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Sigourney Weaver: ‘Let Ripley Rest’

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from Sigourney Weaver about a potential Alien 5 movie. There’s a new report over on MTV Movies Blog where Sigourney mentioned Alien 5 and the Ripley character.

“The last time [Ridley and I] saw each other we talked about it. The character is still interesting [and] I’d love to work with Ridley again,” Weaver said, raising our hopes to their absolute apex before immediately dashing them against the rocks of reality. “But Fox has effectively killed it because of ‘Alien vs. Predator.’ What else can you do with the creature? You can take the situation, you can go back to where they came from. “To play someone who ages a couple hundred years was fascinating,” she added. “[But] let [Ripley] rest.”

I agree with her about AvP killing any chance of Alien 5. That’s what the series did to both franchises if you ask me. I wonder if she’s seen AvP2 yet. Thanks to JK for the news.

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  1. Guest
    @starwars,    Slow down buddy!  clam yourself!  you don't know if they are going to blow everyone away with the next movie, so don't be so judjemental!  I'm sure the "CREATORS" of the original Alien series know of this flaw in the story line, and i'm sure they will fix it.  All in good time.  Be patiant, it will come soon enough.  *Chris*  or {cppsp}.   8)  
  2. Guest
    @Everyone,    Sounds good, I like the sound of an Alien 5 movie.  I personally liked the ALIENS movie {second of the series} the most.  They should revert back to the "military grunt" style storyline.  More suspense, nothing like those PG-13 rated AVP movies.  They were good, but not quite "Alien, Predator quality" if you ask me, but I liked them either way.  I look forward to seeing which way this goes.  *Chris* or {cppsp}.   8)  
  3. scarface
    play predator concrete jungle...itll answer some questions about BOTH timelines including where mother came from....and if they dont make a movie...ill make a full length fan fic.:Pso f**k you fox.
  4. Cetanu
    I agree with starwars! yay!  Only by writing in all capital letters and adding superfluous puncuation can one deliver a message.  Good Job!  (PS. I am YautjaFan, for anyone who wants to address me from previous comments)
  5. starwars
    why the f**king hell do people want an origin story?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I want the mystery of the space jockey's, the alien planet to remain a MYSTERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THAT IS WHY AVP 2 SUCKS SHIT, BECAUSE OF THE ENDING, YOU DAMN f**kING TWATS, STUPID FOX AND FAT STRAUSE BROTHERS.  AVP 1 WAS SO MUCH BETTER, YEAH IT HAD SOME STUFF WRONG WITH IT, BUT AVP 2 HAD A LOT OF THINGS WRONG WITH IT.  AVP 3 SHOULD BE IT'S OWN MOVIE, NO CONNECTION TO THE OTHER MOVIES.  ALIEN 5 SHOULD BE ANOTHER ALIEN ADVENTURE, NO ORIGIN STORY DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. wacko
    common, alien 5 makes sense, even predator 3 does.......avp3 on the other hand......does not make any f**king sense, avp 2 killed that pathetic franchise
  7. wonderous
    ^^^^^^^^^^^  Ditto Simon, ditto, asshole ideas and would dig a grave for the Alien franchise, don't give a rat's ass about predator franchise
  8. simon
    ^^^^^^^having space jockey's and origin story and connecting AVP 3 to the Alien story would absolutely kill any interest I have left in an Avp 3, Alien 5 and Predator 3, what a complete shitty idea that would be for an AVP 3, assholes
  9. wondersous
    ^^^^^^^^AVP 3 only if it ignores the ending to AVP 2 and strause brothers are not apart of it and only if it is completely in space, no origin story, no spcae jockeys, no alien planet, and it is written well, made well, and acted well  But I would rather have a Alien 5 and Predator 3
  10. YautjaFan
    AvP:3!!!!!!!!!! But only with a good writer and director. They should just discount everything brought on by AvPR and make fun of the directors of AvPR in some! No predalien dreads! GAH! No. Bad. Controversial.  So P3 A5 and AvP3 but only with good directors and writers...not necessarily well known actors though. I like Sanaa Lathan and I'd never heard of her.
  11. Hell-Scorpion
    There probably will be an Alien 5 and Predator 3 after Aliens Vs. Predator 2 (I like discount AVP-R as a sequel to Alien vs. Predator). Shame, though, I woulda like to see Ripley in Aliens Vs. Predator 2...Oh, well maybe she'll appear in AVP 3 (the game.).
  12. YautjaFan
    Yeah, I agree. I am a giant AvP fan and a big predophile and I will say that AvP:R had bad: lighting  dialogue  But still, FOX probably made the decision to make it on their own. "If you build it they will come" No true fan could resist seeing the next installment to their favorite franchise EVER!
  13. spinner7478
    to: you-asked-for-it  I'm a fan of the AVP movies, but I'm also willing to acknowledge how ridiculous they are and how much better they should have been.  Well...the same could be said for Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection.  While they were definitely better "films," and both movies had a lot of positives...they effectively killed the Alien franchise.  I honestly think it was a choice by 20th Century Fox between: "OK, we either try the AVP franchise, or we give up completely on the Alien movies."  I agree that the AVP movies have probably ruined any chance of Alien 5...but did we really have much of a shot before they came along?
