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AvP Requiem Nominated!

…For the MTV Movie Awards in the category of Best Fight:

“It’ll be a fight to the finish, but nothing like the kind of brawls that are nominated this year in the category of Best Fight, which include Damon vs. Joey Asah, for their rooftop rumble in “The Bourne Ultimatum”; Tobey Maguire vs. James Franco, for their superhero smackdown in “Spider-Man 3”; Hayden Christensen vs. Jamie Bell for the global grudge match in “Jumper”; Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan vs. Sun Ming Ming for their behemoth beating in “Rush Hour 3”; and Alien vs. Predator for their whoever-wins-we-lose grapple in “AvP: Requiem.”

Other than two Razzie nominations – Worst Prequel or Sequel and Worst Excuse for a Horror Movie – none of which it won, this is the third nomination AvP Requiem has received. Also it is its first positive nomination. Check out the whole story here.

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  1. agentdc7
    Best fight?  What, are they all blind!? Oh, they must be BECAUSE YOU CAN'T SEE THE DAMN FIGHT!!!!!!!  I don't know how people stoop this low for the Aliens and Predators franchise.  This is such an embarassment. How can a movie get both "best" nominations and razzie nominations?  Why do people actually like this crap?  In the words of Cameron "They really screwed up the whole franchise!"
  2. Gort Pred
    Wo I didn't see this coming. really thought I an only see Spidy vs New Goblin winning, but if tehy count all he battles in AVPR (which is one full battle scattered in other areas) then AVPR might win.   And I passed someone saying AVP was equal for Preds and Aliens. No offence but...what bullshit that is. Watch AVP and AVPR. Both movies...there is no equal. AVP was an Alien movie with Preds as the special guests, while AVPR was Predator 3 with aliens in it.
  3. Gul Kalvo
    Are they joking?  Considering that Beavis & Butthead had directed the movie, you should consider normal that MTV nomitates the film.  (My apologies to all Beavis & Butthead fans... They will have made a better film for sure)
  4. Hicks_0998
    I believe Alien won many Oscar, Academy, BAFTA etc awards, as did Aliens, Alien 3 (not as many), Predator and even Predator 2 (though still not as many).  These MTV awards pale in comparison to the Oscars or Academy awards.  Still, giving AvPR an award regardless is like  giving an award to a paris hilton movie.
    WTF NOOBS whoever-wins-we-lose  thats from the  first AvP movie not Aliens vs Predator Requiem man they should feel stupid f**king MTV they dont know shit   and there excuse oh sorry we dont realy pay attention to Alien vs Predator we have a life yea right.....
  6. EaglePred
    yahaha, im guessing avp1 was passable because only the predators were emabarassed in it right?  avp2 isn't because in avp2, an ACTUAL predator was in the movie, not unblooded preds who have never fought before or proven themselves...actually i would think AVP1 spits on the alien fans more that i think about UNBLOODED predator pretty much defeated an alien to be an alien fan    :D  
  7. War Wager
    The CvW fight is pretty decent, it's got a strong chance of winning. If it were a little bit longer and they were shown a little more agile then it would be almost perfect. I can't believe I'm saying this!    :o  
  8. DB
    I only saw a handful of the movies listed there, but of those that I did see, I don't think they deserve anything for their fights.  If they qualify as awesome fights then I should probably get back to watching Godzilla vs Megalon.
  9. karolalien
      ;D  GREAT i think this is aswer for then who ask me "IS IT GOD FILM ??". The award should go to director AVP-R becouse it great movie.
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