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New Aliens: CM Interviews

There’s a couple of new interviews about the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines game. The first is on CVG and another preview / interview you can find in Issue 35 of the Official X-Box Magazine [UK]. You can read a transcript of this article on Sh0dan’s Space site.

X-Box 360 Magazine: Have you worked closely at all with the original filmmakers?

Brian Martel: Not that closely! I mean, we are in contact with Fox, and they’ve provided a lot of material. We work closely with some of the special effects people at Amalgamated Dynamics, who did the special effects for Alien3, Alien: Resurrection and Alien vs Predator. We went and talked to them to get a better understanding of how the aliens work, and how they would design the aliens for a game. The writers’ contributions were also essential in helping us create an experience that is as close to Hollywood as it gets. James Cameron hasn’t been round for a chat yet, but hey, we’ll keep knocking at his door. You never know…

Aliens: Colonial Marines is still scheduled to be released by the end of this year. Thanks to G-Man and Sh0dan for the news.

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  1. ZEN
    @ Spoon  I loved A2!.It is my favorite of the 4!   ;D  .The ones from A:R were good,but not as good as A2!.And was it me,or did parts of AVP-R look like an advertisement for HydraulX?.If so then I was'nt impressed.Those face-huggers in those tubes could have been real just by using water with too much salt in it (to make it clowdy),some fishing line and aquarium hard tubing with an old F-H puppet.It whould have cost 1/10th the price of CGI.If I were a Straus,1 (of many) thing(s) I whould change is that I whould'nt use the money the producers gave me to fund my company,I'd pay for it out of pocket. PEACE GUY'S/GAL'S!!!!!!!!   ;D     ;D     ;D  .
  2. Spoon
    actually it was in fact stan winston finalizing on james cameron concept.  Same with predator design.  Tom and alac are slaves, they only get down and dirty on making them not design.  The alien design is going nothing but down hill and looks like crap! ADI really does suck and makes the alien look like dinosaurs with their new movies.   Nothing beats the Aliens from james camerons movie.
  3. r scott
      ::)      ???      :-\     :-X     :o     >:(     :)   now how can  people judge a game that not even out yet and alry people moaning who is doing what in the game . think i will wait till the games out before i make judgement   ::)  
  4. dachande89
    I love how no matter what happens in here there is always 2 kinds of ppl. The people who absolutly hate the subject, and those protesting saying the haters need to stop. Look putting it simply, idk if u hate avp or if u love it. I like it, and I look forward to the game as with most AVP related merchandise.
  5. cubanb82
    All you adi haters need to relax. Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Junior and crew are excellent special effects artists. and most of you forget that they WORKED on the film ALIENS too, as staff of Stan Winston,, so what is the problem? Stan himself didn't even have any influence on the design of the aliens in that movie.. James Cameron was the one who designed the creatures, even the queen. Get your facts straight and stop bashing hard working people who do what you likely wish you could. Honestly, you have the right to be dicks, yes, but that doesn't mean you have to.   And perhaps you forget that the directors are responsible for how these creatures look as well.. blame Jeunet for the look of the aliens in resurrection.. his color scheme is brown.. not ADI's.. blame Anderson for the shitty predators and their stupid exaggerated weapons.. ADI is just the facilitators of their shitty visions.. which is why the alien in ALIEN 3 looked good.. Fincher is a great director.  Anyhow.. keep up the bitching like i know you will.  Peace
  6. Xenomorphine
    Syd Mead can hardly be classified as what you say, Knox.  It sounds like ADI is being consulted more for the mechanics of puppets and stuff, so as to translate them to computerised versions in there.
  7. Clark
    DON'T GO TO A.D.I.!!!   :D   Just watch the damn films - you'll figure out the Aliens' motivations soon enough. Read the Anchorpoint Essays, or something, Jeez...!
  8. Griker
    whats all this about ADI i think they did a good job in Alien3, Alien: Resurrection and Aliens vs Predator Requiem you guys need to chill i mean do you remember the Aliens in Aliens vs Predator 2 for the Pc no one complained about them  This game is going to rock
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