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Alien 5: Will it ever happen?

There’s another interesting article on Den of Geek where they’ve analysed the past several years and attempt to answer whether or not Alien 5 will ever be made.

“And yet that hasn’t stopped speculation, rumour, and occasional hints of substance from circulating. Because Alien 5, ideally, would see either Ridley Scott or James Cameron returning to the series. It could explore the alien homeworld. It could see an alien visit Earth (done properly, although Sigourney Weaver in particular isn’t keen). There’s so much of the backstory of these creatures that’s not been explored, and plenty of places the franchise could go.”

It’s a very good article even if it’s just fan speculation. They mention towards the end that a Ripley-less movie is a potential direction for the franchise to go. That it could be a prequel of sorts. That’s been my preference too for many years. Thanks to Darkoo for the news.

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  1. Sulaco
    I'll even take a sci-fi channel A5 with Ron Perlman for all I give a f*ck!!! Just like Starwars by the time I get something new I'm gonna be a f*ckin old man!!! ANY F*CKIN DAY NOW!!!
  2. GoForAlien5
    I want an Alien 5 WITH Ripley returning alien home planet and die then forever, a nice story the saga and ripley deserve, we could learn for ex the alien is a total human DNA creation with an uncontrol degeneration and expendation. And an Alien 0 to explain how the company (and why) they send the Sulaco and crew to the massacre. Then S. Weaver could appear as a cameo playing a familly member of ripley working in Weyland who is the leader responsable for the decision for the Sulaco to stop on planetoid LV without to know that Ripley in a member and for sure regret it later...
  3. Alien Genesis
    Yes, I, too, have been saying the same thing for a long time now.  Make a prequel, or, if not a prequel, take the next story to the Alien home world.  It is the one story that, for me, has NEVER been explored and is worth doing so.  Where did the Alien come from?  Where did the Space Jockey come from?  Are they from one and the same place?  Was the Space Jockey really a docile creature, or far more menacing than anyone realized?  So much story potential, and yet, we've been spoon-fed two AVP movies since Alien 4 came out.  Come on, FOX; quit pussy-footing around and make the deal already.
  4. anguishedblip
    The idea of the AVP series was that if they were any good then that would be a green light for Fox to make alien 5 and possibly a predator 3, but as AVP and AVPR were both terrible films in my and many others opinion Fox is now having 2nd thoughts on alien 5 and predator 3 titles.  However there will be an AVP3 which apparently will be set in space (and im thinking itll explain the derelict craft on LV426). So hopefully this will be the great film that the first to AVP films could have been. So fingers crossed this 1 will live up to the expectations of many fans. If not I think itll we can all wave bye bye to any hopes of any alien 5 or predator 3 films.  p.s when Scott & Cameron said they liked the AVP films they were being sarcastic.
  5. ClockworkHorror
    Our next foray into an Aliens only world will be Aliens: Colonial Marines. My only hope is that the reason they pushed back the release date to 2009, and are saying they're going to do something special... is that Fox is going to announce something in conjunction with Sega.  A movie, or a TV series, that takes place after the events of Alien3 but before Alien: Resurrection. With a different group of people.  That's my wish, anyway.
  6. refractory
    Greetings from Russia  ;)  ! I dream of the fifth part. Fox! You hear? You are asked about it by all world! Stop this pile of shit with AVP2! Allow to work to worthy PEOPLE (Ridley Scott and James Cameron)!!!
  7. Rudy Ripley
      :)   we'll see if A L I E N 5 could happen pals. Just a matter of when. Sig  did say she would like to go back but she refused at first and now, well, it's up to her now. Not me/us.   This is for Griker and all fans.
  8. Xenomorphine
    Sulaco: For the same reason as I do. Entertainment value. :) 'Alien 3' is artistically superior (and, at times, inferior), but it hasn't got the same entertainment value. I can sit down and watch the other film, whereas, with that, it feels more like a lethargic chore.  But as I said, he doesn't hate it. He just recognises some very obvious faults with it, that was all.
  9. Rudy Ripley
