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New Alec Gillis Interview

There’s a new interview with ADI co-founder Alec Gillis over on Alien Experience. He talks about a lot of things, about AvP Requiem and the Alien series in general. In what direction, he’d like to see the franchises go and there’s an interesting question on the Space Jockeys:

I would love to create a living “Space Jockey” — and to see that design fleshed out and moving and performing would be fantastic… again, the only danger is… it’s not just about the visuals — it’s about the purpose and the story and it’s about the character itself. You mentioned “Boba Fett” — “Boba Fett” was cool in his first appearance — and after that, I lost interest in him. He became just another guy in a “Star Wars” outfit. I don’t think that his character brought much to the series — and he was just done kind of in an obligatory way… I wouldn’t want to see that. However, that particular design, and the mystery of purpose of the “Space Jockey” would really be a great challenge to explore — both from a writing standpoint and a visual effects standpoint.

Would be interesting to see Space Jockeys but a story like that could do more damage than good to Alien. Thanks to Pvt. Hicks for the news.

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  1. Guest
    ZEN, I would expect an idea like that from a director for the SCI-FI Channel (corney movies).  Listen, The original 4 aliens movies were doen perfectly and they all followed the story of a woman named Ripley who struggled againts Weyland Yutani and the Aliens. It was and still is the best saga ever made.  The problem is that the prequals were made very cheaply and they didn't even have good directors.  They were made just to make a little money for FOX. For example: AVP wasn't even rated R (what the hell!!!). Did you see how, Mr. Weyland died? I couldn't believe it. He died like he wasn't even important.  FOX could have given up a little more money and endorsed a good, serious, well done prequal.
  2. ZEN
    Human's make superb prey,and once we catch on to what's going on,we become a force to be reckoned with (just look at Harrigan).But a terminator is desined to take out humans,it's programmed to think what we think,to come up with counter strategies,to kill before we even know what's going on.The T-1000 kicked major ass,but the T-X was way better.That's why a predator whould want to fight a robot   ;D  .If they do A5,they should'nt have Ripley,get somebody new for once.AVP3 should have Ripley,and she should face off against the galaxies toughest hunter's and be caught between 2 warring hives (1 with a normal queen,the other with a predalien queen!),whould'nt you guy's/gal's want to see that?.But if she does do that,she should sign a contract to exclude her from any other A / P / AVP movies.And no,she's not to old to act,Jack Lalanne is 90 and can kick my ass or anybody else's ass on this site!.All she needs to do is get on a treadmill.And I like the idea about P3 being in Iraq with soldiers trying to get back stollen pred tech and the preds fighting them for it. BUT THEY NEED TO GET REAL WRITER'S AND REAL DIRECTOR'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.THEY KEEP GETTING WORSE AND WORSE PEOPLE AND THEY'RE PISSING ME OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   >:(     >:(     >:(  .
  3. Spidey3121
    I'm sure a Terminator's head would make a good addition to any trophy collection, lol  I agree with a lot of what Alec had to say in that interview. He seems to know what he is talking about.  As for the current state of the Franchise... it's not good + i don't think anything can be done to save it really. The past 3 movies have all driven people away from the Alien films... in fact, Alien 3 wasn't greatly received either. The best thing for Fox to do is close up shop with the Alien series. I still think it is possible for a good Predator 3 as they are more stand alone films than the Alien saga.
  4. ZEN
    To me dinosaurs sound lame,but if say,a terminater used a transdimensional portal to get to the A / P / AVP universe and the space jockies stole a time traval device,it whould make sense,but it whould still be kinda lame.If they did do that I whould LOVE to see a pred fighting a term!!!!!!!!   ;D     ;D     ;D  .It whould be f***ing kick-ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   ;D     ;D     ;D  .
