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No E3 for Aliens Colonial Marines

Well, E3 2008 has been and gone and there was no sign of Aliens: Colonial Marines or the Aliens RPG game. spoke to Gearbox president, Randy Pitchford, about why Aliens: CM didn’t appear at E3.

When we caught up with Pitchford over at 2K’s booth to talk to the Gearbox president about his other upcoming shooter, Borderlands, he told us SEGA pulled Aliens for reasons relating to their “marketing and promotion strategy”. He said: “Here’s the thing. I want to show it, everybody wants to see it. They’re going to make the decision to do that when it’s the best value for what their marketing and promotion strategy is.” When asked if the game had been pulled because it wasn’t ready to be shown, Pitchford replied: “No, no, the game is in great shape. People are going to freak out when they see it. I can’t wait to show it.”

He goes on to say that Sega has to be careful about how they market the game and communicate information that is within Fox’s boundaries. Thanks to ShadowPred for the news.

Update: Joystiq spoke to Sega about this issue. Apparently, the game needs a little more time before Sega put it in front of press. More news about the status of this game will be announced after E3.

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  1. ACM
    wth thats a lil disappointing well why cant they at least tell us when they'll and where they'll show it?!?!?!?!?I mean now the only thing we can look forward to is it being at Comic-con which i Highly doubt it will be at also...
  2. Riptr2
    I love how the reports of Gearbox and Sega conflict, but since I have a form of respect for Gearbox, I'll believe that the game is in "great shape" and it will be shown soon...I hope.
  3. konradski
    released what !  some screenshots that could be in game movie cuts jaesus even other title,s in dev mode have had more shown .   ive seen more from the new tomb raider game than this and thats only just started  production   >:D    plus with whats coming out this year and beginning of next it has a lot to strive for in the market . killers such as farcry 2 ,resi evil 5 ,stalker clear sky to name a few   :P    i realy do hope it is a good game
    I'm all for them not showing it yet.  Would it have been nice? Sure  But considering what was shown this year, I'm glad it wasn't.  Let them have all the time they need to polish and finish the game. The last thing we need is a game filled with cobbled together coding that leads to bugs and poor gameplay.  Give them as much time as they need. We can be patient.
  5. awesomeman
    That right there pisses me off! Their gonna do another avp type marketing process promising great things but when we actually get the game it will suck donkey balls!!!   >:(  
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