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Hot Toys 1:6 Dutch & Billy Figures

I’m about two weeks late with this news but I only just noticed them now. Hot Toys are apparently bringing out 1:6 Dutch & Billy Figures from Predator. Check out ToysREvil for lots of magazine scans.

20080623 Hot Toys 1:6 Dutch & Billy Figures

The release date is unknown but the Dutch figure has a retail price of $99 while the Billy figure goes for $93. There’s speculation that Mac and Blain figures aren’t far behind. Thanks to Sabres21768 for the news.

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Comments: 12
  1. ZEN
    I wish I had the money to buy Dutch and Billy.And are those their actual names for the movies or are they just names fans added on to them because it does'nt say their names on my CE:P1   ???     ;D  .
  2. Guest
    Hot Toys needs to create a 2 foot long SULACO replica with illuminated windows and engine lights. Also a 2 foot long Matrix NEBUCHADNEZZAR with illuminated hover pads. These would be cool displays and they could serve a dual purpose as cool lamps.
  3. The Chaos Bringer
    I hope this means we can expect the original Predator to finally see a Hot Toys release. As for the human characters, they don't really interest me that much though Blaine could be quite cool.
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