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AvPR Half-Stealth Predator Figure

NECA have released details and pictures of a new figure called the AvPR Half-Stealth Predator Figure. The figure features “all new, iconic half-invisible deco, along with half-stealth weapons. Also exclusive to the figure are two all-new accessories: the Face Hugger and Chest Burster.”

20080601 AvPR Half-Stealth Predator Figure

They will be revealing more details about it at ComicCon in July. Thanks to WolfPred and Mr. Weyland for the news.

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Comments: 19
  1. ZEN
    Way back in the day,the only versions were cloaked and uncloaked,but they all had removable mask's and weapone and other trinkets,and the makers were'nt trying to get your kidneys.Still looks cool though   :)  .
  2. Nukiemorph
    God damn, another predator figure.  This is a little annoying now.  Aliens get a plain chet and a plain warrior.  Predators get masked, unmasked, unmasked with mouth open, cloaked, partly cloaked.  Anybody else seeing faggotry afoot here?  If we're gonna market the slightest variations of predator like that, I think it's time for a battle-damaged alien or something.
  3. agentdc7
    Maybe they just had some problems in the assembly line and selling all these by-products.  Funny thing is, people actually like this stuff and are buying at these versions....   ???  
  4. The Son of Paragus
    I got the masked and unmasked version and open mouth and closed mouth version of chet and the warrior alien, but id call myself REALLY over the top crazy if id buy ALL of these Wolf versions.... omg, they could just make one with a mask that u can put on and off and open and close the mouth..... but of course there are always people who buy it so i would make 10 versions too, extra money is always good.... IMO make the other Predator in the ship and another version of the warrior alien maybe?
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