  14. you-asked-for-it
    It's the fans fault for making the AvP franchise an average success.  Now FOX will continue making more of them with untalented film makers and crap actors.  Well done idiots!
  15. fu manchu
    I would so like to see an Alien 5 with Weaver, and don't really need Ridley scott, might as well go with a different director to follow the tradition of the Alien movies, a different director with each new movie, also Ridley Scott has like 5 movies he is going to be doing, so he would not have time to do Alien 5.
  16. ZEN
    @YautjaFan  Its weird how they released the books out of order,but WAR came before HUNTERS PLANET,but after PREY.Also,its best to read COLD WAR after CONCRETE JUNGLE being since it takes place 6 months after P:CJ   ;)     ;D  .
  17. YautjaFan
    Daddy: I think Dachande did protect the doctor to a certain extent. I'd have to think that by repaying her for saving him and killing the bad blood is saving her!
  18. ZEN
    @YautjaFan  She killed shorty (not topknot),but i have a theory:She thought she killed him,but he just passed out,thats why he was in the other book   ;D  .Makes sense to me anyways   ;D     ;D  .
  19. DaddyD302
    Well I would like to see A5 but it has to go in a different direction without Weaver. The Aliens franchise needs a reboot, like Batman begins with a different crew and director. As for the preds being heroes? Are you kidding me? Is this the first time you guys ever seen a predator in action? They will kill anything that gets in their way. If they spare you, it means you're not worthy for them to fight. You get in their way, they will kill you, threat or not. Wolf was there for one reason and one reason only, to clean up the mess the other predators left behind. Anyone who got in his way simply died.  He was there to get rid of the aliens first, and any human witnesses afterwards.   Semaka, Broken Tusk didn't protect the doctor, he simply repaid the favor because she saved his life. Would it be honorable to let one of the preds kill the person who saved you??? As for him teaming with Machiko at the end, it's very simple, he sees the warrior in her, and thinks she's worthy to wear his clan's emblem. She did kick ass, and showed him she was worthy. Anderson simply tried his best to copy the ending of AvP the comic, and failed.
  20. spinner7478
    Sorry, but I don't agree with her, or this article.  If a Alien 5 is ever made, the LAST THING I want is for Sigourney Weaver to be in it.  As far as I'm concerned, the studio's obsession with putting her in parts 3 & 4 is what killed the franchise.  These movies were not about her...they were about the creatures.  Coming up with a ridiculous cloning story just to bring back her character (and then make a BAD movie at that) is what destroyed the Alien franchise...not the AVP movies.
  21. YautjaFan
    I need to study the timeline more...but Yautja ROCK!  ZEN: PREY ROCKS! But, explain to me why Hunter's Planet and War are confuzzled. Like, Hunter's War took place after War, but War is explaining things more clearly? Gir! It makes me angry because the beginning of Hunter's War is in War and in War Machiko killed Topknot (or Shorty....I think...or both)
  22. Sulaco
    cryto: No way, nothing pisses me off more then changing actors to play old characters. I say get Ron Pearlman in there or any survivors from previous installments. Peace Zen
  23. YautjaFan
    i think Sigourney should make a SHORT appearance on the movie. Maybe not one with so much action. Maybe an informer or something. Predator + western just doesnt sound right. A desert reminds me of AVP: Prey.
  24. crypto84
    Even if AVP was not made there still wouldn't be an Alien 5 case she wants like a billion dollars to be in it and Fox being too scarred to make a movie without her will pay that. I think we should get another actress to play Ripley cause as much as I'm a fan of Sigourney and how much I love he way she plays the character she is too old to play Ripley.
  25. ZEN
    @YautjaFan  I basicaly get the same response when I tell my family about pred customs,then I get "Obsessed much?" and other stuff like that.As for the western,I just thought it might be cool,but they should make P3 take place in the desert.As for a pred movie taking place in the future,it might be cool (might).I like to think that the Space-jockies created the aliens as a terraforming (or whatever they call their planet,being since ours is Terra [Earth]) weapon (killing off any inhabitants on it) and sending down a gasious form of what Wolf was using to get rid of the aliens.But its just a theory. BYE FOR NOW!!!!!   ;D     ;D     ;D  .
  26. YautjaFan
    I think the mystery is fun...intriguing. An explanation would ruin the hypothesis that are running around. It would be no fun to say: Hey, the Aliens were a bio weapon used in a Space Jockey civil war... Boo! No fun, I like how they are shrouded in mystery. In the books, a space jockey just comes out of nowhere and starts killing the aliens. That was cool.
  27. Alien Genesis
    I keep saying this over and over, hoping that, someday, somebody will actually GET this.  The shot in arm the Alien series needs is an origin story, something they should have done a long time ago.  Where did the Aliens come from?  Where did the Space Jockey come from?  Are they from the same planet?  Did the Space Jockey harvest the Alien?  You don't need Ripley, or any of the characters we know, to tell an origin story.  I fear we'll never get this story, however, because every movie that has come out since Aliens has pretty much hurt, not helped, the franchise, in my opinion.
