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New Alec Gillis Interview

There’s a new interview with ADI co-founder Alec Gillis over on Alien Experience. He talks about a lot of things, about AvP Requiem and the Alien series in general. In what direction, he’d like to see the franchises go and there’s an interesting question on the Space Jockeys:

I would love to create a living “Space Jockey” — and to see that design fleshed out and moving and performing would be fantastic… again, the only danger is… it’s not just about the visuals — it’s about the purpose and the story and it’s about the character itself. You mentioned “Boba Fett” — “Boba Fett” was cool in his first appearance — and after that, I lost interest in him. He became just another guy in a “Star Wars” outfit. I don’t think that his character brought much to the series — and he was just done kind of in an obligatory way… I wouldn’t want to see that. However, that particular design, and the mystery of purpose of the “Space Jockey” would really be a great challenge to explore — both from a writing standpoint and a visual effects standpoint.

Would be interesting to see Space Jockeys but a story like that could do more damage than good to Alien. Thanks to Pvt. Hicks for the news.

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