      :)   well, Mark, for Alien 5, it has to (in my opinion) it will c other people in A5 is only the Aliens them and get this i read the story on the derelict ship  and "what happen to the rest of the crew?" quote - Lambert. Too much for Weaver, yes, so it might, without  her and u will c how it was taken there and how the aliens were free and why. To me, i can't c one more Alien sequel, if it is AVP, I'm 50/50 for me, though. For me, i've had,..Weaver is too old for one more film like A L I E N 5.
  10. Sulaco
    Xenomorphine I never understood that, he said earlier he liked AVP but disliked A3, I know A3 killed off some valuble characters but how could the great Cameron even think like that?
  11. Xenomorphine
    Cameron doesn't hate 'Alien 3'. People keep basing assumptions on a vague quote given in the immediate aftermath, instead of reading his more recent and much more substantial views on it, where he says he thinks things like the cinematography were great and has worked with the director in various ways.
  12. WarriorAlien
    I definitely think they should make an Alien 5 movie and like it says they should explore the Aliens Homeworld, because that's something we really haven't seen yet, and there's a good title for the movie too ALIENS HOMEWORLD or something like that    ;D   I would love to see how the first Alien was made, or where the very first egg came from, the first ever Alien Queen, or maybe even having an Alien King or something which would be interesting to make, and to see. Plus I think many would like to see how the Derelict Ship ended up crash landing on the planet. There are so many ideas floating around it's amazing, I definitely would like to see this movie released in the near future, and i'm sure that many will agree with me on this.    :D  
    Fox needs to wake UP! They either need to hire an director for AVP3 and make it into a freakin sci-fi action masterpiece or do an Alien 5 with either Cameron or Scott. End of the line Fox, whats it gonna be?
  14. Gort Pred
    I'm down with James and him only working on this film. I want to see the home world. I would love a prequel to this. You can't go foward with these movies anymore. AR was it. Now A5 could just be called something else and explore the world. And I really could not care less if Riply is in it. That could be an experiment. Would ppl still love Alien even if Riply is not in it?
  15. Mark
    Well if they made a profit from AVP which in my opinion where mediocre then you would think that same audience would want to see Alien5 and all the adults who loved Alien and Aliens would go if Ridley Scott or James Cameron were doing it.(well i would)  The first movie didn't cost that much and if Weaver  doesn't want to be in it because she is strapped for cash(hardly) then then she can get a job somewhere else and they can make it without her.  To me the movie can be still as good without her.  Why not make it before she was born?There are endless options.Get hicks back and Newt i am sure they would be up for it!  Iloved the atmosphere of those movies and you don't need big bucks to achieve that.
  16. Sulaco
    150 mil budget for T4... Christian Bale and planning a new trilogy, post apocolyptic. Sounds like they're totally starting over. Just as they need to do with A5.
  17. Spidey3121
    Does Termiantor Salvation seriously have a 150 mil budget?!! The domestic take of T3 didn't even reach that... i believe it peaked somethere between 145 mil + there. The film isn't likely to do that well either... an Arnold-less Terminator will be a very tough sell.  As for Alien 5... i thought it was a good article but i doubt an Alien 5 will ever happen. Do we really want an Alien 5 anyway? It wouldn't ever live up to anyone's expectations for it + really, who outside of the core fanbase would be interested in seeing it? There doesn't seem like a large enough fan base for Fox to sink the money into it they would need to, espec since Weaver prob wouldn't sign for anything under 20 million.
  18. Rudy Ripley
      :)    I think ShadowPred that i don't need to see a Alien 5 at all. Because your right I don't think that it will happen. And  I already read Aliens Original Sin and it explains everything. Sig. Weaver said it's not going to happen at all, Of all the AVP franchise  is right now in place and it's planning from StrauseBros. will make a new AVP 3 instead Alien 5. Let me tell you this,AVP and AVP 2 is A L I E N 5 and A L I E N 6, and Predator 3 and 4. "Your Call"
  19. Chris P
    Would they just shut up and go for it?!?!?!!?  I mean, it isn't like they don't have money to spare!  We are in need of a descent sci-fi film for the upcoming year.  I say, they should bite the bullet, and crank out the good stuff.  Take risks, that is how things come to be!
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