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NECA Alien Figure Review

So we’ve already been privy to the last two series of Alien related merchandise from the current license holder for Aliens and Predators (more specifically Alien and AvP Requiem) but now it’s time for the Daddy, Giger’s Alien itself. has just posted up a review on this baby:

“NECA’s sculptors have painstakingly captured every wicked detail of Giger’s gorgeous nightmare. Where many companies have injected their own artistic freedoms into the design, NECA’s Alien is – compared to the volumes of Alien reference I own – as true to the original design as you can get. The intricate sculpt truly shines on this massive scale; an experience akin to being next to the real thing.”

This review talks about the 18″ variant of the figure and it praises it to high heavens and back. There’s some really nice pictures as well as comparison shots of the ages old Kenner 18″ Alien figure. Be sure to read the whole thing. Thanks to XenoVC for the heads up.

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  1. mjacobson
    I picked up my 18" inch version from my comics guy yesterday. I must say "awesome"! Some joints are super- stiff (one knee, both ankles) and I think the hips will become too loose. I love it anyway. I just have to find room for the bastard. Next week, I pick up the small version.
  2. Xenomorph
    I have the smaller version of it, I think I should buy that new one, and why did I have to get bannd from the forum!!   :'(     :'(     :'(  I was a huge AvP, AvPR, Aliens, and predator fan!!!!   :'(     :'(  
  3. ZEN
    It look's nice,but the super bright lighting does'nt capture the creapiness of it.But it look's a little big though,I do'nt recall the alien being that big the last time I watched the movie   ;D  .
    iv just read on a sight that colonial marines is coming out later in 2008, i thaught it was 2009?, could someone tell me which is right.cheers.
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