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AvP Redemption Trailer

Those of you who follow our forum should be aware of this beauty, AvP Redemption. It’s this fantastic short film shot on green screen. Not that unusual for short fanfilms but for the Alien/Predator community, it’s a novelty – there’s one other fanfilm I’m aware of that uses this technique. But now I dawdle.

20080609 AvP Redemption Trailer

Alex Popov, the fanfilm’s creator, is finally ready to release a new trailer and AvPGalaxy is proud to be the venue in which it is released. So check it out! If this tickles ya fancy, be sure to have a peek at Alex’s gallery and to keep up to date with the film. I can’t wait to see more!

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  1. ZEN
    @ Gort Pred  When I watched the special features for AVP,Anderson said that he made the queen the way Cameron originaly wanted,with it being super slim and big,Cameron wanted a queen like that,but at the time he had to settle for giant craines and rubber suits   ;)  . As for the other fan films,it was like I said,most of them looked like guys in rubber suits.And how difficult is it to buy KY gelly to cover the aliens!?.And the acting was terrible,like that guy in ALIEN NATION "How's 'bout a little saltwater,SPONGEHEAD!!", just terrible.And for some of them the story either sucked or the lighting gave me a headache.I was soooo dissapointed in them,I thought they were going to be so cool   :(  .
  2. carnalien
    OK OK to set the record straight, the song in the middleish, is by RAMMSTEIN, its called: Mein hertz brennt. its the first track off their Mutter album (my spelling may be a bit off there) Rammstein is among my favourite bands, so i was bloody satisfied when i heard the trailer. i wud watch this for the song lol not realli, but songs have made me fork out money for a movie before.. iron man for example lmao
  3. "Flare"thePredator
      :o     8)   Lets hope Fox Makes a decient movie out of this one day.On second thought, lets NOT hope that.(   ;D  kidding  ;D  )
  4. Gort Pred
    Ok I'v been in contact with this guy on youtube i got to talk to him about the way the pred movies. I'm happy to see he is actually moving like a predator now, and that trailer is so much better then his first one.   However I know Zen will agree, Batman Dead End is the greatest fan film I have ever seen a Predator and Alien in. That guy should make his own predator movie.   Still hate how the queen is giant again instead of Aliens big. She's AVP big but one really hated that as much.   Looks great
    this one awesome clip i've seen and the graphics looks pretty good. who ever did this should get a metal and should be given the job to direct and produce and write this movie and fox should let this person do the movie.
  6. alexpj19
    wow, i got overwellmed by comments, questions and suggestions !!!   thats awesome!!!  so here some more info :   _Yes, there will be more than one predator (not necessary dead though) .
  7. abandoned as a facehugger
    I'll admit, it's very impressive. For something like this to come from a fan is simply stunning. Definately has a chance of toppling 'Batman:Dead End'.  But I would advise they guy does a predator fan movie, rather than an avp one, as he has done a far better job on the predator than he has done the alien, and this simply seems to be a predator movie, with aliens.
  8. Gort Pred
    Well the song at the end before Pdiddy (still sound shitty lol) is the music used in the Hell Boy 2 the Golden Army trailer, both of them
  9. Alien Drone
    Aliens:CM graphics are better looking!!!  But since it wasnt down with the modern equipment that does gay brothers used, Ill give it 4/5.   ;)  
  10. The G-man
    nice movie :d kicks ass outa AVPR    ;D   oh yeah the song that plays untill the 2nd one begins is from Rammstein : Mein herz brennt, same theme song for Hellboy 2    ;D     and I have to say can't wait untill this one comes out :d
  11. leprechaun62689
    That was very cool for a fan film.......hey that could work for a feature film because no one knows what happened to the Sulaco but not many people want total crossovers.
  12. dallas001
      8)   I love the trailer. Maybe FOX and ADI need to listen to the fans for the third AVP-R film. I know Cameron and Scott won't return for ALIEN 5, but for Colin and Greg going back to the roots means the derilict of ALIEN. Not your favorite designs from ALIENS and PREDATOR. This guys trailer has something good. Reminds me of BATMAN DEAD END.
  13. ZEN
    Personaly,--(to me,and only me)--the graphic's look like s**t,like that of a very bad video game.Then again,of the fan film's I've see'n,I only like BATMAN:DEAD END.But this is only the trailer and the guy is'nt finnished yet,so it may be awesome.But I'll never get to see it,because as you guy's said,FOX is a bunch of up-tight basterds who whould rather crush a good movie then let some random person make something awesome (mainly because they whould'nt make a quick buck) .Also,the beginning song was from the HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER soundtrack,as for the end song,it's RAMMSTEIN,can't remember the name,but my mom has a few of their CD's.
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