, a Predator series following in June 2009 and finally an AvP series in November 2009. Check out the full press release on Dark Thanks to StealthHunter and Xeno for the news.

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  1. Deco
    Hello my friends, I have returned! How are we all doing? SHREK - how are you my friend?  Whats this amazing new comic concept!?? I wonder.....!
  2. Johnnymetal
    I hate to say it, but this franchise is done. Fox has run it completely into the ground with their horrible renditions of Aliens Vs. Predator. They would have had better success sticking somewhat closely to the comics. Now it's just a flame waiting to be extinguished. Talk of reboots/restarts will just continue to be rumors until there is no one left to care. It's sad because I enjoyed every one of the stand alone films from both franchises. This just goes to show how greedy these movie studios become when they think they have a great idea to just rake in some last minute cash. Only if they could find someone competent enough to light a flame under this Predator or Alien franchise...I only see it going away slowly and least film wise. It's sad because merchandising still seems to sell well for both. Oh well. Goodbye. P.S.- Fox are the franchise makers and destroyers. I guess if you're gonna kill a franchise, let it be your own.
  3. Xenomorphine
    Because the 'United Systems Military' effectively covers the same stuff. There would be no United States of America, if you've got unified world governments (backed up by a certain cahracter's comments of what Earth, collectively,ewas meant to be liked).  For the same reasons, Earth is spoken of as virtually unpopulated or with very few people of any worth still on.  Weyland-Yutani is invalidated by a character similarly saying they no longer exist.  What did that story do?
  4. Sulaco
    1. End of avpr 2. Colonial Marines still down the timeline for 08 3. Alien Resurrection, records lost Earth fallout  Xenomorphine explain yourself?
  5. Sulaco
    PREDATOR 3 COMIC or MOVIE SCRIPT 08 better for predator Earth setting and ends ties to AVP  Deep underwater salvage team Wey/Yut uplifts huge alien specimen from arctic ocean for top secret experimentation and disection process. Predator clan in orbiting mothership priority to collect equipment ,information and specimens back from Wolfs f*ck up. Elderpred and clan dispatch to heavily guarded military instalation Wey/Yut to finish the job. Predator 2 clan N/C17 rating   ;D  
  6. Alien5
    That looks better than both AvP's combined. And Phantom, you're a troubled human being. You said yourself that if the movie wasn't so dark, you'd love it. I can understand you thinking they "raped the franchises" because of the way the creatures were portrayed, the bad acting, dialogue, etc. But because of the goddamn darkness? The hell is wrong with you? The darkness is the marginal difference between you and this "Fun little eye candy action-horror film"?   ???     ???     ???  
  7. Gort Pred
    SHREK | 01 Aug 2008 23:5231 comics dont really intrest me as i have never read any of them or even seen an avp comic but anyway....  -------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------  oh...
  8. Bio Mech Hunter
    Whew. Wow. I'll I can say is, what a relief. lol After AVP:R, I don't think I can handle another Alien & Predator mutilation like that. *sigh* Damn Fox.  Although, I must say I'm really disappointed the banners weren't for a new AVP game (wtih a PC version plz   :P   ) Getting new comics is okay I guess.
  9. ClockworkHorror
    A reboot is smart.  The last set of series was plagued by the break of continuity when the new movies came out. The EU was all over the place.  It'd be cool of SEGA, Gearbox, Obsidian, and Dark Horse are all communicating for the sake of the new games.:)
  10. gameoverman
    I'm kind of "meh" as I don't read the comics.    If it was a game - that would be awesome, but we are getting A:CM and the Alien RPG (?) next year so that's ok.  If it was a movie - GTFOH
    I'm glad their making new comics of AVP, because if they are really REALLY good then maybe a talented director might adapt one of the stories to the big screen. Kind of like a reboot   :-\   maybe
  12. Mr. Weyland
    to RakaiThwei  in Superman and Batman vs Alien and Predator the predators looked weird, there mandibles were stumpy and they were green for god's sake, I always think that the story is the most important thing in comics and books and so on, but I like the comic to be visually pleasing and interesting as well.
  13. RakaiThwei
    To Mr. Weyland  Glad to know we agree on something here! As for the bright and colorful point you have made, I'm not really getting it here and there-- but then again I could care less on coloring as I tend to focus more on line art, inking and the story telling.  The only bad artwork in a AvP comic was Ariel Olivetti's work in Superman and Batman vs Alien and Predator...    I posted up a review of Civilized Beast and it was a step in the right direction for Dark Horse; but none of their human characters were killed.   Lets hope they change that in the newer comics.
  14. Mr. Weyland
    to RakaiThwei  I agree with you about this 'If Dark Horse is going to do the new comics, they better be gritty, hard and have lots of profanity and violence as they did back in the day' the comics did have a lot of violence and some were pretty dark, but its not the art I don't like, its just that some of them were so bright and colourful, except for the art in 'nightmare asylum' that was amazing, I hope the new comics look as good as that did.
  15. RakaiThwei
    To Mr. Weyland  I personally find it that if other franchises like Star Wars can make at least some concepts from their EU canon, then why can't AvP?   Sure, not ALL of the concepts have to be canon but lets face it, the Yautja concept was made canon thanks to Paul W.S. Anderson-- but there is ALWAYS room for originality. I can agree with you there. I mean look at the Yautja homeworld; alot of people thought it was going to be a jungle planet but it turned out to be an arid deathworld (which some fans have theorized it to be).   Sure, we don't know alot about the Yautja race but some of the culture has been revealed to us in the books and the films.   After Forever Midnight, I absoloutely hated the Hish concept-- what ticked me off the most was the reproduction method. Absoloutely hated that there, and even spoke to Mr. Shirley about it in the forums, who even outright said he hated the Yautja concept (he said it in a nice way though).  And as for the 80s and 90s comics-- those are classics, sure they maybe dated but they made the franchise what it is and generated the AvP films and made some of the EU concepts canon.   If Dark Horse is going to do the new comics, they better be gritty, hard and have lots of profanity and violence as they did back in the day... I just feel that since they had been focusing on the SW material, I feel that Dark Horse got soft over the years.
  16. Mr. Weyland
    to RakaiThwei  I don't hate the Yautja concepts, I just think they have been exploited to much, there as been 4 alien films and 2 AVP films, but we still have some mystery about the alien, we learn a few new things with every film, but not a lot, but there's only been 2 Predator films and 2 AVP films and we know so damn much about them that there is very little mystery to them, they have also been humanised to much, but most of what we know is from the comics and put into the films, which I find unoriginal and lazy to use the comics to come up with stuff about the movies.  I do like the comics but I don't think what we read should just go strait into the movies all the time, were are these movie makers originality?  Plus I can't wait for decent new comic art instead of the old looking plain art from the late 80s and early 90s.
  17. RakaiThwei
    To Mr. Weyland:  I don't see why everyone hates the Yautja concepts, I mean be greatful that we have an AvP film! Anderson took the concepts from Steve Perry's books and made the concepts generally canon-- the blooding ritual, the culture, the honor. It's all there. It adds more character to them than making them the run of the mill horror/sci-fi movie monster.  Seriously, whats with all this purist attitude that most people here have? I don't get that.
  18. Mr. Weyland
    @ RaKaiThwei  You say that Dark Horse should stay with the Yautja concepts and not the Hish (implying what the AVP film have in them) but its because of the comic this stupid idea of honour and warrior code crap that we see this stuff in the AVP films, it was never really there to begin with until the comic exaggerated and made them more human than an alien hunter    :P  
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