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  1. Alien
    Theres bound to be at least one sequel to this following it, already. And maybe this is the boost alien needs after being puked on by AVP. Who knows, maybe this is the first step towards an alien 5 movie....
  2. vendetta
    This game looks really awesome! I'm hoping to get it so I can convince my riend to play his 360 more. I like the way that the levels were designed and hope to see some more. The aliens are very nice eye-candy, the only thing that messes up their bad-a** image a little bit is their hands and feet. Overall, I can't wait till it comes out so I can kick some alien a** and scare my little brother by having him play it in the dark.    >:D      ;D  
  3. ZEN
    Aliens are'nt really my thing (predator fan:%100,alien fan:%74-83),BUT THIS GAME LOOK'S F***ING KICK-ASS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!   ;D     ;D     ;D  .
  4. The G-man
    ow my, those pictures are finger-licking-good    ;D     I think A:CM will hit like a bomb on the market :) let's hope my statement will come true cuz I can only see good things coming  our way    ;D  
  5. Semaka
    i think, the aliens need more work. they have only 1 color. i mean, they have to be darker, but i think that was just a prototype for the game. the alien design looks great, but the color is lame. overall, this game is going to be good.
  6. Sh0dan
    I’m really glad we got to see these concepts.   GBX already showed us the Cameron Aliens stuff.  With these concepts they’re saying. Not only are we gonna deliver on the tone of first two films, but we’re gonna explore territory that you guys have only ever dreamt about. I know this is the direction I have always wanted Aliens to go. More EPIC!   And I agree with gameoverman  It is canon as far as I am concerned.    ;D  
  7. Guest
    Looks like a really cool game, I will definately want it.  I hope they make a PSP version, when It comes out.  Noting that the PSP is still yet a "Next Generation" console.  Looks good.  Love Aliens man, nothin better!  *Chris* or {cppsp}.   8)  
  8. gameoverman
    This is canon in my book.  This is always what I imagined the rest of the alien universe to look like, in terms of human cities/colonies, etc.  Only Syd Mead or Ron Cobb could design something like it.  This game is going to be visually spectacular.
    This game looks like it's gonna be a masterpiece. When this beast comes out on the PC and consoles I believe it's gonna be around for a long....LONG time. I mean there are still people who are playing AVP2 on the PC lol. This game is gonna be COD4 that meets Aliens   ;D  
  10. scarface
    haha first comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...but seriuosly, i think this game is going to be the new halo....thank god....people need to use the ORIGINAL space marine none of this spinoff bullcrap...but the levels are exceptional!!!this is awesome!imagine this kind of enviroment with the"make a stand"...itd be like GEARS! this will be fun  ~i like to keep this handy....for close encounters - C. Hicks, ALIENS
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