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Stan Winston: 1946-2008

This is some very sad news. Special effects artist Stan Winston passed away on Sunday, June 15th in Los Angeles, California. He was 62 years old. Stan has, of course, worked on some iconic movies in his career such as Terminator and Jurassic Park and has created some of the most memorable special effects in cinematic history.

Stan Winston Stan Winston: 1946-2008

He is best remembered in this community for his work in Aliens for creating the Queen Alien which he won an Oscar for, and for creating the Predator in both Predator movies. He most recently worked on Terminator 4 and would have been involved with Jurassic Park 4 too. This news is completely unexpected. He will be sadly missed. R.I.P. Stan Winston.

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  1. Kelten
      :'(   R.I.P Stan Winston... your special effects were always the most amazing, and when I was a child and loved the Jurassic Park movies, the T-Rex in the first movie was my favorite, and the preds in 1 and 2 and the queen in aliens were jaw dropping... It is so sad to hear of such news. Stan Winston, u were THE best and always will be special effects person ever, and always made the movie monsters come to life.
  2. Princess Lilo
      :(     :o     ???   I LOVE HIS WORK! I'm very sad...I wonder how Jurassic Park 4 and Aliens 5 will look without him? His creativness in Jurassic Park made it look like a movie from the future.    :'(  
  3. scar predator
      :'(   The father of the greatest creature that ever lived, Predator, will be so very badly missed, BUT, I am thankful that he lived in my time and gave us such wonderful creatures who will live on forever. Thank you Mr Stan Winston for all the wonderful dreams you gave us one and all. As certain that Predator will live on in my mind and in my heart so will their creator.
  4. acheron
      :o   i actually didn't know Stan Winston had passed and know i realized were we would be without Stan many people's DVD and comic book shelfs would be half empty and his death is shocking news but as well as leaving a mark on pop culture he left a mark on our hearts R.I.P Stan Winston the greatest man any studio ever hired for special effects
  5. God's_Warrior
    yes why did he die..well I know why hopefully all u others do to. and now his wonderful talent has left this miserabal planet i guess it was a well taught lesson to us for more that is coming..and guess "The man" felt like he needed to be outta here and was game over for him and now we must go on with our lives and make the best of what we've got. =\ well there was one tragic and missed live gone. yet comes another so little time..soooo little time.
  6. Dane
    Damn man. What now. This really sucks.   :'(   He made the true monsters that will never be forgotten.  REST IN PEACE STAN WINSTON Your work will remain a legend forever, and will never be replaced.   :'(  
    OK so hes dead i feel bad but he was very expensive to hire he only helped in ALIENS and Predator 1-2 thats all and other movies he will be missed but we need to move on   RIP Stan the man
    I recently bought the book "The Winston Effect" and it's amazing.  Stan really did give us alot to remember him by.  I'm a total amatuer in creature effects.  But Stan Winston I can say, is the person we all looked up to and idolized. We could only dream to do what he has done for us all already.  I can only wish that a little peice of Stan can live on through each of our own creations.  For if it wasn't for Stan, alot of us wouldn't have this same passion.      Sincerly, Justin R.Zimmerman
  9. Hicks_0998
    ZEN: could not agree more with you mate, over here in australia i have been waiting anxiously for the media to report his passing but do you think they would? HELL NO, they'd rather report stupid celebs back in rehab or gordon ramseys "pottymouth". In case youre not up with current events journals but we have lost THE greatest creature designer of the 20th and 21st centuries.  This guy single handedly defined the action, sci fi, adventure genre in special effects and still today his legacy lives on.  R.I.P. Stan Winston.
  10. ZEN
    I'll be leaving for a while,but I just want to say that there are very few things all of us fans can agree on,but with the passing of Mr. Winston,we all feal the exact same pain,and we will all miss him equally.And I'm man enough to admit that I cried because he died,that's how much I'll miss him,SO HERE'S TO YOU STAN!!!!!!!!.THE GREATEST GUY WE'LL EVER KNOW!!!!!!!!  Dtai'Kai-dte sa-de nau'gkon dtain'aun bpi-de Thin-de le'hasuan 'aloun'myin-del bpi-de gka-de hasou-de paya Payas Leitjin-de Hma'mi-de U'sl-kwe.     :'(     :'(     :'(     :'(     :'(     :'(     :'(     :'(     :'(     :'(  .
  11. ZEN
    What really pisses me off is the fact that when Heath Ledger died--(to me,no big loss there)--he was on local TV and radio in less then 48 hour's.The late Mr. Stan "the man" Winston--who is the greatest special effects artist/creator/designer in the world!!--died 4 day's ago and he is'nt even on MSNBC!!!!!!!(TV).Ya I get that they do the whole privacy thing,but it should have been on at least one news station or tabloid show by now!!!!!!!!!.News people disgust me!!   >:(  .What also sucks is the fact that we're stuck with Tom and Alec,ya they're OK,but thats it,OK.RIP STAN!!!!!!!!!!!!   :(     :(     :(     :(     :(     :(     :(     :(     :(     :(     :(     :(     :(     :(     :(     :(     :(     :(     :(     :(  .
  12. Warrior Angel
    at first when i read this, i didn't believe it....and finding out that it is true i am deeply and utterly depressed and in awe with tears dripping down my cheeks....Stan, to me was a hero,a role model because i wanted to design creatures and stuff and i will forever miss a true Hollywood legend.....R.I.P. Stan Winston   :'(     :'(     :'(  
  13. Shouldercannon
    Terrible News. My condolences to his family and friends. Aliens and Predator and of course Jurassic Park, Terminator, etc will be his lasting legacy and what future generation of AVP fans and moviegoers will remember him for.
  14. pretrixalated
    when you hear of people that die you don't think much of it especially if its  someone  you don't  know but when a legend like stan  winston passes away it makes you realise that the people  you know and love will one day go too  I hope your in a better place Stan.  you knew above everyone what making robots or dinosaurs  was all about. you will be missed                                              :-\  
  15. ZEN
    Sorry,I forgot to mention to start the first 5-10 seconds befor the second,and you need to make the first quietter (half volume)   :(     :(     :(  .
  16. ZEN
    I cant make a vid dedicated for stan,but this is the best I can do.It represents his fight with his disease,RIP STAN!!!!!!!!!.I'LL MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!.
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