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Sigourney Weaver Radio Interview

For those of us in the UK, check out this Radio Broadcast on iPlayer. There’s an interview with Sigourney Weaver if you fast forward to 2:33:00 where she talks about her new movie Wall-E. Go to 2:38:15 and she talks about the Alien movies. Here’s the transcript of the main comments:

Sigourney: “The reason why I don’t think there’ll be another Alien is that there are all these Alien vs Predator movies that I think have taken the rather elegant, mysterious creature and made him less so. We could have gone back to space to the original planet where the aliens were from but now everything’s about the whole Alien vs Predator thing.”
Interviewer: “Yeah, they’re a little less subtle aren’t they than the original concept, I think.”
Sigourney: “I think Ridley Scott would probably agree with you.”

She hit the nail on the head, I think.  :lipsrsealed: She goes on to talk a little more about the Alien series in general and what it meant to her. Thanks to WisePredator for the news.

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  1. vadef12
    I really thought that avp 1 was about 1000x better than requiem. The only problems it had were the humans got kill'd off too quick, so there wasn't much time to develop the characters. It could've also used a bit more gunplay. Other than that, and the somewhat weak plot, the setting was brilliant. It was confined and dark just like the first alien.  Avp requiem on the other hand was way to overly gory and just plain f*cking stupid. When I saw the trailer, I figured there'd be more marine action.   If they could just make an avp film (possibly and hopefully going back to the pyramid scheme) and throw in more armed men, and create an aliens-esque setting, we'd be good to go.
  2. andrea
    Xenomorphine, the best idea I have heard about was from the Predator man himself KPH about an injured predator forced to survive alone on earth. I still like that idea alot, ever since i read it all those years ago.!
  3. Rudy Ripley
      ;D   No, dude,  superman vs. alien is more compelling than avp destroying aliens because aliens  vs. predator destroys alien,Duh. Aliens don't kill each other, Predators don't kill themselves. Give me break here spunk90.
  4. Xenomorphine
    I have yet to see a single decent idea for 'Predator 3'. The second proved that trying to make a mystery out of who and what the killer is, would not work, because the audience would already be fully aware. The various 'Alien' films also suffer from that, but they have the added incentive of knowing the creatures would happily emerge and try to take over the entire planetary body of wherever they are. The other film series would not have that.
  5. Rudy Ripley
    You know, Clark, that's not a bad idea! A Alien TV series like a live-action without Sig. Weaver and probably new people...because won't we save on money 4 the Alien movies. It's not good 2 waste again and go 2 c Alien movie again. But who would helm and direct the show? Who will do the screenplay-writing? And not least, who r the cast? Well, we shall see. Anyway, let's put that in a great rumor page 4 now.
    ^^^^^^^Hell Scorpion  What you said was total shit, I dislike both AVP 1 and AVP 2, but AVP is the better movie.  AVP 2 shitted on both franchises so much, it is unredeemable.  The movie did not take anything back to its' roots, it steered far away from the roots.  The ending especially f**ked up both franchises.  AVP 3,......would be worse, there had better not be a f**king shitty AVP 3 movie planned, I do not want another shitty movie made to ruin these franchises even more if that is possible, no AVP 3!!!!! DAMN IT TO HELL.  Bring Alien 5 and Predator 3 already!!!!!!!!
  7. Clark
    Hey, guys, just a thought - what about an Aliens TV series? There could be a different story each week sourced straight from the DH comics, or a through-line plot instead.     8)  
  8. Xenomorphine
    There's not much which can really be done with a 'Predator' sequel film. There's no real danger of them taking over the world or anything. We already know their motivation is to basically keep an equilibrium, while the killer's identity would already be known.
  9. rycher
    "make a f**kin!!!!!!!!!! predator 3 movie finalyyyyyyy their are 4 alien ones and 2 for predatorr."  no offense but whats the point?  I think predator had its glory days, but AVP ruined it.
