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Hot Toys Dog Alien/Lost Hunter Update

So in recent days we’ve had the announcement of the crew of the Nostromo, the Machiko and as of San Diego Comic Con, we’ve now got an Alien3 and Lost Hunter coming up!

20080724 Hot Toys Dog Alien/Lost Hunter Update

Also at Comic Con were the Nostromo crew, Machiko, the Cleaner variant of Wolf and a little Predator bust. It’s looking like a special year for collectors. You can check out’s gallery for more pictures from the event.

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  1. Nukiemorph
    All this time, I've ignored Hot Toys, never thinking any of their figures looked like they'd be worth the price........  But now they just had to make an Alien 3 figure...  God damn it...  Seriously, that's my favorite alien design and that's my favorite Alien/Predator movie.  I think I might just have to shell out the ridiculous price.
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