  5. Greenband
    So we figured out why it has taken Spielberg so long to produce Jurassic Park 4. After adding aliens to the Indiana Jones franchise, he decided it would be awesome to create:  Jurassic Park 4: Attack of the Space Jockey  In this thrilling epic, expect a visitor from another galaxy coming to earth to capture the ultimate prey. An live T-Rex! Unfortunately those pesky Aliens wreak havoc aboard the Space Jockeys' vessel causing it to crash into small town Kansas. For absolutely no freaking reason what so ever, a lone predator decides to head to earth to clean up this mess. Upon arriving at the scene of 'the incident', the predator discovers an enemy like none that has been encountered before. An alien T-Rex hybrid with a fracken laser strapped to its head. This summer, everyone will hear you cry!
  6. chips
    ^^what do you mean?  I got avp 2 unrated dvd for free (was not going to pay for that crap), I did not see anything that says that.....though if it does not mean a thing, because avp 2 is not canon, people should ignore this shit!
  7. nasferato
    I don't care if they came up with a good plot, I still don't want an origin story or space jockey's. would ruin the last bit of mystery in the alien franchise
  8. ZEN
    What I think is funny is the fact that everyone keeps going on about the comics,but if you go by the comics then Ripley,Newt and Hichs survived the disaster on LV-426 and are fighting aliens across the galaxy rather then all of them dying before/on that prison planet.If they do decide to do the space jockey,they should make sure Mr.Winston is there to see that they do'nt f**k it up and ONLY if they have a very good plot.
  9. nasferato
    avp 2 damaged any interest I had left for alien 5, avp 3 or predator 3.  avp 2 destroyed both franchises and the spin off franchise.    GOD AVP 2 WAS AND IS SHIT!
  10. whatnot
    space jockey's in avp 3 or alien 5 would f**k of the franchise even more than avp 2 did.  I would not have any interest in alien 5 if it was an origin story and had space jockey's in it, That would  be total shit.
  11. Dan
    Yes they should do it and explore and expand the franchise 'ONLY" if they have a very good plot and have a good clear idea of where they want to take the Aliens/Predator franchise from here. Fox needs to keep the same director/producer and stop changing all the time (they should've kept James Cameron and let him do whatever he wanted to do with the Aliens franchise after Aliens - but Fox got greedy and short sighted and now look at the state of the Aliens franchise - tho i still have a glimmer hope they can resuscitate the franchise and make it good like it use to be if they really get serious about hiring a good director/producer like Scott or Cameron to tak control in reviving the ALiens/Predator franchise). So my opionion, visit the pilots as a sequel NOT a prequel but only if they got a "good" story and have a clear idea of where they wana take the franchise!
  12. wolfboy
    Instead of pissing off all the fans, they really should just start making an entirely new monster movie. It gives them all the creativity in the world for something fresh AND it doesn't screw with a franchise that's lived well beyond its due.
  13. Gort Pred
    well i do sort of want to see the space jocky. And hells yeah i would kill, rape and eat as much ppl as i could if it meant that james, winston, and giger were apart of it. They would make AVP3 look like...well idk b/c everything in movie history has pretty much been done. (The only movie dazzled me was Sweeny Todd and Transformers)   but still, so everyone would only like a space jocky thing if Scott or james did it?   I'm curious...does everyone agree with one thing on how to make an AVP, A or P movie??? just curious
  14. predalien-hybrid
    Let the jockeys be. Twentieth Century Fox needs to do the following:  -Fire everyone envolved in the last couple of films. -Hire Giger as the designer, Winston for special affects, Cameron as director and Vincet for a story.
  15. Booger Supreme
    This horse is being flogged way passed death. the bones must be bruised from the lashing.   Stop making AvP movies. they suck, and no one wants the original to be ruined by seeing a jockey.
  16. SHREK
    dinosaur aliens..... i dont think there can be much sed about that.... after the dissapointments of AVP + AVPR... we might aswell see some space jokeys and pigeon aliens or what ever they think of, they cant do much worse really..
  17. Hunter D
    Don't touch the space jockey!!! only james cameron should if ever but overall leave him alone, don't camp the one mystery of the series up!
