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32″ Predator Cinemaquette

Get a load of this magnificent beast. If you check out Cinemaquette, you will find details of this upcoming Predator maquette based on Predator. This 32-inch figure is limited to 1000 units worldwide and will be released at the end of 2008 with a retail price of $1,999.99.

20080626_02 32" Predator Cinemaquette

Yikes, for that price, I’d expect it to come alive and jump around my room. Still is very nice though. Thanks to for the news.

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Comments: 27
  1. scar predator
      8)   No problem baby, just wait 5 years and you'll see it on eBay at a discount. Why? Because of today's economics the owner will have to sell it or find shelter at the local mission.
    oh my goodness that is an awesome figure of the predator. if i was rich i would definately buy that bad boy for my collection but i dont so instead i'll get the 18" figure of the Alien from neca toys but that is a badass figure.    ;D     8)     :)  
  3. ArielAleXCo
    Cool just in time for my birthday... (hint hint its on January 17th so if anyone want to give me a nice present you know what to give me). XDD jajaja... you can giveme more than 1 if you want... no problem.
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