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Aliens: CM Gameplayer Preview

Gameplayer has a lengthy preview of the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines game. There will be parts of the game where you basically need to fortify your position and defend from aliens. The developers are also aware of how the aliens should be portrayed; i.e. “virtually indestructible beings” like in the first movie. The preview also mentions a new place they saw from some concept art: “shanty mining town on a barely terraformed planet”.

“A second major gameplay approach is through the use of what Gearbox are calling ‘Make a Stand’ situations. These are particular moments in the game where you will need to fortify your position against incoming aliens. Your preparation time will be short, but there are a lot of interesting decisions to be made that add a tactical layer to each encounter. Creative Director, Brian Martel, is enthusiastic about this mechanic. “It’s the tools that we have; the ability to move things around, to put turrets there, to have the motion tracker so that you can know when they’re coming and from where.”

There’s a couple of renders of an APC and Dropship in the pictures that I’ve not seen before too. Thanks to Space Voyager for the news.

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  1. Guest
    Looks like a really awesome game!  I can't wait.  Hope it comes to the PSP platform.  Alright then  homies, Peace out!  *Chris* or {cppsp}.
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