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New Aliens: CM Interviews

There’s a couple of new interviews about the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines game. The first is on CVG and another preview / interview you can find in Issue 35 of the Official X-Box Magazine [UK]. You can read a transcript of this article on Sh0dan’s Space site.

X-Box 360 Magazine: Have you worked closely at all with the original filmmakers?

Brian Martel: Not that closely! I mean, we are in contact with Fox, and they’ve provided a lot of material. We work closely with some of the special effects people at Amalgamated Dynamics, who did the special effects for Alien3, Alien: Resurrection and Alien vs Predator. We went and talked to them to get a better understanding of how the aliens work, and how they would design the aliens for a game. The writers’ contributions were also essential in helping us create an experience that is as close to Hollywood as it gets. James Cameron hasn’t been round for a chat yet, but hey, we’ll keep knocking at his door. You never know…

Aliens: Colonial Marines is still scheduled to be released by the end of this year. Thanks to G-Man and Sh0dan for the news.

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