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AvP Requiem FA Cup Adverts

If you check out the Official UK AvPR DVD Site, you’ll find three AvPR DVD ads. If you remember the AvP Poker spoof that Fox did for the first AvP, you’ll enjoy these.

20080509 AvP Requiem FA Cup Adverts

The clips centre around football and the upcoming FA Cup Final. In the first clip, the Predator shoots and scores, second one, the alien saves it and the third shows the Predator doing kickups. The suits and visual effects are straight from AvPR. Thanks to Rishi and shakermakerman for the news.

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Comments: 35
  1. scarface
    you two BOTH need to be quiet and enjoy what you get for now, xen and xeno. you may not ever see another alien doing its own thing after avp alledgedly f**ked things up for A5 which i am PISSED about...PETITION!!!!!!
  2. ButtZilla
    WoW! Excellent lighting and setup. I could "FINALLY" see what 's happening in the video. Very funny and creative! Who directed? They should direct the next AvP.    ::)  
  3. ZEN
    I was reading some reviews and I remembered something.The Bros.Straus said that the plasma pistol was the bridge between AVPR and A1.But what about the pred helmet in P2???.I mean,if I was the government and there was an encounter with a predator,I'd go in after it left and I whould have found the helmetlying on the floor!!!.The plasma pistol whould have a battery that whould power the average house for a week,but thats it!!!.The helmet is way better then the plasme pistol because you have so many programs to run the other weapons/tech,and you have at least 5 vision modes,where-as in the 80's a thermal cam was the size of a basket-ball,and there was the alloys from it AND the spear tip!!!.That,the lack of the runner and the nuclear bomb are the only things about AVP-R that really bother me (The EM field should have knocked the chopper out of the sky,but if they did escape the blast,they should have been suffering from radiation poisoning,which whould mean that the moment they woke up they should have started vomiting!!!).Just passin' on the info   ;)     8)  .
  4. ZEN
    @ Xenomorphine  I just noticed this when I re-read your comment.You say that the aliens are so weak that one was killed by a handgun,yet you do'nt mention that an alien in A:R (who is much more intelligent then normal xeno's because of the extra human DNA) was killed by a handgun.And what about Grid?.After taking such a large beating he still killed two preds and he almost killed Scar.So if I were on safari and I had an AK-47 and I was in the middle of a pride of lions,whould the lions be very weak and pointless?.Even though only one could very easily kill me?.In AVPR most of the humans that killed aliens had machineguns,shotguns and rifles.Those people waiting for a pickup in the center of town had a barracade of cars around them while they shot over them.And what about the deleted scene where it took so many people to kill the alien trying to attack Kelly and Curtis?.
  5. ZEN
    @ Xenomorphine  What strong implication?.AVP only showed the blooding,and AVPR showed the clean-up.And you cant go by P2 because everyone who made the film said it was a young pred.And the aliens whould make for a great hunting experiance at any time of the year.You cant only go by two movies.
  6. Xenomorphine
    Zen, nothing of the sort was shown in the film. In fact, if we go by the previous one, there's a strong implication that they only face Aliens as part of the ceremony, as opposed to regularly. The film showed Aliens which hardly ever bothered to defend themselves. It was nothing to do with the Predator's alleged skills. They were so weak and pointless, even the civilian human characters in this film seemed to have very little trouble, with one killing them with a handgun, which shouldn't have happened, as Gorman had once evidenced.
  7. ZEN
    @ Le Celticant  Not bitching,not tryin to be offensive and not trying to be a jackass,but in PREDATOR almost an entire group of US special forces had their skulls/skins handed to them--people who are very competent--,and in ALIENS a group of C-marines were only taken down because they were out-numbered (in the movie on the radar thingy's it showed hundreds of aliens),and they did'nt really know what they were up against,but predators have been hunting aliens for thousands of years.So if you have a pred thats been hunting xeno's for a few hundred years and who knows xenomorph biology,then in a one-on-one fight between an alien and a predator with a plasma caster,it's only going to go one way   ;)     ;D     8)  .
  8. "Flare"thePredator
      8)   These were great, but I still like the old ones like AvP in the shower and AVP Poker.Those were great!!!   8)     :P     ;D     :D  
  9. JaredK21
    Haha, once again the Alien gets snubbed....  It didn't kill the Predator like the Pred killed the Alien. Oh well, still very cool! And I could actually see what was going on! OMG.
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