  10. Gort Pred
    such  well actully both AVP films esp. AVPR felt more like the comics. I have both Omnibus vol 1 and 2 and these movies really were more like them. Yeah some things make you think of the games but ya know, movies you are limited as comics your not as much. I love the comics, so I like the movies, (not so much AVP 1) but all in all I'm a sucker for anything that has the title Alien, Predator and if it has the word "vs" in between them, that has me more happy.   I love how I can't feel angry when i watch these films casue i love them all so much, I think I may be the only person on the planet who can enjoy them all.
  11. Rudy Ripley
      :)   I would think that Sigourney Weaver said that she's a stranger to earth and this rumor A L I E N 5 got nothing to do with her. It should be about those Aliens, with ALIENS; Original Sin which it explains everything about it if you want to know how that derelict ship got there with alien eggs and no queen, Who was responsible to make it crash-land there the first place, well, the Company of course. Check it out, "your call"
  12. such
    ^^^  But I thought the point on the AVP movies was to honor both franchises, instead they shitted on both of them, more so in the second one.  AVP 2 made the Aliens really weak, where as AVP 1 had the Predator's as younger ones than in the regular Predator movies and they were still strong and fought back, expecially scar.  At least 'Alien Resurrection' fealt and looked like a Alien movie, where as avp and avp 2 both look like video games and neither like either franchises.
  13. Gort Pred
    @ such  well I can't disagree with you on a few things. Aliens and Alien 3 are my favorite alien movies too, and Alien 3 is my #1 and Predator 2 is my #1 on the predator films, then goes Predator and Aliens. But I still liked AVPR way more then Alien Resurrection. However i look at AVP and AR in the same area. But I look at AVPR as a sequel to Predator 2 almost. It's like Spiderman 3 for me again, all my hyp on Spidy 3 was Harry. And I got it, my hyp for AVPR was the predator to kick major ass and not be wimpy like Celtic and Chopper from AVP 1. And I got it. It's that simple to please me in a AVP film. Or as i like to quote this ever since i saw it on tv  "I'm a man with simple taste. i enjoy dynamite, gun powder, and gasoline!"
  14. such
    'Alien Resurrection' may have been the weakest of the Alien movies......but it is 100 times better than 'Alien VS Predator' and 'Aliens VS Predator - Requiem' (god awful title the second one is).  I like 'Alien Resurrection', interesting concepts in this one, and a lot of story in it, the alien human hybrid was creepy and disgusting, that was the point and they did a good job with it.  'Alien' and 'Alien 3' are my favorites and 'Aliens' is my second favorite and then 'Alien Resurrection'.  'AVP' and 'AVP 2' are way down the list, those two movies suck, thanks a lot 20TH CENTURY FOX.  'Predator 2' is my favorite out of the Predator movies, then 'Predator' is my second favorite.  I hope 'Alien 5' is made with Weaver, hopefully in 2 or 3 years, to get the nasty shitty taste of AVP 2 out of people's mouths.  'Predator 3' would be cool too, but in 2 or 3 years to get the nasty taste of 'AVP 2' out of peoples mouths.  Please, oh please, no shitty 'AVP 3', 'AVP 2' sucked so much, I don't want to even think about a 'AVP 3'
    Something tells me he left because of what I did. He hated AVP-R alot and seeing another fan who hated the movie more than he did sent him over the edge. Well, I hope he comes back. I think he will, when ACM comes out he'll feel better.
  16. Gort Pred
    i think she's a little late on this  AR made Aliens less scary. That movie marked the aliens downfall  good thing i'm a Predator fan lol
  17. Krisjohn
    Oh, please. Aliens are best when they swarm like in Aliens. The Alien in Alien was boring and badly acted. They need to be fast and vicious, not like some puzzled infant that gives people plenty of time to run away (while they stand there and look stupid).  You can keep up the mystery past the first movie. AvP didn't ruin that all by themselves, all the Alien and AvP movies after the first have been eroding it a little each time.  That said, I'd still love to see Alien 5, Alien 0 and Predator 3. Or even Predator 1715.
