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New AvP Redemption Trailer

Those of you who haven’t been hiding under a rock recently should be very aware of AvP Redemption, potentially the most promising fanfilm to come out of this fanbase so far. Producer, director, writer and FX artist, Alex Popov has been keeping us all teased with the occasional screenshot but now we have a new trailer!

20080727 New AvP Redemption Trailer

The beginning is the same as the old trailer but the rest is filled with new footage of the Predator, the human characters and the recently unveiled Face-Hugger chamber. At the moment, all I have is an avi version of the trailer but keep your eyes on our forum for more versions in the coming days.

Update: You can now watch the trailer on YouTube.

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  1. M240Incinerator
    (One more thing... more like a guess) Are they back on the U.S.S. Sulaco and the human is Hicks and it sort of explaining how Aliens: Colonial Marines is gonna start? Thats what I think and it actually makes sense if you think about it.   ???     :P  
  2. alexpj19
    hey man, everything except the predator and the human actor is CG, as for quality, this whole project is shot in SD so by high quality i ment it will be as uncompressed looking as possible.
  3. predatorwarrior8
    i love the trailer and all but i have to know wat is the story about why is the predator alone how did the aliens get on the ship wat are the humans doing. come on you can give us a little sneak peak about the story line.
  4. Halflife
    i thought it looks as if he knows he's got a chest burster inside of him (this is me guessing not giving a spoiler i dont know!) but yea just looks like he's close to getting well yea... but thats just me, could be that first one you mentioned, i hated that anderson killed scar so easy, even tho he was there the whole movie, one face hug and its over so please let it not end that way AGAIN
  5. Halflife
    1. That seriously kicks ass, obviously better then what the brothers did, sure Requiem had a lot of action and they showed the creatures the way they were meant to look (from their respective movies) but unlike Andersons take on it, requiem laked story, this however doesnt seem to have that flaw. BUT i dont know about you guys but i think they left a slight spoiler in there, take a close look at 1:15, what do you make of it...
  6. ripleyss
      ???     ???     ???   hey alex your project is one big good movie pls tell us when is it gonna come out pls...... im viewing the trailer everyday and im very anticipated about it so please..............let me know!   :)     ;)  
  7. Nukiemorph
    This looks awesome and it's unbelievable that it's a fan film, but come on guys.  Better effects than AVPR?  I'm seeing people saying this is how an AVP movie should really be done.  I thought one of the biggest complaints about AVPR was how the predator was a friggin' superhero and annihilated the aliens so easily.  Isn't that what's happening in this film?  There's a clip of an alien jumping at the predator, and the predator grabs it by the throat, then pins it to the floor as it does nothing but flail around.  Still, these trailers are praised, but the shot of Wolf gripping the throats of two aliens in the sewer was flamed to death.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed AVPR and I'm sure I'll enjoy this fan film as well, and I realize that we have much lower standards for fan films than we do Hollywood movies, but let's not exaggerate and contradict ourselves.
  8. alexpj19
    "OZO" stop whining, and explain what was badly put together about it, if you cant give contractive criticism than just don't say anything. and what the f**k is wrong with using Rammenstine track, its my movie i can do what ever the f**k i want, if you can do better than do it, if you cant than show some appreciation for the time i put in to it and the people who support my project.
  9. ozo
    Looks okay but it's a badly put together trailer- way to go ripping of Rammenstien fresh from it's use in the Hellboy 2 trailer and P Diddy/Puff Daddy whatever the hell is bs name is these days at the end was just cringeworthy. The movie looks nice but the trailer reeks of cliche.
  10. Aliens4eva
    3 words Oh My God! this looks like its gonna be one hell of a movie and it's coming out in spring (wich is next season if you didn't know) i just cant wait but i will have to
  11. Xenomorphine
    For an independent, it was quite highly impressive. Even so, there's something a bit tellingly superficial about it and I'm unsure what. It's the same feeling I get when I see the adverts for those weird little 'Transmorphers' and 'War Of The Worlds 2' films.  In any case, it is very doubtful this shall ever see the light of day. It's got too public! Fox have given cease and desist orders to productions with far less publicity than this.
  12. sick of it all
    Well, it seems to be another "Predator owns alien franchise". Now the USCM are going to be loosers, too?   :-\   At least it looks much better than AVPR. Good work.
  13. Cetanu
    I was just saying, the same thing over and over doesn't quite cut it. Yes, we know their is a restore...honor. We know that the Yautja kills the aliens to the tunes of Mein Hertz Brennt and we know that the animation and directing is unprecedented. But for me, it just got boring.
  14. Cetanu
    I dont know, I saw every trailer and it was like 1-Reeeallly Impressed by 1  2- Reaaally Anxious to see the Movie from 2 3- Reeeaaally Bored by 3...I dont know why. It was just boring by then.
  15. Pepe
    That was great! Listen I've been trying to download Alien vs Predator the arcade.  That was by far the best AVP game out there.  Does anyone know how to do it?
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