  28. YautjaFan
    Semaka...leave Gort Alone!  Leave gort alone! All he/she does is speak for you! Sorry...Leave Britnet Alone moment, Anyway, leave him alone, Wolf was the bomb. He was the bombiest bomb I have ever seen. Even if the movie stunk, Wolf was soooooo awesome.  I dont necessarily thing AvPR was just a predator movie, but the predalien SHOULD NOT HAVE HAD dreads. Gir. But, back to the point, it was just continuing AvP.
  29. YautjaFan
    Noguchi should totally be in a movie! Ah! I love her! Who else could single-handedly take down a clan of Yautja AND escape from a queen AND kill a queen AND be accepted into a clan? Ripley maybe, but she's DEAD. Anyway, Machiko Noguchi is the hottest Ice Queen ever!            And...she should be played by Lucy Liu    ;D  
  30. YautjaFan all! Mostly anyway. Woot! Pred rocks! Wolf was an elder, yes. And I agree with Gort that he'd only be killed by massive waves of Xenos. Also, someone said that Wolf didnt come to kill humans.  EXACTLY!  My dad said, "This stupid predator is doing a very good job at killing them."  And then I went on about their customs and why he was sent there. I think my dad had an aneurism and I also think one could only understand the movies after reading the books.  The books explain things, while the movies (try to) back them up. The AvP movies didnt ruin things.....for a devout fan. If you were looking at every single aspect and detail of the movie, then OF COURSE you're going to find some flaws.  Overall, WOOT predators! Ahhhhh! Aliens! Predator 3 shouldnt be a western....or Predator 4...and no future crap.  They do need a good writer. I agree with that.
  31. Gort Pred
    Semaka  ok wait a min...are you the alien fan who hated everything going on?  Ya know...we all know that the excuss for Wolf being able to kill 4 just born aliens and hold 2 by the neck is becasue...well...1 He's an elder who has done this job for a while now hence why he's only 1. Reason 2....there was 1 PREDATOR! what are they going to kill him off in the middle of the movie. Ya know one alien knocked him down and stabbed him, another made him lose both his cannons! Com on. All the marines died...well would you know what is going on when it comes to aliens? And he didn't the marines get there asses kicked in Aliens. Something that makes aliens cool is the number will take you out. But I don't think 4 aliens will get you if your a predator. The only way Wolf would have been killed by aliens is if they kept on coming, like 30 or more. Alot of aliens, not 4 at a time. The number went down. He killed 4, then 1, then 2, then 3, then 1 again and then got killed by the Predalien. You want the second game? Why not the first one? I like both, but the second one had, i had more probloms with
  32. melissa
    I do not, I repeat, DO NOT WANT AN AVP 3, AVP 2 sucked donkey balls, avp 1 was passable!  Alien 5 (only if Sigourney Weaver is in it) and Predator 3 on the other hand would be quite welcomed.
  33. mistep
    I think the best thing to do is this, for Superman Returns, Superman 3 and 4 were wiped out.  And if there is a bright future ahead, Doctors 9 and 10 will be wiped out and we will finally get a fantastic 8th Doctor series of Doctor Who.   The same thing could be done with the terrible AVP movies (the first one was alright, the second one was complete shit, especially the god awfull ending that ruins the Alien series!!), just ignore both AVP 1 AND 2 and just make a cool Alien 5 with Weaver and Predator 3.
  34. whitrob
    Why let Ripley rest now?! They dragged her corpse out and paraded it around for that abomination of a movie Alien Resurrection. If anything they should have just stopped the franchise at Alien3 so we wouldn't have been left with the possibility of a sequel.
  35. Semaka
    yeah Gort Pred, you really loved every predator scene, because, as you said:
    QuoteI laughed my ass off. I love any scene with the Predator in it. AVPR showed alot of Wolf and I loved all of it.
    this movie was like a Predator 3 movie, with aliens in it! This movie was clearly a predator movie, come on, one single predator, fighting lots of aliens, even in the real life, if you have lots of guns, and fight with lots of people with knifes i their hands, and they are masters at stealth like the aliens are, you can't beat them all, eventually you will be killed. But no, Wolf raises from the water with 2 aliens in his hands, that was f**king crap! The marines were many than the predator and still got wacked ...that is why I'm complaining, because I want to see something like in the second game, AvP2, it had a story way better than the 2 films. Why can't they do something like that? Because FOX sucks! and it will suck my friends, and another Avp movie will be like: "hey, let's make a movie, and show the fans the predator homeworld, and put some aliens i it, oh yeah, and some humans"
  36. Andy
    that really makes you think avp sucks... and it does. we couldve still be seeing alien and predator movies if it wasnt for fox. all fox wanted to do was make $$$ so they just through those two together and got shit.  f**king fox sucks now.   >:(  
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