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Sigourney Wants To Resurrect Ripley

There’s a small article over on OK! which says actress Sigourney Weaver is considering resurrecting the Ripley character and wants to do Alien 5 with Ridley Scott.

“The Hollywood actress is considering resurrecting her most famous character – shaven-headed, muscle-bound Alien heroine Ellen Ripley.

“I would definitely do another if I had a director like Ridley Scott and we had a good idea,” she says of the classic sci-fi movie franchise. “Ridley is enthusiastic about it.”

It’s definitely positive this time. It’s a real shame that the likes of James Cameron or Ridley Scott are unable to persuade Fox to make this movie. Thanks to wmmvrrvrrmm for the news.

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  1. ZEN
    (WHOO-HOO!!!.# 100!!!!).  @ Sulaco  I think Jerry arrived after she got pregnant,given the devopment of the fetus and the fact that Jerry was there for less then a week,but who know's,maybe it is his kid,she busts his balls at work then when no ones around she invites him over to her house,I do'nt know   ???     ;D  . PEACE BRO!!!!!!!   ;D     ;D     ;D  .
  2. ZEN
    @ such  I do'nt agree with Ripley having to be in A5 (although I'm still open to the idea),as it was Dutch was'nt in P2 (except for an honorable mention),she should be in AVP3,but only if its done right (which we all know will never happen).And I agree,"so the f**k what if it is a clone, she is still Ripley...",She has her body and her mind,that's good enough for me.If I die and I'm cloned and I have all the memories that my original self had,am I still not me?.As for the other part of Weasel's comment on her sensing the xenomorphs,who the f**k cares?(no offense bro).It will probably be an improvement on the franchises compared to the AVP movies (I loved them,but they were'nt as good as the other movies,they had so much potential!   :(  ).If done right it can be so awesome!   ;D  .  @ Sulaco  Well,I imagen that Jerry slept around...alot!!.So he probably had a bunch of kids,one growing up to be the ancester of Hudson (son of Hud maybe???.Jerry Hud or something???),and another being the ancester (hopefully) of some guy that Bill Paxton play's in AVP3!!   ;D     ;D     ;D  .  PEACE GUY'S/GAL'S!!!!   ;D     ;D     ;D  .
  3. GueRoux
    Come on fox you assclowns. Pretty sure everyone at Fox was born out of the rectum of a pig that was taking a shit on the side of the road next to a dumpster full of aborted fetuses.   >:D  
  4. Weasel
    No. It isn't Ripley, it's a clone that is similar to her. A movie with would suck because it would always be weird with her 'alien genes' and such. '"I detect them near by." ugh, I could see it now.  I trust Scott, but seriously, he said he wants to find out more about the space jockies. So do a movie pre-alien. I know people don't want any connect, but a simple throw back to AVPR or something could be done if he did it right. But it probably won't happen.
  5. Sulaco
    Zen A5 so many possibilities we'll never see. To put it better, never see right. Forget the great Paxton, he died in Aliens and P2???   ::)  They need Ridley,Cameron,Weaver,Goldenthal,Giger, and the best Stan Winston apprentice. O.K. I'm dreaming.
  6. such
    as long as it is a continuation to the previous 4 Alien movies, I would like a Alien 5 with Ripley.  To those who say it is not the Ripley saga, shut the f**k up, each Alien movie has had Ripley in them, not counting the shitty AVP movies (gosh those movies are shit, especially the second one, complete shit).    Also the article says, '....or a director like Ridley Scott', not Ridley specifically.   Anyway, Ridley is doing 3 movies or so, so I don't how Ridley can do it any time soon.  Cameron, he does not do anything anymore, except for some lame cgi movie.  If he did not want to return for Terminator 3, why would he want to return to Alien 5?   Just get a new director, have Sigourney Weanver in it and have this movie not be an origin story, I want some mystery left in the Alien saga, I ignore the two AVP shitty movies.
  7. ZEN
    @ Sulaco  Personnaly,all I want to see is 2 warring hives (normal queen vs predalienqueen) and Ripley and a pred in a slugfest.And have Bill Paxton co-star in it!   ;D  .
  8. ZEN
    Now because of that FOX will refuse to make any more A / P / AVP movies.Then after a long while of people bitching,they'll remake the first 2 films which will piss off the original fans and the future generation will watch the films and think "Good grief,we invented that technology years ago!!"--(such as this: )--and then theres robots like ASIMO,which 20 years from now will be like Ash and Bishop,so alot of the future generation will think the movies suck.And those movies will make less then AVP3 (which I imagen will make less then $90 mil).And that is what will really kill the franchises   >:(  .
  9. ZEN
    They're not going to make A5,they're going to make AVP3 first.The reason why is that the AVP franchise is--(although many will not accept this fact)--a big hit and the next big thing.For a while I thought that a petition whould work,but Marvel was supposed to make THOR for 2009.But after a long while of going through script ideas Matthew vaughn's contract expired,so if the petition does work then they'll gett David Twohy to direct AVP3,but FOX will just say "No,this script is not as good as the original four"and they'll go through so many ideas that Twohy's contract will expire,then they'll say "This has gone on long enough" and pick the cheapest and lamest script idea and give it to some jackass who just graduated from directing school and they'll give a budget of less then $40 mil and because of that they will not have enough money to afford Weaver to play as Ripley# 8 so they'll just get some daytime soap actress to play Ripley which will seriously piss off alien fans (and me,even though I'm just a pred fan).
    If they are going to make an Alien 5 with Weaver Fox better get their heads out of their asses now and drop this AVP crap so they can start filming Alien 5 because Weaver....ain't gettin any yunger if you know what I mean   ;)  
  11. Ben
