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  1. ZEN
    @ Clark  I kinda liked A1 (6:10,but 7 at most),but not enough to but these figs.And your right,what about Ash,or whats-her-name?.If they made figs for A2 I whouldnt mind getting the Bishop figure though!!!   ;D     ;D  .
  2. Clark
    ZEN - lol   :D     ;D     :D    And I just noticed, there's only Dallas and Kane available    ???    What's wrong with Lambert?! lol If I bought all three, it would cost me $450. Who are these jokers?
  3. ZEN
    @ Clark  To squeeze as much money out of the fan's as possible   >:(  .I'd love to get the pred fig from P1,but at that price I could buy a car or an ultralight!!!   >:(  .
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