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Tom Woodruff AvPR Interview were lucky enough to visit ADI’s studio and talk to Tom Woodruff about working on AvPR.

Shock: Out of the action set pieces on AvP: Requiem, what turned out to be the most challenging for you?
Woodruff: The Strause Brothers were smart, as was [screenwriter] Shane Salerno, in bringing the classic elements of the Alien movie which always has corridors. There are always the corridors of the ship or the corridors of the prison planet in Alien 3 or the ship in Resurrection. Here we have the sewers or the electrical power plant, the grids and walkways. It’s all conducive to the feel of an Alien film, but the most difficult was certainly the rooftop scene…

The interview is very detailed. There’s also a review of the Unrated DVD over on They give the movie 4/10 and the extras 7/10.

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  1. shred predator
    I was watching predator 2 laast night.... man does that predator look freakin mean and nasty.. compared to adi's. Stan Winston is still the best! He probably charges a butt load while ADI is cheaper- thats probably why ADI is the main fx guys- Its about saving a buck or two on FOX part.   :'(  
  2. gameoverman
    ADI do pretty good work - they made the creature in Tremors, for example.    Some director just needs to come along and kick them in their butts and make them build a real alien suit.  Just like they did for the predator (though they f**ked up the face again).  They need to put away their egos for a second and go back and get another tutorial from Stan Winston on how to properly design xenos and predators.
  3. Highland
    Youd think these guys would watch what they were saying by now, It does actually confirm to me that they dont have a scooby what actually goes on in the AVP world when it comes to the fans.       ???  
  4. ZEN
    I hope that for AVP-3 they get a serious director,Bill Paxton (It would make that franchise complete with him,after all,he was in A2 and P2,and he could play Jerry Hudson   ;D  ),it should take place in the future with Ripley and be over 2 hours long.And they should also get a good wrighter too.
  5. ZEN
    They did an acceptable job (in my opinnion),and nothing more.  "come back Stan!!! the guys you recommended are doing Bad jobs!!! we want YOU!!!"  Like I said,acceptable,BUT WE NEED STAN NOW!!!!!.
  6. Dallas001
      ???    Shane Salerno Smart? The Strauss Bros Smart? Well Tom with a LARGELY NEGATIVE review of BOTH AVP's you may want to go back in time and see how Alien films used to win OSCARS.
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