    "Oh please God please let FOX suffer a random brain spasm and leteth thy stupid executives fall dead so a more worthy executive can make the decision to make make Aliens 5 before Signorney Weaver retires" - Amen
  12. jose
    Sigourney Weaver RULES and there is no doubt about her being able to star in a fifth Alien film. the Ripley character is what makes this film. Not to make a fifth one and close up the storyline in a proper way would just be extremely sad for one of the greatest "series" ever made.
  13. spinner7478
    to Pvt. Hicks and everyone else who says you can't make another Alien movie without Ripley:  what are you smoking...and can I have some?  Honestly, after Alien Resurrection I can't believe anyone thinks there is a plausible reason to ever see her character again.  Don't get me wrong...Weaver's character established this series, and it's a shame what they did to her in Alien 3 & 4...But it's TOO LATE NOW.  Everyone keeps acting like the AVP movies killed any chance of a Alien 5...NO, they didn't, Resurrection did that (and Sigourney Weaver should take some blame too for signing on to that pile of junk just for a big paycheck).  Just reboot the franchise with Steve Perry's novels (leaving out the Ripley thread, of course) and see what happens.
  14. Alien 5
    I'd say Ridley Scott more than Cameron to make the next one.  Ridley has made more films recently that have had strong acting, and Cameron hasn't really done much recently to continue to judge his film making skills.  I'd say get this film back to sets and costumes and forget CGI, it's not needed.  It'll be the fault of the fans if they don't get Scott/Cameron/Weaver back, having allowed the AvP films to become a moderate success because you don't know a good film from your ass, giving FOX the confidence to continue the films with untalented film makers and writers.
    Don't get me wrong I like Weaver, but she has gotten so old I'm afraid she might break a leg if she fires a rilfe on set lol. Arnie is awesome but god dam he so old than putting him in the next Terminator movie would be a bad idea. You know? The truth is we don't need Weaver, what we need is either Cameron or Ridley back, thats a need, big time NEED   ;D  
  16. Fury_616
    I'm glad Weaver wants to come back as Ripley one more time.  What they should do is sign her on and get Ridley and/or Cameron to produce.  As for writing, directing and set design, just get Giger and David Cronenberg together and let them do whatever they want with the Alien.  If anybody can direct a film about biomechanics, it's Cronenberg.    ;D  
  17. Matt
    You know, I'm sorry, you can't make a good alien movie without Ripley. It wasn't so much the aliens that were so interesting, but her reaction and interaction with them. If Ridley Scott directed, I think we would have a god damn good movie there, period.
  18. Hicks_0998
    What would the story for Alien 5 be? Could it be that it follows something along the lines of an updated version of Female War in that Ripley and Newt who are much older go back to the aliens homeworld? Would it revolve around the space jockeys? Seeing as how AvP-R f**ked up the predalien, maybe its time to explore how the space jockeys fit into the equation? Theres so much untapped potential. Obviously Sigourney would have to return as Ripley, itd be like casting John Cena as Dutch in a Predator remake....   :D  
  19. Ash 937
    I don't give a crap what was said.  Even if it is new news, its old news.  Yeah, we all know Cameron and Ridley want to do this and Sigourney would love to be in a film where she is a leading lady again.  Blah, Blah, Blah...Unless the news is that Alien 5 is in pre-production as we speak, nothing is really news at this point.
  20. Avpfan10
    u no wat i think. ripley has been in so many f**king alien movies, and now alien 5 come on. no more ripley she should already be dead. they should introduce the predalien to them.   >:(     >:(  
  21. davebhamuk
    Sigourney Weaver isnt needed for a great Alien film if anything if she hadnt decided to return for the paycheck for Alien Resurrection we might have ended up with a film thats not saddled with a lame way of bringing Ripley back. You'd just need a cargo ship to turn up with facehuggers on or something and hey presto there are aliens in other parts of the galaxy and we get a breath of fresh air.  AvP needs a massive budget to get the right script and film makers to do it justice. The problem is would fox pay for Ridley Scott, James Cameron and Sigourney Weaver? They'd probably cost more than the last AVP film.
  22. Hemi
    Why not start fresh, just call it "Alien" and make a good movie that has nothing to do with the first one.(besides the creature, and NO Sigourney....maybe just hire her for voiceover work)
  23. Tyscream
    Well, when there's Alien 5 (or whatever their planing) it will be better with Ripley to give it the Alien style we have been waiting to see return in theaters.
  24. Xenomorphine
    The character's story "concluded" in the third film. The fourth had a clone in it. Not the same individual.   :)    There is no need for the character to return again, but a sequel might be better for it, if that did take place. I'd be fine with another anonymous group of explorers encountering stuff.
  25. The G-man
    Sigourney is a very weird woman, first she doesn't wanna be ripley, then she wants to be her, then again not, and then again 'maybe', Cmon girl make up ur damn mind, and do not let us wait in vain :d   ;D  
    i would love to see ridley scott and james cameron to come back to do another alien movie bring back what made the previous movies work so very well. like having a great cast, great story, script, great thrills and chills, and also bring back the mystery of the aliens. i'm tired of seeing them so freaking easy to get killed i want to see something that we all havent seen like i want to see the aliens more vicious and more harder to kill than in the previous alien movies. i think the movie can work without ripley. i love ripley but its time to move on and make  the future alien movies without ripley.
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