  18. nish nish
    Cameron and Scott for Alien 5 would be awesome, but please no origin story or space jockey's, I like it that there is so much mystery, which to me adds to the creepiness to the Alien movies...the unknown.  That was one of the things that pissed me off with avp 2, the whole yutani predator weapon shit business and the predator homeworld.  I would have liked the predator homeworld remain a mystery, or be in an actual Predator movie, not an AVP movie, if there was going to be a predator that surprise is f**ked up.  Cameron and Scott would do a hell of a better job with an Alien 5, AVP 3 and Predator 3, a hell of a lot better than those damn fat, asshole, twat strause brothers.
  19. nish nish
    yeah avp 1 is better than avp 2.  avp 1 has a good plot, effects and better acting, avp 2 is complete shit, it managed to make avp 1 look good, but it made avp 2 look like shit
  20. Gort Pred
    Wow to the ppl who don't want the sapce jocky. I hope the ones who don't want it know james and scott were gonna work together to make alien 5 a prequel about the space jocky.   Wow imagine them going against Scott and James?! lol  and yeah ??? knows what im talking about. I mean you can't expect all the great directors to spend there whole lives on one thing.
  21. Shouldercannon
    nish nish, you got to be kidding me, avp 1 was so much  better than avp 2?!! Please! As for the Space Jockey business, I agree the story is the key, it may work if they have the right story and ONLY if they have the right story. But then, I'm not holding my breath.
  22. nish nish
    I don't want an origin story or space jockey's in Alien 5, that would ruin any mystery left in the Alien series, just have Ripley and the Aliens in it.  Avp 2 f**ked it (the mystery) up with the ending, the yutani and predator weapon business, damn twat brothers f**ked things up, I just ignore avp 2 and parts of avp 1, avp 1 is so much better though, so much better.
  23. andy_07
    the space jockeys are meant to be a mystery.  i really think they should stay that way.  doing story's in the comics or the novels is fine, but they shouldn't put them in the movie
  24. gameoverman
    I can just imagine an ADI Space Jockey - a rubbery-looking, fleshy white turd played by Tom Woodruff on stilts!    :D    No, ADI have done great work but I don't want to see them go anywhere near the Jockey.  Leave it to HR Giger or don't do it at all.
  25. Gort Pred
    OK i see what he's saying about Boba. I wish Lucas was not a stupid prick and gave Boba a bigger part. I love Jango and Boba. Then kills Jango off by that damn black jedi and Boba is ignored in episode 3 all this was my problom with revenge of the sith.   Anyway, I get where everyone is getting from for Ravager. I mean what on earth could creat that?? I can see a dinosaure making that.   I'm shocked no one wants to see that Space Jocky. Not everyone has read the book where we learn the Space Jocky made the aliens. (thats why there should be no planet, just Space Jocky planet)  But really, no one wants to see the Space Jocky??
  26. Clark
    I always figured the Space Jockey was a Predator/Predator Variant - you know, kind of like the different species here on Earth being similar, but also cosmetically different.  Saying that, I'd rather not see them on-screen any time soon (...alive, that is. I wouldn't be against seeing another fossil).  Can't ADI just make an animatronic Ridley Scott & James Cameron to finish the series off with some pride... and dare I say, sophistication?
  27. Hickson
    God Help US. Where u are when we need you. TO FOX and The  SS Brothers:  1: Don't do anything to SPACE JOCKEYS without and f***n good background story, or you gonna suck the franchise down. This is the fillar of the entire ALIEN mystery. 2: If you are so that intrested in AvP 3, do it with good directors, like Cameron, because, the serie (AvP) is more action then horror or thriller movie. And he knows how to do this kind of film.
  28. Krogo
    Wait a sec... Boba Fett brought a lot to the franchise!  But other than that, I believe it would be interesting to see more of the Space Jockeys, but they would really need to take time to get a good background for them, or else it would seem stupid.
  29. Le Celticant
    Space Jockey VERSUS predator so? Are people in fox are so retarded to understand this is "ALIEN" and not "SPACE JOCKEY" story? And why Greg & Colin strause want really destroy avp franchise... they are crazy with their idea of dinosaure alien as Ravager.
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