  18. Bob
    AvP R could be the worst movie I have ever seen.  Hey Pvt. Hicks, start a website dedicated to ripping on FOX for doing such a crappy job and petitioning them to sell the rights or get their s**t together.     >:(  
  19. Bob
    FOX just loves money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.  I wish they would try to make a good ALIEN movie instead of just trying to make money.  The ironic thing is that if they would just pony up and make a good ALIEN movie then THEY WOULD MAKE MONEY!  Why is it so hard for them to see that?
  20. gameoverman
    ^I knew someone would call me out on that one.  Fact is, he proved his talent and he had the strength of vision plus an excellent screenplay, actors, art direction, cinematography, etc..  I make my point - he did afterwards become a world-class director, and he was when he directed Alien 3 IMO..
  21. gameoverman
    Pvt. Hicks,  It's a shame you had to leave on such bad terms.  I took back what I said about you.  But you did go a little too far.  I don't side with anyone - never have and never will.  As far as AVPR goes - if it's one thing that unites most of the fans, is the hatred of this movie..    :P  
  22. pvt. hicks
    I've decided not to be a member anymore so to Gameoverman:  "Why would I want more people to see this horrible movie?    The fact is, they won't be getting anymore money off me for any future releases they put out.  I'm boycotting any future avp movies or dvd releases.  I'll be recommending to everyone I can to stay the hell away from these rubbish movies.  I'll drum up as much negative word of mouth as possible."  That's a fantastic thing to do. I'm doing that as well. And Phantom, way to go. Nothing brings a smile to my face other than to see 'AvP-R' left in pieces, much like it left all of us in pieces.  This is Pvt. Hicks  .....signing out  ........
  23. Bob
    The sad thing is that the AvP concept isn't a bad idea.  With some creative story telling and FOX willing to not be so frickin cheap, those movies could have been awesome.  When I saw that first amazing trailer for AvP R my imagination went into overdrive.  It could have been so good but instead FOX opted for a money making farce.  What a waste.  Its as if they did it on purpose.
  24. Guest
    i could see fox still after all of the recomendations to stop with AVP they'll still go ahead and make another one and never touch the alien or predator seires agian.
  25. Richman678
    Well I believe that Ridley, Sigourney, Cameron, and many other old alien franchise workers are just disgusted with how their hard work was spit on with the AVP films.  It sounded to me like she was just being nice......I bet the whole lot of them would love to just cuss those bastards out for their rubbish movies.  Death to the AVP franchise and return to Alien and Predator stand along movies!
  26. gameoverman
    Guys,  ALIEN 3 and ALIEN RESURRECTION was made at a time when Fox still cared about the quality of the franchise.  Hiring world class filmmakers like David Fincher and Jean Pierre Jeunet.  Now, they only seem concerned to make a quick buck, by churning out the lowest quality product imaginable.  It's a big "f**k you" to fans and a great way to destroy two once-great franchises in one fell swoop.
  27. dallas001
      >:(   Well in 1989 and 1990 FOX had the idea right on thier plate in front of them. But they opted for the poorly performing and franchise downturn starter ALIEN 3. Then when they couldn't keep any good stuff up, they opted for AVP. All they had to do back then was use the idea people have said since I was in JR High 18 years ago. Plus FOX and ADI screwing over Giger was A BIG MISTAKE BACK THEN.
  28. Bio Mech Hunter
    I have to agree with Spidey3121 and The Ultimate Predator, but I still dream of having one last epic Alien film with Sigourney that restores the franchise to it's former glory. Or at least, something close to it. A sort of swan song to one of the most talented female actors of our time and one of the most terrifying creatures to grace the big screen. *sigh* Wishful thinking on my part I guess...  Damn you Fox.
  29. gonk
    she is too old! people need to move on, what did you expect from an AvP movie? oscars? There is more chance of Alien being remade to Weaver making another
  30. The Chibi Kiriyama
    It's unfortunate that the Alien vs. Predator franchise was made the way Davis wanted. I'd love to see a fifth Alien film, but Fox has milked this cash cow so hard that I don't think audiences will ever respond to the franchise in the same way again.  We've lost Winston...soon, we'll start losing most of the people who care and can do something about this.
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