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Tom Woodruff Interview

There’s a new interview with ADI co-founder Tom Woodruff over on Den of Geek. It’s more of a general interview about special effects with a little bit about the Alien series too:

When you get a new Alien film, is it less fun for you because you have so much of the pre-existing material to hand, so it’s more like re-vamping stuff that you did in the previous three or four movies?

Yeah, honestly I feel like there’s creative handcuffs that are put upon us, because it is necessary to stick to the realm of the character that’s already been seen. I would love to work on an Alien film and totally… not so much re-invent the alien, but devise a new alien that’s of that same world, but is still different. We had little stabs at it, like with the newborn creature in Alien Resurrection; story-wise it just didn’t have the impact; it wasn’t as impactful a character.

I know we got to come up with the alien hybrid in AVPR, but the bigger the movie, the more the process becomes a collaborative process, and there’s so many voices that have to be listened to and adhered to that in a way it can’t help but compromise a single creative direction. So even that – as challenging and as fun as it was to create something new, it still had its down side because there were so many people involved.

Thanks to Martin for the news.

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  1. awesomeman
    Hee Hee! They are actually trying to create another hybrid AGAIN?? Won't they ever learn that their hybrids suck dingleberries? Quite honestly the only good hybrid was the runner in which (thank god) they were not involved with. I mean come on! That is like giving the BS the green light to do AvP 3. It's doomed for failure and hatemail!   >:D  
  2. Bio Mech Hunter
    AVP:R's Pred-Alien was an epic fail, IMHO. Canon went right out the window, and they just plain ruined a creature that could've been an absolutely incredible addition. The fact that they tried to merge the reproductive function of the Queen with it (without turning it into a ligitimate Queen) was enough to ruin it and I won't go into the reproductive method they used. I wish they'd stop referring to it as a "hybrid". *sigh*  The Newborn didn't bother me as much. It was disgusting and horrible to look at, but that was the intention and it executed that purpose well. Plus, it didn't spit on what's been established in prior films. Had there been proper a proper Pred-Alien implemented in AVP:R (or Aliens & Predators for that matter, but I digress), it would've blown the Newborn out of the freak'n airlock. lol
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